Optimism, Inspiration, & Action

Like many people, I get my inspiration from the people I associate with, those who share  collective points of view with friendly voices that I can plug into each week.  This type of group is like a good pair of earplugs, you can block out the static of everyday noise pollution. And, as we continue to listen deeply to the messages we share with one another, we begin to better understand the weekly babble that stirs up such contention in our society.  This noise is bad for the heart.  And, by that, I mean the emotional body of our planet, the noosphere. Kids killing kids is not new in this country.  Available guns to battle gang wars is not new.  The noise of violence drives some people crazy and we have a history of this, which the news teams then cover for days, even weeks keeping the energy string taut and ready to snap.

During those moments we need to be optimistic.

Optimism can be a political act, a response to an event so that we can take action with a shared belief in a higher vision as the great unifyer.  What?  How can a descent human be optimistic in the face of dead children? That isn’t what I refer to.  If we are not optimistic that we can make a change in the current debate about guns in our country we have already lost the momentum needed to make it happen. 

It is Alex Steffan, a planetary futurist and visionary, who is releasing a book in September called “The Heroic Future” who points out to us that optimism as a political act may be the only emotional driver that sustains us.  Instead of letting ourselves sink into the sorrow of the mass shootings of innocent children, we have a new tool to help us rise to our highest potential and join the youth who have slogans like “Never Again”, “Have a Heart”, reaching out to us adults and the lawmakers with a Presence of Purpose that was, and continues to be astonishing. 

“Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida” was the basic headline for the first week of news. How many of us got on the phone and called our legislators demanding gun control reform?  I am writing those who are in Texas because fortunately we have a big election here and early voting is a positive thing when our letters and phone calls have an impact because the election is right around the corner.

It was heartbreaking when the children went by bus to the Florida State building expecting to be heard.  Their blood was still hot from the horror of the experience.  It never occurred to them that a meeting would not be allowed. Politicians turned their back on those survivors.  It was unconscionable. 

You know the rest.

Still, I am inspired and hopeful that enough response from voters will make the legislators think twice before saying no to us again. We are the ones whose vote counts.  Therefore I am taking action.  Granted it is a small action, but I am optimistic that action taken with strong language, and a reminder that children are our most precious leaders of the future will make an impression on those who read my letters. To prepare  I got on the Women’s League of Voters website and printed out the names of those who are up for election.   I also have a list of national legislators whose biggest donor was the NRA.  And I have justice on my side.  Injustice is the clarion call for all of us to respond to and to create change.  We may not win the first round, or the tenth for that matter, but when we keep applying pressure to those who have the power to save lives it is worth our effort to stay on track.

Please take action today.  Do whatever your heart calls for you to do to make your point of view known to those who have power over us.  You know that is really what is at stake right?  We live in a power over society where government and big money dictates what laws will and will not be written.  So, please try to make a dent in the walls of your state or national congressional halls.  Optimism,  inspired by these school age children, has fired me up to take action. I hope it has done the same for you.

If you are a marcher, please come out in your community on the dates planned for civil disobedience in your area to prove the collective point that we are not willing to let any more school kids die because another 18-year-old can buy an AK-15 and slaughter others who are innocent.  

We will take one step at a time to heal the minds of these children who attack first and if they live, go to prison or a mental institution.  There is always another day to be inspired to take action to make the world a better place, to be optimistic that together we can make a difference, and to take action that sends a strong message to legislators that we have had enough, and we will hold them responsible for incidents like these shootings. AND they will not be re-elected if they do nothing.

Thank you, everyone. And thank you to the students of  Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School for their heart and belief in a better world.



I’ve learned th…

I’ve learned that the way I think of myself is the way I think of others.  The way that I see myself is how I see others, true or not.  And the deepness with which I am capable of loving myself, is the depth I can go in loving everyone else.  Learn to love yourself first, or sadly, you will never know how to love another.