Did You Think I’ve Been Gone?

Hello, once again.   Today is “Thanksgiving Day” in America.  I am deeply grateful to my readers who, over the years have “found” me, helped me find a deeper connection to them, and encouraged me with thoughtful responses to my posts.

During 2010 I had a page entitled:  God-In-Action-is-You-Living-Your-Life.  I had just become an Independent New Thought Minister and wanted to have a spiritual location for people unable to find a less restrictive church home.  Shortly thereafter I started a blog-talk radio show, and it lasted for three years until I had too much on my weekly plate to devote to speaking about new age spirituality — which is actually the ancient spiritually evolving through the millenniums.

Then I moved into sacred activism in my Tahlequah, OK and Tulsa, OK communities.  At the time, my husband John Thomas Martin, also a minister, and I began to volunteer on various projects until I formed two of my own, which he beautifully supported.  I don’t feel my ego needs to tell you just how great a service we supplied to our communities, so I won’t share the long list of our joint contributions.  However,  I am grateful that while living there, we helped to move the dial on citizen involvement in each community.

I also wrote a book that took me 6 years to research and write:  The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st century.  I self published and that was such a headache that I’ve determined that I won’t do that again!

The thing I want to share today is that I am more focused on my mystic perceptions, and the spiritual refining of my inter-dimensional and inner-dimensional (universal) points of view.   As I am am aging, I am experiencing a thinning of the proverbial vail.  Now it seems that all of my senses are working together as a team.  This means I’m in acceleration mode.  It also means that I am letting go of so many “old stories”, that are no longer valid in this new frequency.

This has allowed me to access much higher frequency transmission than when I first began, and this will also be your journey should you choose to accept the challenge of moving forward.  It is my best hope that you and I will become helpers to those in our personal “sphere of influence.  We all need the benefit of people traveling together who feel the need to “serve” humanity.

May we be that for each other.

“We truly can change the world, if we just change our minds.”  Rev. Cassandra L. Thomas-Martin


“Multiple You” Universe – Look into Your Sacred Hearts

When I say that we have multiple Sacred Hearts, I simply mean that every life we  incarnate into gives us the opportunity to expand our understanding of personal purpose and builds a flexible perspective which allows us to be available for higher spiritual contact with guides and others who are interested in your progress.

The title of this post alerts us to the sacred heart in each of us that is connected to the earth and each other.  On the level of the Divine Self, it is capable of communicating with all lifeforms and others of consciousness.  We are energy beings. Because we exist in an energy hologram or matrix if you prefer, we do affect the whole planet, and we gain the wisdom needed to create within the world of energy.  You are able to cocreate a stronger resonance with anyone  you want to even now, without training, simply because energy is alive and your desire to interact opens the door to opportunity.  There is no limit to what energy can create, especially if the student is open to the study of sacred science.

Reincarnations are examples of Sacred Science

I have remembered nine incarnations.  In each of these lives I had an opportunity to work toward my spiritual awakening and ultimately, my transfiguration into a higher frequency. My ultimate goal is to transition out of the circle of human life and move into higher dimensions that will allow me to serve within a universal context.  When I named my book I wanted to nudge your subconscious in order for you to become aware of your own if the time is right.  Everybody has a Soul that lives in multiple versions.  This is possible because the universe is created from the root of conscious energy. Your subconscious mind knows the truth about everything.  We are learning more as we open to the possibilities that are now manifesting in this new century.

In each life our God-Nature provides us with multiple chances along our timeline to make a move out of local mind into nonlocal mind; and therefore into our spiritual nature. Professional hypnotherapists can guide you through your subconscious mind, nonetheless, I have experienced both spontaneous and induced recall events; and of the two, the spontaneous ones felt the most authentic.

I saw the person in the recall and within seconds I experienced a deep knowingness that this person and I were the same Soul.  In one case I felt the emotions and thoughts of the incarnated “self”. In others, I witnessed their lives.  In all of these cases I had serious life lessons to overcome and in most of the recall events I did not succeed, though I hope I made progress.

After each recall I asked myself if it were necessary to remember those lifetimes in which I succeeded, or made progress that set me on a higher frequency for my next life time; or simultaneous lifetime if you understand the concept of the Eternal Now.  I truly do believe that everyone is incarnating in cycles designed to bring them to a higher frequency in order to eventually serve life throughout the cosmos.

Our sacred heart energy is a real energy field. It is wonderful when you recall a past life but it is not a problem if you never remembered a different lifetime;  nor would it mean you were a poor student. The perfection of the universe does not waste anything and never makes a mistake in timing down to the nanosecond.

When left alone the conscious thread of creation remains in balance.  You’ve probably figured out that most of us call this thread “God”.  However, I am attempting to guide you to understand God via the creative medium of Sacred Science.  The study of Sacred Science is an opportunity for us to explore this conscious thread more deeply because it links into our heart chakras, into our individual sacred heart, and also into our collective heart, often referred to as a living field, the Akasha, in which we experience the truth of Oneness.

I encourage you to read more about this multi-faceted subject in my book, and in others written by wayshowers like Erwin Lazlo, Thomas Campbell, Bob Monroe, Brian Thomas Swimme, Alan Sasha Lithman, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lynne McTaggart and Ken Wilber to name a few excellent resources for your own journey.

The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century is available in both book and electronic format. 

Thank you, dear hearts, for reading my story and that of our beloved planet as she ascends further into the Light of Oneness and Love.  We are all ascending.  The time is now.

Rev. Cassandra Martin, independent New Thought Minister


Final Artwork for Cover, Launch Date August 1, 2014

Launching in November, 2014