From a humble heart comes wisdom for the ages; but it ain’t me, babe

“We will take direct action against injustice without waiting for other agencies to act.  We will not obey unjust laws or submit to unjust practices.  We will do this peacefully, openly, cheerfully because our aim is to persuade. We adopt the means of nonviolence because our end is a community at peace with itself…” The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hello, dear hearts.  It is again time for me to speak from my heart to yours.  Tonight a new nominee for Supreme Court Justice was selected and soon the rounds of interviews with congress people will inform us  if he is likely to be confirmed or denied.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh is his name.  If you research him you will understand immediately why Trump chose him.  

And so the drama continues. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised because a huckster will always stay true to form and our current president is well practiced in the art of the deal, the deal that he makes may not be legal, but he has little respect for the law of the land. Well, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system let me move on to share with you my thoughts on why we must stay calm amidst the turmoil that always seems to remain in the president’s wake.

The good news is that people, good and decent people, have stood up against the insane zero-tolerance immigration. No one could mistake the disgust we all shared for a current administration capable of using the type of deterrent that snatches babies out of the arms of mothers. But worse, then we find out they have also lost some of the parents of the children who are interred and so DNA testing won’t lead to a match with those adults also interred.  Oh, add to all of that, they also missed the court ordered deadlines for having children under 5 back with their parent(s) and the secondary order to match older children with their parents who have sometimes been separated for months already.

H-m-m-m, didn’t I say that we should remain calm in the face of this lunacy?  Yes, I did.  If we add to the chaos we do nothing to help diffuse the results of this man’s efforts to leave his mark on the office of the president.  When I am anchored in my heart’s resonance it is easy to calm down after hearing of another blunder on his part.  This week will bring more of the news cycle into clarity if we are lucky and we will at least get to the truth of what is really going on in the world.  In the meantime I suggest that you learn a new method of calming one’s self.  I’m using cd’s that help link the left and right hemispheres of my brain, to entrain my frequency resonance through the use of lovely music; it works and I stay focused in my heart instead of my head.  YouTube has a lot of pick’s for your listening pleasure.

This week the president goes to the United Nations.  Who knows what might happen there. Then he attends meetings with our allies, oh sorry, our ex-allies since he began raising  trade tariffs on them. Meanwhile, The Secretary of State has returned from North Korea where the little dictator says he never made an agreement to disarm, in fact he’s ramping up  the nukes more than before.  Gee, I guess Trump’s handshake wasn’t good enough, gentleman to gentleman.  Well if either of them were that it would still not turn out well for the USA. Finally, he flies to Russia for a one-on-one talk with Putin.  No witnesses on the US side, but I’m sure someone will leak the content from the Russian side because our president is bound to misspeak again.  Everywhere this man goes he leaves a trail of chaos, and yet his poll numbers are still good.  And that brings me to another method to stay calm. Tequila, anyone?

Only kidding!


America, the new 3rd world country

I would not call myself a history buff.  I can’t claim that I understand Political Science. I can, however, smell a stinky fish when it is turning bad.  Trump is a stinky fish.  I don’t worry about the future under this president because I do not see him lasting very long.  He is deeply offensive to people who do not deserve to be harassed, in other words, anyone who does not agree with him. What I do have concerns about is the wreckage of our governmental systems by the time he is ousted.

I belong to groups that encourage us all to co-create a new plan for social systems that can repair the damage done decades back.  These groups are not dangerous to society.  These groups are seeking to repair the despotism of the last 100 years and slowly bring us back to a governmental system based upon equality, and respect.  We understand that we are in an evolutionary cycle and that our social systems are broken, thus needing tender and loving care, not to mention respect for laws that encourage societal growth under favorable partnerships instead of what we have now: corporatism.

Our government is run like a corporation.  The most recent tax bill is proof of that statement.  You who read sites like mine are the beloved readers who will be able to join groups and begin to restructure the potential for our country and this in turn will help the world because we will have changed a destructive paradigm.

One of the pioneers of evolution co-creation is Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Her work is dynamic, she has been an activist and visionary since the first atom bomb was dropped.  This wheel shows you the many sectors of social systems that will require adjustments in order for us to successfully co-create a balanced world in which suffering is no longer as heartbreaking as it is now.  If you look on every continent you will see the tell-tale signs of corruption to the degree that it can no longer be disguised as constructive benefits for the people.

I remember that the Republican Party created a plan, a long-range plan, that would manipulate the  political, moral, and financial results they wanted for the ultra conservatives.  Just so, we as their opposition will have to form a plan that can rescue us from harm.  Our country is facing  third world status for its citizens, and there is great suffering that will result if we do not counter the plans made by organizations that feed suffering instead of personal empowerment and well-being.  If the recent general election cycle is any indication, the majority of people preferred Clinton because she clearly stood for healing the social systems that take advantage of people who do not have enough security to protect themselves.  Of course Sanders was also a great light toward a renewal of people power in our country and fairness instead of  punishment if you were in the socially vulnerable category of  living.

So to the point of this particular opportunity for you to explore where you may help us save society from a dismal future, I encourage you to look closely at the social sections in Barbara’s wheel of co-creation.  What excites your passion?  For me it is political change even though I am a spiritual person and love being a minister.  Will you kindly do some research on whatever area your heart responds to from this wheel’s example of areas needing constructive change?  Humanity is currently experiencing a social jump toward a new age.  We are becoming what I call in my book, the Quantum Human, and Barbara calls the Homo Universalis.  Call it what you will, we are all on a cosmic train ride and where we get off the train will be where we have put most of our energy.

If we remain apathetic, that will be hell.  Join this beautiful movement to recognize that we can fix what is broken when we come together in compassion and respect for our species.

Thank you, beloveds, for reading my small efforts to poke you.  You are the answer.

In loving good will I thank you for waking up.  Rev. Cassandra

Co-creators Unite!

It will take time on the clock and months making years to produce enough creative systems-change to bring our society into balance but it is also true that there are groups around the world who have already begun to imagine a better world, and benefits for the empowerment and safety of people.  Right now we see a corrupt Congress that lies to us, giving small benefits and takes them back while the rich get permanent advantage in law and liberty.

Let’s look at how we can change that picture into “heaven on earth”, the original plan for all living things.  We don’t have to make this a heavy lift story if we know that we are finally  in a position to know that quantum physics and sacred science are the same.  We can work consciously to create a new type of reality, and it gets easier to co-create as we practice.  So who is  co-creating with me you ask?

You are a multidimensional conscious being.  There are many aspects to your reality that reveal themselves to you once you begin to practice serving humanity during the long haul toward planting and nurturing this garden of heaven on earth that I’ve mentioned.  Every day I have a moment in which I feel such gratitude for the opportunity to be an advocate instead of a victim.  I feel the bigger version, and see the bigger vision of where we are going.  The changes have already begun, some for the worse, and some for better but we are here to accomplish what a government and laws cannot.  We are here to bring peace to the world.

You may think that this is too big a challenge.  Remember you are not alone.  You have YOU PLUS  and others of like mind who are ready to activate their purpose, the one they were born to access at this place and time.  When I say we are all YOU PLUS I mean that we acknowledge the multidimensionality of who we are.

  • You have a body and personality with which to do your service
  • You have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind, and a connection to a Collective Mind that is like the Earth’s thinking brain – often called the noosphere
  • You have an alternate version of yourself at a higher frequency that has been spoken of in the majority of  spiritual texts.  It has been called the soul, for instance
  • Then you have a Universal Self who is the mover and shaker that works in the higher frequencies which you access most often when you are We-thinking vs Me-thinking

Your God Connection is consciously willing to create, and it is from this energy level that we are able to co-create miracles and change the water into wine or grow an amazing garden from land that has been scorched by nuclear fusion. As we integrate our multiple you’s we begin to create new realities for ourselves.  We can see that there isn’t any reward or punishment for our actions, instead we use our free will more fully for the wholeness of society.  This is a natural process and you don’t have to think about it as much as we used to have to think of the consequences of our actions when we were attracted to “sin”.  This is simply because we are now acting from the highest impulses of our being.

Each of us has our own idea of how this system works and we will now be right simply because we all have one thing in common.  Luckily for us it appears that this is a time of great change, evolutionary not revolutionary, although I must say I sometimes feel more like I am in revolt at what is being done in our country.  Just know that you are in the process of adjusting your old skill-set so that the new one will be more powerful and whatever you put your attention upon will be affected to more of a degree than before.

Here’s a new way of envisioning who you really are:  we have all graduated and are doing internship.  We are asked now to apply what we have realized at the super-conscience level of mind, that place/space where we-thinking is dominant because we have realized that we don’t need individual gratification as much as collective participation in global social systems-change.

Okay. You have an idea now of your greatness, Beloveds.  Go deep into your heart and find those things that hurt you the most.  These are usually linked to your highest purpose and you are here to bring relief to humanity in these areas.

Utilize the computer to find groups who are devoted to similar change in the world.  Take the first step.  If that step is met with an invitation to join or participate with the group, you have your first assignment.

I have personally discovered that I am interested in working on several different issues so I try not to burn out and take one at a time until I feel that I have done my part for the whole.  I always know when it is time to leave one project and prepare for another.  I ask myself what else do I have to do in this world but help to bring relief to the whole?  The answer always shows up.

PLUS YOU is reading this because you are serving humanity during this evolutionary opportunity to heal the great wounds created by humans who came in to show us just how degenerative we can be if we are selfish, greedy, uncompromising, or lazy, deceitful, and manipulator by nature.  I mean your false nature, beloved.  Your real nature is Divine.

In loving good will I ask that you consider this request to serve because it will make you feel so good about yourself, even when it takes more than one time to reach success.  Sacred Activism is one way to serve but there are so many ways to inspire the individuals who are affected by your effort.  Think it over.  When you act from Love, Love returns to you.

Rev. Cassandra




Our Coceative Self Rises in this Century, Part 4

It has never been more true that “We”not “Me” will survive and thrive in the 21st century.  

Quantum physics is now proving that energy is the basic builder of the universe.  In my book I took care to use samples of how they managed to turn on the prophetic light to expose a collective and modern version of God.  Of course, hard science is still resisting but that is to be expected.  I think of it as the old King being deposed and witnessing it is never pleasant.  Nor do you want to get in the way of the losing opponent. However, we have a new opportunity to regard the Universal Field of Resonant Energy, that which is the source of all creation.

Who then is the Creator?  All conscious species create their reality to some degree. Humans have a capacity to create sophisticated systems, whereas bees create honey and teach us about collective living, each bee with a purpose to serve the greater whole.  You can probably name 5 more creator examples with ease because the evidence is here and we are seeing it with new eyes; those of conscious cocreators.  If you are paying attention you understand that society is in the process of sacred cocreation, and as in the example of the Kings,  it feels safer to get out-of-the-way.  I hope you resist that temptation though.

In my life I find that the traditional God is too small a fit for the 21st century, and the modern version of God is such a stretch for us to accept that it is also difficult to feel comfortable with what our senses, eyes, and spiritual intuition want to reveal.  Add to that the need for us to become Sacred Activists in order to break down and rebuild the social systems that humans created during the formation of the global countries  and we can understand why it is easier to stay in place even when we suffer.  The “We” will survive only if we thoughtfully come together to cocreate a shared power in the world, and let go of the power over model of our current and past leaders.

If you are reading this you are likely to be working with others, or attempting to get others to join you in such a way as to bless us all eventually.  It is going to take time, so please do not rush your efforts.  It is also a matter of ego adjustment.  Just saying.  I have never been in a group where egos didn’t butt heads — sorry for the pun. As your group is expanding its vision it will be rough at times, so stay focused on the goal.

James O’Dea kindly allowed me to use excerpts from his book  ” The Conscious Activist” in a book I am writing for sacred activists who like to use affirmations to refresh themselves when they get into an emotional slump.  Any type of activism is going to bring temporary burnout.  It will also bring tremendous satisfaction when you see the results of your effort.  So let’s continue with this spiritual share. (*)

All of us could use the experience of working with a group of people in which equal power is guaranteed.  The collective field will rise in strength when two or more people share the same desires to create something together.  And the process of cocreating with your group will give you insight to the tremendous effort it takes to manifest a creation during these difficult days.  I don’t use the word difficult lightly.  Let me show you a possible ‘to do’ list and contemplate for a moment how much energy it will take to manifest constructive change.  You do not have be to afraid to get involved because there are hundreds of thousands of us who long for change in the world.  We can nudge The Field to cocreate change and as it builds momentum, we will realize just how much we have changed personally.  Sacred Activism is a win-win my friends.

What This World Needs Now Is Love:

  1.  Take personal relationships out from under government jurisdiction.  Change the laws on the books if they discriminate in any way against a person’s right to choose how they will identify themselves to others in our collective community. Heterosexuality is only one type of relationship.  We must allow the evolution of relationships to occur for our future, enlightened society.
  2. Protect humans from all abuse by other humans. This alone could take another 1,000 years to succeed so we must begin if we haven’t already.  There are subcategories galore in this arena.  How many ways can you think of that we hurt other humans?  Until we have absolute sanctity for each human to be safe from discrimination, murder, unlawful imprisonment, sexual torture such as genital mutilation, and other very serious acts that currently occur wherever there is not equality of person-hood, we must begin to disavow evils perpetrated by individuals and groups that want to keep their power over others.
  3. Reform is necessary in all government agencies.  You know this.  I know this.  They know this, but they want to keep the corruption in place in order to have supremacy over those who have less power.  I don’t know if Power is the result of corruption, or if it should be said the other way around.  Certainly there is abuse in both social systems.  Sadly, it is women and children who suffer under these types of social norms.  Perhaps that is an area that you would like to see changed?

In my first book I mentioned abuse of power and gave several examples: religious domination, and corporations having power as a ‘person’ are only two of many that you can create systemic change within and we will all benefit;  you will find more in the chapter named Mistakes are New Horizons.

I do hope that you will go to my site and see if you get a resonant “yes” to get a copy for yourself.  I share how my conscious self expanded and brought me to the stage where Sacred Activism became one of my top passions.  Click on this link if you would like to know more about me and the subject of conscious evolution.



(*) James O’Dea is at

(**) Rev. Cassandra Martin is at





Now let’s expand that natural order, Part 3

Just as the Conscious Creator started its expansion with everything that we can see, and we wait to see more of what will be “thought” into form, so too, the natural order changes over time.  This cycle is especially apparent in the beginning of the 21st century.  We are witnessing the expression of the thoughts of our elders, back to the beginning of our government, which has created all of our social systems.  This may be an overstatement, but for my spiritual share of the day I am tempted to say we are witnessing the creation from the thoughts of the infamous 1% of the global rich.  Yet, that is only part of how we got to where we find ourselves now — waiting for the end of the world.

Let’s ease into the expansion of the natural order in Part 2.  Love and hate have been added to the mix in order to energize change, but hate is usually the trigger.  Oh, let’s not forget greed.  Maybe that should be #1.  If I were creating a new world I would start with love, and I am sure you would too, but because we have come to this ‘here and now’ we have to look at the truth:  fear is what continues to keep us from expanding into the reality of love. The reality of love is that we are all whole.  We can all cocreate for the greater good.  The pain and suffering are done with because we have collectively chosen to recreate our world in a way that honors our Conscious Creator.  Feel free to use another word if the word Creator annoys you.  It may be hard to believe that we have reached this point, but if you look at past generations did you ever see mention of man being as powerful as God?

The phrase “Conscious Creator” is a description of our modern God.  The old Gods/Goddesses of past millennia are the models which humanity used to cocreate what we see around us now.  It is not that God said, “go out and poison the air with mechanical emissions”;  rather, humans began to evolve into clever creators who wanted jobs to be less difficult. You know the story.

Many humans have craved a deeper relationship with their God.  We have seen cycles come and go with respect to our relationship with God and God’s relationship with the faithful.  We have seen various interpretations of God from the peoples of the world.  We have seen the Devil worshiped as God. Rarely do we see humans thinking of themselves as aspects of God in the flesh, although the 21st century has ushered in an evolutionary cocreatorship with God, and Sacred Science, or Spiritual Science if you prefer, is proof that many humans are beginning to expand their understanding of the immensity of Life, and therefore of God.

So let’s expand our “natural order” list from Part 2.  We have every chance to evolve ourselves during the next hundred years into a species that lives in harmony with all living things. We might create a relationship with God that is flexible in its interpretation of what God expects from us and what we need from the Conscious Creator God in order to be at peace with one another.

  1.  Women rise up and refuse to allow violence in their lives.  Laws are changed, equality of the races is established and enforced, equity for women who work is accomplished, and human rights prevail for the good of all.
  2. Men become cocreators with women and what they accomplish is beneficial for the good of all.  The tendencies to climb over someone to get to the top no longer exists since equality and social equity have taken hold.  Men begin to express themselves as whole beings who are not stuck in the old paradigms.
  3. Children are so inspired by their parents that they want to engage society in a positive way.  They find that society respects everyone who works doing something they enjoy.  Money is not the only means of earning a living for this generation.  We are moving out among the stars, and education is free.  Creative problem solving becomes a goal to turn around the issues of the past in order for there to be true happiness on this planet.

You see where I am going with this train of thought. In the past we thought to small, even though it is true that we invented new things, new systems, and more it is also true that for the most part humanity was miserable.  War and Starvation, Disease and Pollution made it impossible to live a high quality of life requiring less to survive.  This last should be our goal for the century.

We would of necessity have to undo as much of the damage as has been done and this is not going to be done overnight, but I am excited by the change in progress that is part of the revolutionary evolution of humanity.  We are not going to tip toe around the fact that we have contributed to the suffering on this planet.  My dress was made in India.  Your car has high carbon emissions. The food we eat has been tampered with in order to produce more product and provide more wealth.

Last night I was dreaming in cycles.  Some of the dreams made me restless.  I sensed that I had to commit to a change in my perception about my relationship with all living things.  I awoke with a smile on my face because I heard clearly a voice (not mine) that said, “God does love you.”.  Since I know myself as an energy being existing within the universal energy field of resonance that is all inclusive, this gift of my Super-conscious Mind (My Essential of Universal Self) inspired me to get up and take time to share these thoughts with you.

God loves you.  It can be whatever version of God that you want.  It does not limit you.  You can be a criminal or a social activist.  The trick is that you have to choose and make a commitment to who you are becoming.  Time is coming perilously close to extinction.  We know this because the people at the top of our government are courting disaster.  We must stop politics as usual.  You know this and I know this.  They know it too which is why they are so nervous and desperately trying to lock us all in to the old system in which they thrive.

I guess they think we are uninformed, or stupid.  Silly egos.  They have underestimated our intention to cocreate social systems that serve the people.  Isn’t it true that government is supposed to serve the people?  It doesn’t do that anymore.  I’m even thinking of not paying taxes this year as a civil disobedience protest.  Anyone else out there willing to take the risk?

Make your commitment as soon as you are clear and know what your truth is when it comes to your part in the evolutionary shift for the good of our planet.

With love and deep respect for who you are and who you are going to choose to become.  The powerful Presence of God, the modern one or the old one will have to duke it out someday because there isn’t room for a jealous god and a god of goodwill.  I’m betting on the god of goodwill.

Keep me posted on your choices.  I do enjoy your messages.


Rev. Cassandra


Landing in the Universal Energy Field, Part I

Good News!  You don’t have to do anything to land in the Universal Energy Field!  You are born into it as part of the energy field and it is always the vehicle that drives your development throughout your lifetime. Isn’t it great that all of creation starts out on an equal footing? I could even say that there is no reason to feel lonely again because we are an intrinsic part of everything we see and everyone we meet. We are One in a very unique way that may not be duplicated in the Universe, or it may, we don’t know yet.

That doesn’t mean that we should float through life without making an effort to cocreate with others or to create something unique by ourselves to benefit the rest of the world.  It also doesn’t mean that you won’t be born with difficult life circumstances, meant to push you into action in case you have told yourself that you have less than others when it comes to benefits.

I was born to a mother who was schizophrenic and a father who was a misogynist. He had three daughters and finally got a son with the last planned pregnancy.   To be honest, Dad was terribly wounded by his own upbringing so as I began to understand the wholeness of my own potential I was able to see that his dreams were not fulfilled and his unhappiness is what blocked the sunshine for all of us.

I’ll take the gift the Universe gave me, I was born with an open connection to the Spirit World.  My second sister is a talented singer-songwriter and  counselor. Sister three has an artsy streak and she is so compassionate she became a nurse after raising her own two daughters.  My brother may have the highest IQ among us siblings and has successfully worked in IP Security Systems.  All of us have had  really tough karma to work through, but we also had an opportunity to see early that we create our own life with thoughts, words and deeds.  We suffered.  We celebrated successes.  We loved each other better as we aged.  We weren’t great at being close when we were growing up so our parenting skills and personal skills may have taken a few hard knocks along the way.  This is the way life works.

Does this sound similar to you and your life?  I imagine it does.  It may look to you like someone you know is getting a free ride, but I assure you there is no such thing in this dimension of living.  Our purpose is to make the connection between what we think reality is, and what we are creating as our reality (usually) unconsciously.  Sorry to be the one to tell you that nobody else is doing anything to you that your Soul did not allow.

We usually don’t get to a significant level of understanding regarding our need for trials and tribulations until we get much, much older.  Please don’t let that scare you.  Most of us start in our thirties to separate ourselves from our childish misogynistic tendencies.  So today I want to speak to you about some of the tools you will need to help you create a softer landing when your turn comes to fall from the heights of your ego’s self identity.  Oh yeah, it’s a long fall down.  No one is spared so cheer up. You’re not a slow learner. In fact, you are going to be surprised at how easy it is to switch gears in the way you think about “reality”.  There are many who have gone before us and made this shift successfully.  I hope you enjoy the next chapter of this “how to” article.