The Public Life of Cassandra Martin, a partial biography

After the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 the Tahlequah Congregation of Unitarian Universalists, of which I was a member, decided to do something to help our townspeople see that we could move on if we were informed, and not fear-based in our daily reaction to the event.

We created the Tahlequah CommUNITY Conference and I was one of the presenters. My topic was Thinking Like A Global Citizen.   The keynote speaker came from the Tulsa Islamic Temple to explain the difference between Islam the religion, and Muslim terrorists.

I participated over several years in different capacities: as a board member, member of the selection committee for keynote speakers, and I also served as a communications advisor, assisting in marketing and advertising. Additionally, I moderated “Talking Circle” events in the lobby of each venue so that everyone had an opportunity to express an opinion on the main event themes.

While still living in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, I started an educational effort called, Talk of the Town, public conversations based upon the study-circle type of dialogue and deliberation of public issues, in which I played the role of moderator. These events were designed for small groups (5-20) to discuss a selected goal or topic that was important to the community.

In order to make this public venue available I trained facilitators to help, and during the process provided summarized versions of our discoveries to the local politicians and persons of interest so that they would know about our  informed citizen’s point of view.

I spearheaded The “New Political Gender” effort to educate and register women to vote, especially the rural women of Cherokee County, Oklahoma during the General Election of 2004. I solicited help from groups that usually do not cooperate, such as the Federal Associations of Democratic and Republican Women, A.A.U.W., and members of the Cherokee Nation who were gracious to be both presenters, and providers of materials for our three day event.

I am very proud of our group’s combined efforts, which manifested a two Senatorial candidate debate, a Women’s Panel of Elected Officials event, and a Suffragette Costume Parade that occurred on August 26th, the day our Constitution was ratified and women were finally given the legal right to vote!

I believe that every citizen can contribute something of value to our community, and to the improvement of the functioning of our government.

As an author, my first non-fiction book is being released during the summer of 2015. It is entitled, The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century. This book is a good armchair journey for the curious reader. I take you through some of my personal mystical experiences, and then draw proving lines into science through quantum physics, philosophy, and neurology.

It is my passion in this life to advance the field of Sacred Science (a/k/a Ancient Mysteries, and Perennial Philosophy) because Mysticism is part of the field of Philosophy. A new paradigm shift has arrived. It allows humanity to expand our understanding of what the collective consciousness is and how a newer evolutionary model has begun.

Additionally, I bring forth a new theory called the God-Glue-Effect  to help my readers identify with the intelligent cosmos that science has seen glimpses of in what they have called Entanglement theory, and Hardy’s Paradox.

During public appearances, I attempt to help people prepare for and understand why church and science can now work together. Religiosity is changing because people are moving closer to spirituality, and the new advances in quantum science are including conscious-theory, the presence of a Universal Consciousness that interacts with all life at a cellular level.  This proves that humanity is evolving much faster than believed it would in the 21st Century.

Let us all support one another as we move into what I am calling the stage of the Quantum Human.  Please note that a visionary, and evolutionary architect named Barbara Marx Hubbard also has a vision of the new human.  She calls it the Homo Universalis.  I am delighted to be in such august company.

I truly believe that you will find something in my book that will cocreate for you the “light bulb moment” as the light turns on for you about who you really are, and your purpose in this lifetime.

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