The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century

What makes us the same, and yet different?  In one word, consciousness.

You may find it hard to believe that science cannot prove what consciousness is, how it applies to the mind, where in our brain it might be located, much less more exotic possibilities such as considering that our consciousness is attached to the human brain from a different dimension.  Yet at the same time, mystics such as myself, and others with paranormal skillsets, are able to use consciousness in highly sophisticated ways.  Science, in general, refuses to acknowledge metaphysics as legitimate.  One of these groups is short sighted.

One reason I started this blog, and wrote my book, was to help rebrand Sacred Science as a tool for the advancement of quantum physics.  They chase the “theory of everything”, like the Holy Grail.  I realized that consciousness was the missing element needed to fill the metaphorical cup after my Guides and Teachers showed up to coach me.  Sometimes we are unable to see the obvious because we have chased  something (the unification theory) for so long that they are not able to see with clarity anymore.  The key for the past twenty or so years, has been the study of consciousness.

Metaphysicians, those who already explore the energy fields of consciousness, would teach science the fundamentals of interdimensional communication, for instance, if they would ask.  We are already forging ahead of science’s knowledge base.  For myself, I believe that I have stumbled upon, or been guided behind the wings by Master Teachers, to a theory that involves the collective conscious- and sub-conscious energy fields of humankind (rather like the Akashic or A-field).  These reservoirs of energy are real, manifested and growing in power, since we have moved into what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin defined for us as the stage of noogenesis.   De Chardin, in The Phenomenon of Man, suggested that the evolution of the human mind would ultimately bring us to the Universal Mind, or as he called it, The Omega Point.  Call it what you will, we are there now.

Sadly, modern science has not followed the teachings of Sacred Science.  Insomuch, as they have continued to discount some of the greatest minds in the scientific realm of “soft sciences”.  Had it been mandatory that part of a quantum physics education include philosophy, perhaps Sacred Science would have heightened their awareness of the values attributable to the whole of the realm of consciousness.

  • We are all part of a “Multiple You” Universe (MYU), the name of my book.  In it I recall several past life reincarnations, including one rarer version called concurrent reincarnation.  This event brought me face to face with three other lifetimes in which I was embodied as the grandmother, the mother, and the child.  In addition, I was conscious as myself, living in my own “now” point of view.  My book address what metaphysicians refer to as The Eternal Now of Time, and I take my reader into the theory of USC‘s Professor  Itzhak Bars, to illustrate how time may exist differently than we experience it every day. Then I propose ideas to launch us all into expanding our consciousness about time, and how the universe must be part of, what Thomas Campbell called the model of the Larger Consciousness System.  Campbell is the author of My Big Toe, an acronym for “Theory of Everything”. 

From there we walk together through a brief review of philosophy, the different types of consciousness, and a look at modern science.  MYU is not meant to be a textbook, so I use layperson language from knowledgeable professionals in order to prepare you for the shift into the similarities between modern science the metaphysical world of the mystics. Once we have established that we are speaking the same language, my book takes us on an armchair journey that some will read as controversial, and some will read as instructional.  You see, as a mystic I know that the time for everyone has come to awaken to your own latent abilities, and for you to use your extra sensory perception.  I develop chapters that will help you to do that very thing.

My book, The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century, is like a recipe.  We have to know the ingredients in order to learn how to cocreate a new and dynamic dish for our guests.  We want to sit them down to a table that is multidimensional, and diverse.  We want everyone to share from their human experience, and from the knowledge they have amassed in their own specialty.  All good chef’s specialize in one perfect dish.  Our perfect dish will be the “theory of everything”.  It can only become reality- based when all the voices have been consulted, the metaphysic and the physics, the philosophical and the spiritual.

There are many reasons we want to feast together, but I believe the best reason is to eliminate the bitter fruit of injustice from our diets.  Oneness, Interdependence, the Holographic theory, and my own theory of the Divine Energy Signature in Space, (DESS), or the God-Glue-Effect, as I call it for short, are all worth reviewing, and we do so in my book.

Consciousness exists everywhere, in everything, and it is not to be confused with intelligence, which is really a number on a chart, compared to the pre-eminent consciousness which may well have existed before the Big Bang.  This scale of consciousness is what I am referring to when I speak of the sub-atomic consciousness of entanglement theory, or Hardy’s Paradox, or other examples of how quantum mechanics and metaphysics are cousins, related by the unified energy field.

I hope you enjoy my book, and that you find something of value to take from it into your personal and professional lives.  My intention has always been to share my world with you.  What you think of that world is up to you.


Note:  You may pre-order my book on this website.  Simply click the button “Buy My Book”.  Thank you.  Cassandra Lea Martin, independent New Thought Minister, Mystic and Author

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