Excerpts from published article, Evolving Consciousness through New Thought

The following excerpts are from an article I wrote that appeared in the International New Thought Alliance quarterly magazine, Spring, 2014 edition.  I happily share my thoughts with you,  and hope to spark a conversation about consciousness and the role it plays in your spiritual life: there are no limits set upon this conversation

  The poll is here for your convenience, and to get us started.  I ask you to share this information and blog if you like it.  Let’s get the conversation going because the twenty-first century is the time of the conscious evolution, now spreading around the world.  I will include links on this page for other groups involved, and that I follow.

  Quantum physics is the world of no time, and no space. I am proposing the probability that God is beyond quantum physics and is in everything because we can “know” nothing unless we are conscious of it.  Do you see the difference?  I am saying that God is Consciousness.

Born a mystic, but not knowing this until my mid teens, I was on the side lines during the turbulent 1960s.  I didn’t smoke marijuana until I was 21, and then I didn’t like it.  I lived with my relatives while getting a divorce from my first husband and they were radical Christians by my own family’s standards.  One of them was also a hypocrite.  Haven’t most of us had an experience like that?  Thankfully it led me to explore spirituality down different roads.  And it was this freedom that led me to Sacred Science, which in turn led me to understand that spirituality is flexible enough to allow for the statement that God is consciousness.  I do, however, go into great detail in my book to show how I came to this hypothesis.

Think about God as your ally, and you see in the teachings of New Thought the perception of our sacredness.  In addition, when we partner with god, indwelling, we are the Light of God-In-Action…That light is an expression of consciousness cocreating with God.

The New Thought movement drew from an enlightened understanding of Jesus’ teachings and the transcendental movement, according to Doug Kinney, whose article New Thought, Spirituality and Science in the 21st Century: Part 1, also appeared in the same edition of INTA as mine.  However, its description has expanded considerably since to include other New Thought tenants, such as: Spirit is the ultimate reality, true human self-hood is divine, God is good,  God is an Infinite Intelligence,  humankind is able to manifest our reality as heaven on earth, and more.

It is God as Inifnite Intelligence, that I resonated with when I discovered New Thought as an adult, in 2008.   Here was a group addressing what I had intuitively understood, and begun to explore while living in Los Angeles during a ten year period in the late 1970s- early 1980s.  Historically, New Thought had been evolving for over a hundred years.  Insomuch as I am saying that the next step in its evolution is to expand our understanding of God as Consciousness,  some members may be concerned that I am insisting that this will ultimately be freeing us from our teachings, if need be.  I do not see it this way at all.  I see the expansion of consciousness personally, and collectively as God’s invitation to us all to step into the next level of evolution, that which I have envisioned as the Quantum Human, but others like Barbara Marx Hubbard, a truer pioneeer in conscious evolution has called the species “universalis”.

“…we are now in the twenty-first century, and living in the new age of conscious evolution, which will usher in unitive thinking and actions on a scale unheard of, but dreamed about for centuries. Now is the time for us to raise a generation of children whom honestly understand the greatness of their energetic inheritance, God as consciousness.  Marianne Williamson summed it up beautifully by sharing her thought with us that, “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”‘  I simply said, Amen.

I had begun the article in INTA Magazine by speaking to parents about children growing into their understanding of New Thought traditions, including the major tenent we know as god, eminent (indwelling as that spark of creation); the energy fingerprint of God within us all (like the ultimate frequency resonation), as Sacred Science would explain it, thereby linking back into the quantum perspective.   However, what still holds us back from living the full power of that life, is our hesitation to live our lives through the part of us that IS God-in-Action, “knowing” ourselves as little “g” god, able to manifest good in not only our lives, but to engage the energy of god collectively for good in the lives of all humankind.

Our collective light, as Williamson pointed out to us so long ago, is the answer to all of the problems we face globally today.  Should we choose to participate in spiritual activism, and I do not mean that as it has been demonstrated by the Christian extremists,  but rather in nonviolent and love-centered means to invoke powerful change into reality, we then begin to become God-In-Action, and Love-In-Action.

I will share more about this in another posting, but today I wanted to post these excerpts for you to consider, and to make available a poll on-line to test the waters on the question of God as consciousness in Spiritual circles.

Here are a two links to organizations that are involved in spreading information about the conscious evolution, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution: Evolve.org and The Shift Network: theshiftnetwork.com .    And here is a link to a gentleman who is a dynamic, spiritual activist -Andrew Harvey.  He has written many books about his  personal voyage into understanding Jesus as a revolutionary, and spiritual activist, from within the teachings of esoteric Christianity.  Visit his website at Institute for Sacred Activism.  And if you are interested in subtle activism, its own unique field, here are two suggestions for you, you will find them both offering opportunities to participate from home, and join people of like mind who use thought and/or meditation to influence the subtle realms of reality.  Go to these links,  the Global Coherence Initiative, and the Gaiafield Project.

 It is my hope that those who visit my website are inspired, guided and interested in another way to participate in expanding your own consciousness, or find thought leaders in the global community who are also available and participating in events in your area.  This community is growing rapidly, year by year.  Please stop by my own website, too, and listen to my radio show about metaphysics and Sacred Science.  These links are:

God-In-Action.org  and The “Multiple You” Universe Radio show, airing the first Sunday of each month, at 11 am central time.  [Note:  After two years I decided to devote more time to writing, but you can still listen to the archived radio shows. 7/5/15]

Thank you for being part of this incredible opportunity to change the world through subtle activism.  We are beginning to realize, collectively, that humankind has the ultimate ability to change the world, and we have always had this tool.  It is our consciousness that will help us take back the world from those who have destroyed so many species of sentient life, and polluted the elements which we all rely upon to survive.  Think about this, and decide if you are ready to be part of the sacred activism that is sweeping the planet as we awaken to our calling to welcome God as consciousness into our awareness.

Contact me by filling in the form below if you want to share more information than you can by taking the poll.  Cassandra 

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