Call to Action

I believe it is time to change the world.  In my heart I know that everyone who was born to help change the world will receive their own call to action.  This one is mine.

You will have the chance to look into my mind and see who I really am as you watch my mindmovie #308520 .  I hope you enjoy it.  Please let me know your opinions.

In gratitude,




When you open a new door

…the potential for love awaits.

I am truly inspired by the change I feel in the unified energy field due to everyone’s effort to bring about a shift in consciousness.  We live in a resonant field of consciousness.  You might not know it, but your subconscious and conscious mind is plugged in to this sphere of consciousness.  Many believe that it springs from what we could call a modern God. Spiritually we might label it as universal consciousness, or Consciousness self-creating.  Everything you create in your world comes from your own belief system. Just as mine does the same for me.

The Buddha said:  “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” 

Science says:  Matter arises out of Mind

You self-create your life.  Everyone you know is both self-creating and collectively has much to gain from this shared interaction. This is how I understand the reality of the third dimension. Do you wonder what your role might be in this world of dysfunction? If we look closely at the old systems, they now reveal flaws we can’t help but notice. For instance the middle class has all but disappeared. Big business and finance are corrupt enough that there was hardly a protest when the president recently gave a big tax break to the rich.  The rest of us were promised tax relief in 2018, but can we really believe that all of us will feel any financial relief? The president is known to be a liar, after all.

As I said our global story is changing.  People are saying there is a new horizon.  Oprah Winfrey used that phrase when she accepted the Cecil B. De Mill award at the Golden Globes 2018 event.  Everybody knows Oprah’s story.  She has become a touchstone for the American people because of her television presence; that and the day she gave a studio full of teachers all new cars!  She ushered in the “give gifts to the audience” style of talk show.  We all felt good when we watched Oprah.

I feel good when I contemplate the wisdom of Buddha.  “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” 

Know that you are a powerful co-creator whose value to others is absolute.  We can all change the world as we take a good look at what is needed during the 21st century.  Some change is easily identified.  Internal change is more subtle.  In this moment we are talking about both internal and external change.  Humans are awakening to a new concept of we-ness,  or oneness if you prefer, but we are still controlled by those who are in a power-over relationships with us.  So, what do we do?

Job one, beloveds, is to go within.  Your personal power will come forward as a blessing to all of us when you are no longer picking at your wounds, so to speak.  Today I had an experience that reminded me of my own woundedness.  Instead of going first to a healthy thought, I had a wounded thought that plagued me for a few minutes.  When I was able to breathe through it, the light showed brightly on my situation and I was able to see a path to correct my original thought.

This is what I hope for all of you.  I believe the day will come when our resolve will be stronger than our submission to those who are abusing us and the law.  When we speak with a unified belief in our right to exist without struggle, then we will step forth and become the leaders who are needed now.  May your light become bright enough for the rest of us to see it.  May we all step into our new story of who we are individually, and collectively.  And, not just in America, but around the globe.

Thank you, one and all, for coming to this site.  It means a lot to me that my words are not falling on deaf ears.  We are shifting together into a harmonic resonance that will strengthen and expand the idea of living in a world that is representative of the good of the whole.  

May peace be with you, and with your loved ones too.




When we are deeply flawed

…like the current U.S. President; and we do not see our government (meaning Congress) stand against his stupidity and his continued, willful alienation of our allies; it is hard to practice forgiveness for him and his cronies.  My heart tells me that Trump’s past is catching up to him and that he is crazy scared.   I  do believe that he will eventually be held accountable, but in the meantime life for those of us without a golden parachute is scary, too.

My life has been such that I cannot believe I am still alive, and for that I thank my guardian angels because I have put myself in harm’s way with thoughtless abandon.  During the early 1990s I began practicing forgiveness of those who had pushed me against a wall so that I had nowhere to run.  Slowly my shadow began to clear. I loved the St. Germain Foundation teachings begun in the 1920s and that is where I started to do my personal healing.  I began to see the patterns that distorted my view of myself and the world.  When I began to forgive myself I realized that forgiveness is just one step forward.

Now, it is doubtful that someone like Trump would think about forgiveness as positive. When, not if, he is held accountable for his corrupt business practices he will likely feel that it is unfair that he is singled out.  Trump has become a victim to his darker nature, that part of him that secretly enjoys being able to humiliate others because he feels better about himself when he lashes out at others.  He may even be paranoid. 

Certainly, he is a flawed human being. Sadly, there are few in our Congress who are willing to make him accountable for the stupidity of his choices on the global stage. Tragically, he is going to take so many of us down with him.  Think about it.  It’s the people who suffer under poor and dishonest leadership.

Why should we forgive him, you might ask?  It is simple.  We become complicit in his destruction if we do not and that will have the energy to pull the United States of America into another depression; or we will feel abused and our hearts will harden against those who make us feel like victims even when we are not.  We don’t have to understand why this point in time is what it is.  Simply know that we are and we have to choose, individually, how we are going to cope.

As much as I dislike everything I have seen this man be a party to I am going to forgive him for his personality flaws, and his lack of vision, and his unwillingness to accept that he cannot act like a King in America.  King’s don’t necessarily confer with their attendants before making a decision.  That is what eventually led to the demise of this antiquated system. King Trump will never be real, just a fantasy in his mind. However much he loves the thought, some day he is going to be knocked off his throne.   Those who supported him for whatever reason will also fall from grace.

His story isn’t  necessarily one of judgement so much as a cautionary tale. Judgement, too, poisons those who engage it.  I believe that Trump can’t help himself anymore.  His life has been a lie, the lies are catching up to him and still he persists in believing that he is great at everything he touches.  He is delusional, but like a working drunk, he is still able (barely) to rally his loyal sycophants and pretend that he is working toward the good of the whole.

Dear Hearts,

The collective energy of resistance comes through our forgiveness of his personal flaws, though they be many. Consider that if we put a positive energy into the office of the president, as an example, it may help drive him out of office.  We do not have to attack him as he does to others.  We can empower his office with positive attributes like:  honesty, partnership, power-with instead of over people, expose corruption, release evil intention…you see where I am going.

Let’s turn this situation around and bless us all in the process.  Namaste.

This is where you go to find out who your Senator and State Representative of the House are, and how you can contact them and also find out more information about their activities.

I want to tell you how I get my information, as full disclosure is important.  I am not experienced enough to bring you the highlights of what is going on behind the political scenes, but Rachel Maddow on MSNBC does each weekday evening and I pay attention to her because she is highly educated, and has been doing news for quite a long time.  In addition, she provides information that gives her audience what only she can give, background information, proof if there is a doubt, and she apologizes if she gets something wrong.  I like that.  She’s human, but she’s also professional.  At 15 I wanted to be a writer for a national newspaper.  Maybe I’m fan crushing on her.  Don’t care.  Here is what she shared with us Tuesday evening.

What Congress can do to get us out of the mess our president has made in the past two weeks:

  1.  Did anyone know that the Cyber Security Chief had been fired on Trump’s watch?  This was done one month before the beginning of the mid-term election cycle began.  Isn’t that odd?  Here we are having been hacked by Russia starting when Trump was still on the campaign trail; Russia’s 12 spies, all trained cyber hackers, have recently been indicted by our Justice Department, and this week another one was arrested for conspiracy (see #11).  But isn’t it curious that Trump wanted the Cyber Security Chief gone and that the position hasn’t been filled since?  Congress should consider investigating this series of events and follow the timeline to our recent legal tangles with Russia.
  2. Nobody knows exactly what was said during that two-hour meeting between Trump and Putin but there was an American interpreter there.  Shouldn’t Congress at least call her in to see what she may remember?  Related to this, this week a supposed agreement between Trump and Putin regarding a campaign evidence for/against Syria was broadcast in Russia by Putin.  No one here, except Trump had a clue that this had been discussed.  As usual, our president was off-the-cuff and fast to shoot his own foot when asked by the press about this new development.  Shouldn’t Congress demand to know what the President and Putin discussed during an Executive Session?
  3. In March of this year we have proof that Russian cyber teams were sniffing around our energy sectors, which could disable us if they were to penetrate any of the existing systems that are lifelines to the citizens of this country; not to mention the danger inherent in hacking any of our nuclear plants live systems.  Surely that deserves an investigation by Congress.  They know the full scope of the hacking probe and they do nothing to ensure a breach cannot occur?
  4. You may remember that Pres. Trump agreed to cease joint military exercise’s with Korea after visiting Leader Kim, but did you know that Vladimir Putin has been pushing for that same thing?  Another example of Trump acting in conjunction with the wishes of the Russian dictator, Putin is  the next issue, #5.
  5. While on the NATO, and England trip and without consultation with anyone else in his government, Trump announced in front of cameras and news crews that he thinks Russia should be allowed back into NATO, creating the conference of G8 again.  He did not consult with his security team about this. Of course, Putin has been lobbying for this with Trump each time they communicate, and who knows how many times they have and the world just hasn’t heard of their tight relationship?   Surely Congress should have members take a meeting with the president and warn him of talking off the cuff anymore.  But have they?  Not that we know about.  
  6. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner had a meeting with a sanctioned bank out of Russia, which is illegal and yet Congress has not taken steps to bring Jared in to have him disclose why he took such a drastic, and known illegal step.
  7. On Tuesday a Democrat Senator asked to suspend the current business at hand and focus on calling an Executive Session regarding evidence that has been mentioned in one of the filings from the Justice Dept. in order to clarify what this evidence might be.  But the Democrat was denied.
  8. Recently a congressman asked for and received incriminating information that could be used against his opponent, information that had been hacked by the Russians.  This stolen information was given to the unnamed Congressman.  Shouldn’t Congress begin an investigation into finding out who this man or woman is?  What was done is against the law.
  9. Election security for the upcoming Nov. 2018 mid-terms needs to be enhanced and money needs to be made available to every state so that we have a chance of no interference in our next cycle of elections.  Congress hasn’t agreed to discuss this subject yet.  I’m not sure if it’s on the docket, but it is worth a call to make sure that it get’s on the docket in time to protect our elections.
  10.  Trump’s brand new team at the White House began on day one to strategize how to get sanctions lifted from Russia.  Day One!  And over the year+ he’s been in office Trump has shown deferential treatment for all things Putin.  Surely that is something that should be discussed in Congress?
  11.  But this last one is the kicker for me:  Just this week the Treasury Department has made a new rule regarding the donors to the NRA.  They use to have to report each donor and the amount, but after coming back from Helsinki and after the Justice Department filed a new subpoena against a Russian female spy who was working on behalf of the NRA and taking orders from her handler, in Russia; guess who could now use the NRA to funnel illegal money into America during election cycles to support the candidates Putin believes may be positioned to help Russia’s agenda take place?

Here is a short lead into your phone call that may help you to feel comfortable calling your Senator or Representative.

Hello.  Senator/Representative ___________ serves my area and I would like to know his position on  (choose from one of the above or your own area of concern). Please connect me to the staffer who is most familiar with the Senator/Representative’s position on this subject.

Big Thank You to Bob of Bob/Noel who shared with us his best way to get the attention of his legislators.  HUGS to you both!

Social change takes place when we move from thought to action in ways small and large

I am so grateful today.  Let me tell you why.  I am privileged to be part of  The Milagro World Center Community.  Here is what co-founder Nina Patrick says about their community:

We are a deeply connected community space For Co-Creative Visionary Leaders~Stewards of an Emerging, New World~ Messengers of an Evolving Culture.  Each weekly call is a strong thread in the fabric of our growing community.  Join Us! 

We are on Facebook and I encourage my readers to go to this page: The Milagro World Center Community.

Sign  up to join our weekly calls and I believe you will not regret it.  We are a warm and welcoming diverse group of people of all ages and histories who share the spiritual belief that we all have a purpose in our lives, and we seek to become the best people that we can be and thereby live a life that is a blessing to all.

This group is an inspiration to me every week, and as I grow stronger in my commitment to them, theirs in turn grows toward me.  We are currently discussing how each of us might want to consider supporting people and projects  in the world who are serving toward the good of the whole.  

Our country is experiencing a push-pull of emotions since the onset of our new president’s term.  It has been my honor to provide my readers with the names of social action groups and their contact pages with the belief that each of us has a moment when we simply must speak up, or write a letter, or protest with others regarding an intolerable policy, such as the zero tolerance immigration policy which has been an abomination of causal suffering for parents and children alike.

Toward my goal, today I want to offer you another few websites for groups I have stumbled upon, almost literally.  I search the web for communities who are devoted to the healing of our broken social systems, as defined initially by Barbara Marx Hubbard, but not limited to her wise council.  I personally am devoted to co-creating with others actions which push back against unfair government policy and legislation across the land. 

I am very clear that “we the people” can create enough pressure on our congressmen and congresswomen to push them off their complacency and write law toward the goal of reform.  Over the past several decades corruption has all but stifled creative problem solving.  We need fresh voices, and committed people to rethink and envision a healthier government that can work for everyone!


Thank you, my friends and followers.  Your heart and civic mindset separates you from those who are contributing to the problem instead of becoming a valued part of the solution.  May peace be upon you and your  social service be rewarded.


From a humble heart comes wisdom for the ages; but it ain’t me, babe

“We will take direct action against injustice without waiting for other agencies to act.  We will not obey unjust laws or submit to unjust practices.  We will do this peacefully, openly, cheerfully because our aim is to persuade. We adopt the means of nonviolence because our end is a community at peace with itself…” The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hello, dear hearts.  It is again time for me to speak from my heart to yours.  Tonight a new nominee for Supreme Court Justice was selected and soon the rounds of interviews with congress people will inform us  if he is likely to be confirmed or denied.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh is his name.  If you research him you will understand immediately why Trump chose him.  

And so the drama continues. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised because a huckster will always stay true to form and our current president is well practiced in the art of the deal, the deal that he makes may not be legal, but he has little respect for the law of the land. Well, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system let me move on to share with you my thoughts on why we must stay calm amidst the turmoil that always seems to remain in the president’s wake.

The good news is that people, good and decent people, have stood up against the insane zero-tolerance immigration. No one could mistake the disgust we all shared for a current administration capable of using the type of deterrent that snatches babies out of the arms of mothers. But worse, then we find out they have also lost some of the parents of the children who are interred and so DNA testing won’t lead to a match with those adults also interred.  Oh, add to all of that, they also missed the court ordered deadlines for having children under 5 back with their parent(s) and the secondary order to match older children with their parents who have sometimes been separated for months already.

H-m-m-m, didn’t I say that we should remain calm in the face of this lunacy?  Yes, I did.  If we add to the chaos we do nothing to help diffuse the results of this man’s efforts to leave his mark on the office of the president.  When I am anchored in my heart’s resonance it is easy to calm down after hearing of another blunder on his part.  This week will bring more of the news cycle into clarity if we are lucky and we will at least get to the truth of what is really going on in the world.  In the meantime I suggest that you learn a new method of calming one’s self.  I’m using cd’s that help link the left and right hemispheres of my brain, to entrain my frequency resonance through the use of lovely music; it works and I stay focused in my heart instead of my head.  YouTube has a lot of pick’s for your listening pleasure.

This week the president goes to the United Nations.  Who knows what might happen there. Then he attends meetings with our allies, oh sorry, our ex-allies since he began raising  trade tariffs on them. Meanwhile, The Secretary of State has returned from North Korea where the little dictator says he never made an agreement to disarm, in fact he’s ramping up  the nukes more than before.  Gee, I guess Trump’s handshake wasn’t good enough, gentleman to gentleman.  Well if either of them were that it would still not turn out well for the USA. Finally, he flies to Russia for a one-on-one talk with Putin.  No witnesses on the US side, but I’m sure someone will leak the content from the Russian side because our president is bound to misspeak again.  Everywhere this man goes he leaves a trail of chaos, and yet his poll numbers are still good.  And that brings me to another method to stay calm. Tequila, anyone?

Only kidding!


Say yes, yes yes!

I AM coming to the conclusion that all of us are witnesses to what have been called evolutionary drivers by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Simply said these drivers are crises, both global and local, that make us step up to create solutions to change the situations and conditions which made these crises in the first place.  As I watch the news, I like cable MSNBC and Rachel Maddow, I may still have a moment of pause and slip in a downward direction but I am coming to peace that it is necessary for all of humanity to see each crisis as it arises in order for us to cocreate solutions that bless humankind. We, as a society, have to change because it is obvious to the masses that the current suffering is unbearable for long.

When I heard the voices of the children separated from their parents that had been smuggled out of the detention building it made me sad. I felt the reactive change coming a few days into the zero tolerance border policy because I believed that other Americans were not going to let our government continue such inhumane policy, the collective and emotional reaction to that tape did its job and with one voice we began to shame the politicians and the president who had approved such a barbaric tactic as a means to discourage people from seeking asylum.  This episode in our history will be known as an evolutionary driver in that it spoke to our hearts that something was very, very wrong with our government and we had to say so out loud, so as not to be silenced.  Even Trump, who usually doubles down on everything he says and does had to reverse his position because of the volume of our outcry. 

Asylum is an ancient practice, a compassionate practice, and I am grateful for all of the spiritual practitioners who come to the aid of  those in need, even if there are consequences like going against company policy to expose corporate corruption. I am sure you can think back over the years and find many examples of how reporters were given information that the public needed to know in order to stop the pollution of chemical dumping, or leaked papers from within the government because plans were surfacing to undermine our democracy. 

Watergate comes to my mind because I studied it in a news writer’s class at Los Angeles City Collage, and we are currently in a cycle of investigation that may produce another such crisis with Trump at the center.  Time will tell. And time never runs out so keep your mind open and take whatever action you feel is called for when and if such an evolutionary driver occurs again, so soon after this last one.  What they are telling us is that our government is broken.  What we need to tell our government is that we will stand against those who think they are above the law.

It seems to me that time is accelerating at the same time it is moving us toward radical change.  I am using the word radical change as Colin Tipping did in his book, Radical Forgiveness.  He helped his readers understand that when anything happened that truly upset you, or caused you to blame another human being for your set of circumstances that you have a choice to make.  You can try forgiveness, but if you have been traumatized, forgiveness is slow to come because at some level you still feel victimized.  Or you can use radical forgiveness and understand that you are not a victim.  Your Soul and the Soul of the “other” are cocreating an opportunity for one or both of you to have a deep healing experience.  I don’t know about you but I wanted to break my self-destructive patterns, those from childhood through my life to the present have all been looked at but some of them have not yet been healed fully.  

For instance: It was hard for me to acknowledge that my husband and I could no longer be together because we had given each other everything we had spiritually agreed to partner in the other.  It wasn’t the “other” woman who broke us apart.  We had simply gotten as close to our shared healing as we were going to in this lifetime.  I used to think I still loved him but I now know that I still loved the dream we had cocreated when we first got together.  C’est la vie.  So is life.  Now I have an open heart to share with another partner and I am more comfortable showing that person who I am.

And one more thing, I love myself more now than ever before in my life.  I’m a radical thinker, and I am willing to do my share to help humanity rebirth itself; I’m full of ideas for creative systems change and I am looking for the right group to be a member.  I am a sacred activist, an independent New Thought Minister, and an elder sister to my family.

So now I have one more thing to ask:  who are  you?  Can you say yes to whatever shows up for you to do in order to help cocreate a better society?  Can you say yes to those who need your strength when they need to be lifted up in spirit?  You are probably saying yes to yourself as you read this last sentence because this blog post only reaches those who are ready to say yes, yes, yes!

Bless you, one and all.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


The Bridge Alliance

Hello, beloved citizens.  I have a progress report for you from the group Bridge Alliance, a group I recommended to  you in a previous post because they are creatively problem solving some of our voting issues that need to be resolved soon. Two of their member groups achieved remarkable results and I want to show you the power of these successful endeavors.

Fair Vote achieved a momentous victory in Maine: they passed “Ranked Choice Voting”, which means an expansion of voter choices, as in counting the third-party vote along with established party votes. Maine’s citizens simultaneously rejected state legislature’s attempts to undermine the law with a “People’s Veto”.

The League of Women’s Voters in combination with Maine Citizens for Clean Elections pushed public service announcements about the Fair Vote choice on the ballot, and this ushered in a change of the voter’s options, a big change.

Ranked choice voting advocates are actually credited with the increase in Maine’s voter turn out as well. That in itself is a powerful incentive to keep pushing back against existing systems that narrow our voting options rather than placing more valid issues on the ticket.

I recommend that you keep a copy of this post for the next cycle of voting.  If fair voting is your passion you can speak to the group in Maine for a game plan to bring it to your state.  Their address is below.

Sadly SCOTUS,  The Supreme Court of the United States, left a door open so that gerrymandering is still possible, state to state.  Citizen involvement can help put roadblocks up that will keep the pressure on the parties to stop gerrymandering because they know negative press will follow.  When citizens push back against crooked or suspicious suggestions  dreamt of by political parties, we all win. So if you join or start a group that discusses the future of political policy in the U.S.A. this group could be another tool in your activist toolbelt.

Go to Fair Vote for a More Perfect Union in order to learn more about this excellent approach to true parity in citizen voting practices

“Collaborative Policymaking” is an outstanding read for anyone really looking to keep our voting rights in place without altering the spirit of the law of the constitution: 

Best Practices for Collaborative Policymaking: Learning from Power Sharing Arrangements in State Legislatures

Imagine round table conversations rather like the study-circles originated in Chautauqua, N.Y. during the early days of our nation’s policy development. Someone would ride-in with copies of the most recent newspapers clarifying the forming of our government, for instance, or maybe a President’s address to the nation; and citizens in Chataqua, N.Y. rallied to discuss the news of the day, and sometimes come up with solutions. Each year they still have an event that focuses on the importance of citizen participation in government. There are organizations to teach you how to run a round table, too.

Our country was founded  on free speech and it is this guarantee that makes round table, study-circles, or talking circles so vibrant as a tool for reform or the construction of new problem solving ideas.

I have formed study-circles and facilitated the art of the community conversation in order to report back to politicians what their constituents wanted to see change in my own community.  I didn’t get paid for this, it was my effort as a sacred activist to organize this task.  I talked to my friends.  They got on board.  And we had a great turnout for the first of three events regarding Tahlequah, Oklahoma’s option to put funding where the citizen’s actually wanted it: building bike paths and teaching children alternatives to eating cheap food was the #1 choice.  It was in 2003 that these talking circles were introduced to the people of Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Of course, I didn’t know I was a sacred activist in 2001, right after 9-11 when I signed op for the committee to create a yearly event named “Diversity in Community” nor did it occur to me when I was leading events to celebrate women’s rights in 2003 with community wide political topics at events, that I was changing the point of view of the community with my actions.  It started with a single thought.  What is my part in the solving of this problem?

And so, beloved friends, I offer you a few more websites that may inspire you, or help you to find your niche in public service.  Don’t worry about making mistakes, make bold choices to get started instead.  The rest will take care of itself.

www.Families Belong is another great site that is for Government Oversight, so I’ve included it here.

I believe there are still a few states that are voting for the party ballot and/or finalizing runoff elections.  It isn’t too late to call and find out who is on the ballot for your party, or to and if you are a new voter, ask if  your state has a mixed party ticket? We used to do that when I was first voting.  Boy, does that date my age, ha!

Whatever you do, dear hearts, come to the community table.  Take your seat and talk to everyone.  You may discover that you meet several potential partners who are interested in helping you work on change in your community. 

We are living in the communication age.  It is easier now to put together a movement than ever before.  Think about that.  Think about your passions.  When or where does you heart bleed for the citizens of the world? 

I am, as usual, sending you loving goodwill.  We are rewriting the public story, and our personal story at the same time.  Sacred Activism is an incredible opportunity to grow into a compassionate adult who is willing to lend the experience of a lifetime in order for all of us to thrive as we co-create a new reality in our world.  Thank you.  This post comes to you from my heart to yours.










This is Zero Hour

Political Gender Parade

Dear hearts, don’t let the title of this post alarm you.  It is taken from a group of millennials who are organizing a march about the serious environmental issues we face on July 21st in Washington, D.C. You can find out more on their webpage:

Because World Water Day was last month and there has been progress in cleaning up the ocean trash, I wanted to stick with the theme of sacred activism for this post.  You can go to to catch up on what makes this group special.

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be an activist, especially a sacred activist.  Although the two are closely related the latter comes from within us when we know that everything is sacred: the environment, human rights, and spiritual freedoms for example.

The Global Community of Visionary Co-Creative Leaders is a group that I belong to and want to recommend to anyone who wants to hear two moderators who are skilled and able to empower the group members. There is a weekly call that is free. I encourage you to go to the website at:  I want to address your potential today so that you can think about your role in this world, and your responsibility to the people in it. Everything in life is give and take isn’t it. Yes, it is cause and effect.

Conscious leadership is a powerful tool to have in your life. Now, I can hear some of you turning  off, thinking “I don’t want to be a leader, I’m much happier contributing when and where I choose.” So I have a surprise for you.  You are already influencing people, and that is one of the most important things a leader does.

If you have been curious enough to go to some of the websites I’ve been posting for your convenience, you may have found a group that you can passionately respond to; and passion is another trait of leadership.  Some of us participate because we know the value of building relationships and we are happier when we have a community of like-minded souls.  Community of like-minded people is very important for anyone’s mental health. People usually think of churches first, don’t they.

As a minister I know that my role in leadership is to care for your tender heart as you wade into the waters of sacred activism.  Does that sound strange to you?  It probably does to other ministers, too.  So then, let me explain why I feel passionately about this shift in consciousness.

When I was a member of the Unitarian Universalist church in Tahlequah, OK, we had a social justice group and I headed the meetings at our church.  I taught them how to engage in study-circle groups, how to come to consensus about a project and how to steward the group toward completion of our task. I loved doing it because I was teaching them by example to respect the needs of the other people in service to a cause.

I see miracles happen when people empower themselves.  I hope that you will find your miracle.  We know there is suffering in the world.  We know that there are groups that are working toward a better future for all of us.  Won’t you consider joining us?  Try the Visionary Co-Creative Leader’s call first and then I hope you will get back to me and let me know how you felt about the call. There is a place at the bottom of each post for comments.

Let’s sit at the same table and share a meal of loving good will.  There is always a chair for you at this table.  And I am here posting information that I hope will go to your heart and help you take the first step, if you haven’t already, to becoming a sacred activist.

I send you loving good will, and peace to you and yours.  Rev. Cassandra




One World in Dialogue

I love the concept of one world engaging in dialogue as a means to cocreate and inform everyone, to bear witness as they say, regarding healing the pain we as the human race have allowed to be inflicted upon others around the world.

On June 1st you can participate in the Global Dialogue Lab.  There are two options, zoom in or call in.  I’m going to call at 10 am central time; and if you go to their webpage you’ll be given the information you need to decide if you want to join in the conversation. Just click here before the event:

This post is not a paid advertisement for them.

I often share websites that speak to issues I personally resonate with, such as Colin Tipping’s 5-stage process to heal relationships called Radical Forgiveness.  I liked his process so much that I used it as a template during a Sunday Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Center of Light.  Radical has been around for a while and it can be applied personally, or as a 5-step process to explore healing the people who’ve been caught in the net of terrorism and suffered at the oppressor’s hands.  What I love about Colin’s work is that he speaks of the power of restitution, wherein the ones who have done the atrocious acts return and take responsibility to care for the family’s who have been affected by their violence.  The whole community experiences relief from the burden of their hatred for the “enemy”.  The title of one of his worksheets is: “Making Room for the Miracle”.

And so beloved readers and fellow sacred activists, may peace be upon you and yours.  May you be patient with one another when it is a challenge. And may you forgive those who have hurt your feelings.  Remember that everyone we know helps us learn to improve our relationships. We will never heal the people of the nations of our planet if we don’t seriously engage in constructive dialogue.  I hope you take advantage of tomorrow’s event.

Three more events will take place on: June 7th, June 21st, and June 24th.  Check it out.

Rev. Cassandra Martin