Dreaming and the Quantum Field

A dear friend called me recently because she has a copy of my book and wanted to discuss how our dreams may be synced into what science calls the unified energy field.

The first thing we discussed was the newest information about the brain’s traits that give us an energetic picture of what goes on when we think or dream. Not being a scientist I’m going to borrow from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s videos because he is an entertaining lecturer.

Below is a shorty that you might like, speaking to how we can all affect change in our life by consciously working the steps to creating a new reality.

Sacred Science tells us that the Presence of a Creative God in the Universe is our choice to believe or not. However, it also tells us that everything that we are, that we see, that we touch, that we become conscious of, first exists within the unified energy field that is itself a form of consciousness which science does not yet completely understand. We are linked to that energy field automatically.

Simplify that thought like this: before you were conceived physically, you had to be conceived energetically. Your future form experience in physical form had to become real as an energy frequency and then as a consciously directed blueprint of “you”; first in the unified field and then co-created by your parents as they thought about adding a baby to their lives.

Spooky stuff, huh? The brain is an amazing organ and organizer. I think it must move easily between dimensions as it conceptualizes what we consider to be reality. Your brain and the unified field are like kissing cousins, very close but not intimate. One feeds off the other so that co-creation can be accomplished.

You may prefer to think of these two as your physical brain and your Energetic Self whose goal is to co-create your future between them, depending upon your need to experience the sum total of your life lessons during each lifetime. The Energetic Self is also known of as the Soul in esoteric writings.

Depending on what you believe about creation, you can co-create your reality based upon how much time you put into “imagining” your “future you”. This is quantum physics at work naturally without a lot of muss and fuss. Hmmmmm, what is muss again? So much for stream of consciousness writing!

So now let’s say that you are asleep and you are dreaming. Did you know that the brain does not differentiate between what you “do” when awake vs what you “think you are doing” while you are dreaming? Fun thought. And, it illustrates a great point about quantum physics: At the sub-atomic level there is no such thing as time (meaning a clock type of time), there is only space and no-space (which is thought to be dark matter).

Imagine that the brain dreams up many, many wonderful adventures for you to be influenced by when you recall them. In fact, the brain is driven to the act of dreaming itself into new experiences because of its connection to the unified field of energy – or quantum field as it is also called. Sorry to make such a big deal out of this idea but it is pivotal to the point I’m making.

If you want to understand the powerful side effects of dreaming let me tell you that even though dreaming originates in the subconscious aspect of your mind, your brain considers these dreams to be just as real as your memories of past behaviors and experiences. And this explains why we can consciously rewire our memories, change the old patterns that were self-destructive, and navigate successfully through our life — happier and with less stress. Dr. Joe’s short video speaks to how this can be accomplished.

For today I’m going to leave our travel through the worlds of pure energy vs manifested form and wrap my thoughts up by saying that chemically speaking, your brain manages both memories and dreams as if they are the same. Do you want to constructively dream yourself into a new experience? First you have to un-create, or rewire the old patterns of thought you have held to so tightly. All things are possible when you begin to work within the quantum energy field from a conscious, present moment point of view.

Good luck, dear hearts. I’m sending you loving good will to accomplish your dreams and your co-creation within this beautiful energy field in which we all exist!

Listening is Learning & Co-Creating is Healing

I have quiet a few calls each week that not only inform me but also remind me to  practice deeper listening skills when interacting with others.  This practice of listening brings me more consciously into the resonant field of wholeness, a universally shared frequency in which our “home resonance” is strengthened as we allow our attention to focus clearly on what is being said as well as the observation of how we  respond to the speaker and their message for the group call.

You may even receive pictures, or symbols that represent the message being shared with you.  You may be more experiential by nature and feel physical reactions to the message such as an energy vibration deep within, or one that seems to travel along your energy meridians.  Perhaps you feel a vibration in the brain and your hearing seems to be super sensitive as you listen to the group develop the conversation topic of the call.

We hear and react, we contemplate and share our thoughts, we listen and learn both consciously and subconsciously.  But there is a better way to listen, as it allows us to go deeper into the subject and connect to the individuals sharing more deeply.  It goes like this:  we listen, we contemplate, we  share new ideas and thoughts as we decide how to integrate, or act, according to the messages received by the resonant field, or unified field as it is called in science.

The real change in our listening focus is that we do not act immediately to what we are receiving from the hearts of others in our group.  We listen attentively until they quit speaking. We allow the energy to reveal itself more fully and then bring our new thoughts back to the group.  Sometimes we go so deeply into the field with our friends that we feel the experience instead of being logical about the message.  That is actually a good thing.  Like the benefits of meditation, we all need a reprieve from the daily stress of the twenty-first century, and deeper listening is one way to slow the world down.

Another aspect of deep listening is that the more we hear the same message the deeper we can take the nuances into our heart.  And, the more we can practice how to develop deep listening skills, the more we can literally quiet our minds from the “monkey chatter” and resist the usual urge to supply an answer to a question asked.  We all do it as habit.  We stop listening to the speaker as we formulate an answer against or for their position.  We can go deeper into the we-ness of the moment when we are mindful of the moment.

Look compassionately at others and yourself when in dialogue together because depending upon our age we have years of developing and strengthening the ego’s response to all situations; in other words it wants to show off and make you look good to the others in the conversation.

Many of us who frequently join dialogue circles are looking to learn more about a specific topic, issue, or the development of a new ability; meaning we want to learn by listening.  The same is true of metaphysical circles that host one or more speakers to give us the opportunity to practice something we all agree we want to know more about.

As a matter of fact I am launching a twice monthly radio event on blog talk radio entitled “Conscious Co-Creators of A New World Story”.  The first show will air on January 22nd at a time to be determined as soon as I’ve arranged my guest speakers.  We will be speaking to the question implied by the title of this new show.

Guests will share their opinions about what humanity can do to improve human interactions, and improve the social systems that no longer work for a healthy society. The old paradigms of our forefathers must be updated because we no longer want to support war, “less than” mentality, or greed and avarice from the upper class.  Of course there are many component parts to change for the social systems, we simply start at the most destructive patterns first.

Today I had the opportunity to practice deep listening on the topic of our relationship with the resonant field. We had just shy of 20 people on the call.  I asked “How do we each perceive it”?  We were attuned together and felt in agreement with the individuals who voiced their experience of the field.  The field is made of the energy of love, we know the field because we are an integral part of the field, we all felt a deep gratitude when we tuned into the field as if it acknowledged we were seeking a better understanding, we all felt supported by the field and empowered to do our best to contribute to the “good of the whole”, also the name of the organization who hosts this call.

Understanding this global resonance empowers us to track the emergent voice of the “whole”  and see the actual “miracles” that arise out of the field as we learn to work with the resonant energy field, explained Michelle Pohland, who brought us the topic of this discussion.

So much richness came to each of us as we explained to one another how we perceived the resonant field.  You may want to ask yourself questions about this invisible and co-creative “heart” energy source that some may name as God. Those of us “in the energy field of the call” felt balanced and nurtured by the conversation.

This is what deep listening brings you; an opportunity to learn more about yourself and others.  I hope you take the time to practice deep listening.  You don’t need a step by step guide.  If you have experience meditating you will know about deep listening.  If you do not, you may experience a stillness of mind that is both quiet and an invitation to co-create a more balanced way of living your own life.

Here are a few questions to get you started on the trip to understand the global resonant “heart” field:

What level of experience do we have with consciously paying attention to this energy field?

Does the field have messages for us, or do we simply think about the field like a broadcasting station or directional path finder?

Thank you for reading this post today.  I really appreciate those of you who are guided to my site because I believe we enrich each other’s life when we go deeper, below the surface so-to-speak.  Especially when you provide feedback!


Our Sacred Song

I have always been comfortable singing my prayers.  This isn’t something I learned in church as a child, it is just my way of moving deeply into the resonant field of creation; to sing words of love and compassion and to listen deeply to thoughts that return to me on the gentle breath of Spirit.  The calmness that surrounds me during these moments nurture me deeply, and I come away feeling that life is better than when I took myself into the resonant field.  And, I believe, this is as it should be when we contemplate our lives: the calmness descends upon us like a blessing and we have clarity about the next step we would be wise to take.

Those of you who have followed me over the years know that I am ever vigilant regarding my role as an independent new thought minister, a sacred activist, and a friend of humanity.  I won’t write anything that I am not willing to stand up for or stand against as in political policies that harm the citizens of our country.  Right now we have a President in office that could care less that shutting down the government means that many federal employees are not receiving their living wages.  He wants his wall, no matter the cost.  If his actions were put into music the sound would be grating, his song would cause us all to feel instant anxiety and fear because his song is mean-spirited and it comes from the part of his personality that is the “bully”.  

We, the People need a better song, one composed by citizens because it is we who suffer the most when leaders engage in power plays to gain a goal, such as a wall on our southern border that is overly expensive and not effective unless it is armed 24 hours a day.  I would never want my government to take shots at people trying to come into our country seeking asylum.  It is the system of immigration that is broken, not the noble practice of asylum.

Last week I saw a post that listed changes for Congress that would begin the scale back of financial abuses that affect our citizens, heaped upon us by the rich and powerful.  We could begin using the money denied to Congressional members when these suggestions are in place for constructive change in our country.  See what you think.

  1. A term limit of 8 years that includes no tenure, and no pension.  Additionally, Congresspersons can purchase their own retirement security plan. 
  2. The Congressional Social Security fund is immediately rolled into the Social Security system.  Citizens do not have access to the abundance given life long legislators and this isn’t fair. Past Congresspersons will have an immediate adjustment to their social security to reflect the rules used for the common citizen.
  3. Congress cannot vote themselves new pay raises, nor special appropriations that give them funding for materials that are normally supplied by the government for them to do their job.  (i.e.  A huge and expensive dining table, flights on government transport for personal enjoyment, or plane tickets for traveling that include mostly personal business).  We are weeding out the tendency to cheat the system by enforcing this guideline.  Lawmakers do not need fancy offices that look like they come off a movie set.
  4. Congressmen and women lose their current health system and have to settle for the same health system voted in for citizens.  Additionally, universal health insurance for citizens must be passed within 1 year, and have a graduating cost of participation so that all of our citizens receive health care when they need it, based upon what they can afford.  Congress can continue to utilize the benefits of the gym and pool (if there is one – I don’t know-ha!)
  5. Congresspeople abide by all the same laws they impose upon the citizens of this great country.  No exceptions.
  6. All previous contracts with the men and women in Congress are null and void effective immediately.  The beginning of strict accountability begins in 2019 and no one is above the law, nor are they better than those whose taxes pay their salaries.
  7. Everyone who is unemployed is to be retrained at the government’s expense. The government will insist that bids to do infrastructure work will include a higher percentage of new trainees than professionals in order to bring the cost of each project down to a more reasonable amount.  And, a guarantee of performance and construction shall be given each new public work for at least a 10 year guarantee of efficiency.

This song affords citizens the chance to be treated fairly and bring our taxes down.

Let’s face it, everyone, we are in serious trouble the way the government is spending money on what used to be called pork legislation.  Get a copy of the latest “Pig Book” to see what I mean.

Peace to one and all.  I’ll be back when I have something more to add to the list.  Believe me, I have many, many ideas on how we can change the political scene into something that is honorable and serves our great nation.  





Another story about our “Culture of Cruelty”

As we all know, the Trumpian zero-tolerance border crossing, due to his fears of an  “invasion” of central American’s has alerted us all to what was tagged as the “Culture of Cruelty” months ago.  I wrote about the horrific separation of children from parents and to this date we still have camps of children and teens who are being held illegally, never reunited with their parents due to the inept and careless record keeping policies of the DHS.  This week another news story broke about a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who traveled with her father through a remote New Mexico desert region to reach a small crossing border that is not sanctioned.  They traveled with a large group of others who were seeking asylum from Guatemala’s gangs and their murderous habits.

The Customs and Border Patrol arrested her and her father and took them into custody.  The girl is reported to have been without water and food for several days before being taken into custody. It is unconscionable to me that these people are not given water while they are processed. Within 90 minutes her body gave out and she started her downward spiral toward her death.  It started with seizures and escalated into heart failure. She was then flown to El Paso’s Providence Children’s Hospital CBP told the Post.  She died within 90 minutes of arriving at CBP according to some sources, while other news agencies and the Dept. of Homeland Security claim she was in their care for “hours” before her little body hit rock bottom, that place of no recovery.

There are several problems with this story besides the time frame from arrest and her death.  She was not offered food or water when she would have obviously had signs of severe dehydration, again I reference the culture of cruelty and inhuman care of these refugees.  She began to convulse early in her stay with the Border Patrol and by the time they got her to medical help it was simply to late for her 7-year-old body to cope.  Once she dies there is a mandatory rule that the DHS be notified within 24 hours of the incident and given a full report.  This did not happen.  It was over 24 hours when the news broke according to CNN.

The CPBs Office of Professional Responsibility has launched an investigation to “ensure all appropriate policies were followed”.  Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) said he was “devastated by reports that a seven-year-old girl who was taken into Customs and Border Patrol custody died first because of lack of food and dehydration and lastly because of a septic system and cardiac arrest,”  reported CNN. 

Since this whole shocking story shows a streak of uncaring treatment for all those who are arrested and put in CPBs care, we must not forget to condemn the horrific policy of zero-tolerance.  This policy is just another display of Trump’s regime throwing the poor and desperate people to the curb; and denying them sanctuary, which is allowable by our laws. Do we really want Trump and his inhumane policy changes to destroy our reputation around the world? 

More importantly, can we citizens live with the direction this government is taking when it comes to the centuries old, and time-honored request for sanctuary regardless of the burdens this places upon our government officials?  I say no.  Humanitarian care  is the hallmark of our historical story.   We do not need to re-write that story with a caveat of cruelty such as Trump has encouraged throughout his administration.  Better it be Trump who goes instead of our policy of accepting people into our country who are running from murder, rape, and other horrific cruelties.

I hope you will speak up loudly against this continuing story of deprivation for those who need our help most!  If we don’t help stop this type of cruelty we are sadly condoning it.  I know in my heart that my readers are compassionate and caring people who will rally to the cry for justice in this matter: eliminate zero-tolerance-policy.

I am going to be meditating Saturday morning (tomorrow) to come back to center after this shockingly cruel death of a child, whose father was crazy to bring her into harm’s way, and who should be punished along with the perpetuators on our side of the border. Let us hope this unamed child is the last to die on our side of the border.



The Quiet Pause is Powerful

For the past several months I have been focused upon research for a new radio show I call Femmocracy: Compassionate Governance.  Those who have followed me for years know that I had a metaphysical radio show on blog talk radio for a few years.  It was named after my book, The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st century.

In addition to that I had a ministerial website called “God-In-Action.org” and I had that for five years.  I stepped into my service to the world with baby steps after I was ordained as an Independent New Thought Minister in 2010.  You see, I had moved to Tulsa, OK and been unable to find a metaphysical church in the area the first couple of years. Unity didn’t count as metaphysical in my practice, so I didn’t contact them. 

I didn’t know that there actually was a metaphysical church in Broken Arrow, OK, just a hop, skip and jump through the connecting roads.  When I found them I was content simply to be part of the group.  By the time 2010 rolled around I was ready to dive in deeper and make myself known to any potential seekers who, like me, didn’t yet know that Oklahoma was user-friendly to the metaphysical community.  I had a lovely following of people who wanted to learn more about the broad spectrum of “reality” for any meta-physician who practices what she or he speaks to on the subject of how to create your best life!

I share all of this because it is pertinent to the “next step” in my service to those who will find me again.  I know a few things about manifestation.  There can be no doubt is usually the first stumbling block for people who dream of a new future but never seem to get there.  The way I had found myself moving toward a new radio show was directly proportional to the failures of the current administration in north America.  By the time the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process became public I felt just as traumatized as all of my sisters in this country who have experienced sexual abuse, date rape, incest, and other “sanctioned” crimes against women. 

Perhaps this statement is too strong for what unfolded over the mid-terms, but when you have been a victim it is too easy to go back there if you see suspicions of sexual abuse in the highest offices of our land.  I respectfully remind you of all the congress men who have since left office under clouds of impropriety, or left without a reasonable cause made known.  This fact made the mid-terms even more important for those with a platform that respected a woman when she told her story.  The law has changed since my experiences and a woman no longer has to have a witness willing to back her up in the courtroom.  Still, there was a furor that resulted from the Justice Kavanagh confirmation process; but hey, let’s not forget that we gained a new hashtag statement that I endorse: #BelieveWomen

Last week I was sitting quietly, in a reflective mood when I was God-Smacked.  I am using that term correctly.  I know the difference between Gob-smacked and God-Smacked, dear hearts.  As if there was a great karmic pause in the wheel of my life spinning, I sensed and then heard my Divine Self speak.  The words are not as important as the message and the message was so powerful that I felt a flood of energy, a grand release of my intention to start another radio show based upon the subject of women in the political arena. 

I realized that even though I had very strong feelings about the necessity to help co-create compassionate governance by bringing more women into local, state and national politics; the stark truth is that I do not have any experience in this field. My journey will be all uphill, and I’m not a glutton for punishment. Except for voting, I had zero experience campaigning for or against any candidates in my entire lifetime.

Shocking.  I have a proven track record of accomplishing my goals.  As you read in the beginning of this blog, I’ve already accomplished levels of success based upon my expertise, meaning all things metaphysical, or sacred-science as I prefer to think of the unified field in action.  My book has page after page of advise to position yourself well in order to live your best life.  Whatever was I thinking when I imagined myself hosting a political action platform?  Silly me.

Obviously, I was day dreaming as opposed to co-creating a practical plan for a future show.  So why was it that my Divine Self aligned me with the new challenge in the first place. What’s up with that?

I am simply grateful that SHE saved me from making a huge financial commitment again.  Why I had to walk through illusion before coming to clarity may take me time to figure out, but I am sure about one thing.  I am never embarrassed to admit that I have missed the mark, made a mistake, or overestimated my capabilities because I understand how important course correction can be in one’s journey. I’ve done it often enough, you see.

I am currently experiencing a course correction, and that is all.  My passion remains powerful in the surety that our government is failing its citizens.  I can even see a handful of course-corrections that must come before real improvement can be brought to center stage.  But my place of strength is, and has always been, as a minister and a lifelong mystic who has devoted her life to a sacred journey that includes constructive “evolutionary co-creation of a new model for the social sectors in the 12 over 1 wheel of change”.  I am a part of the solution.  I am good with that.  

When you experience a course correction, do not fret about it.  Instead recognize it for the thing that it is:  a great opportunity to step into a truer role with others along our collective journey.  We are now in the we-consciousness mode of being.  We are co-creating a world that recognizes how important “compassionate governance” is, so that real success for one and all is achievable.  Our message is powerful: the days of unethical politics, corrupt finance and those social structures that favor the power-over model of governance are numbered.

Women will bring the first waves of reform to the political arena that have not been seen in 100 years.  Count on it.  The mid-term election cycle has changed the house of the people for the better.  Look to the future.  There is more constructive social change  on the horizon.  We are 18 years into the 21st century and time is on our side!

Thank you, Dear Hearts, for reading this update on my short lived plan to be a radical radio host campaigning for compassionate governance and more women in the political arena.  Bless you, one and all for finding me.  I hope you will keep posted to this page because I have a new announcement coming out the beginning of 2019.  You’ll never guess…

Femmocracy: Compassionate Governance, Part II

As I write this we have three days left before the results of the mid-term elections are known.  Today I saw Nancy Pelosi on the AM Joy show (MSNBC) and she was confident that the ground game will give to Democrats the majority in the House of Representatives.  This, at least, will mean that Dem’s can drive the direction of the House and complete meaningful legislation that was barred by the Republican party while they were in control of the majority.

What I found interesting in Nancy’s interview was that she took the lead and spoke from her heart, barely containing her excitement for the power of the ground game, meaning the voters, who appear to be women of both parties that are turning out to vote.

Some Republican women are voting Democratic.  I saw an interview with a group of friends who were sitting around the kitchen table making calls to get the vote out.  All of them had been Republicans but Trump has made it impossible to vote Republican for these women.  To a woman they found his rhetoric to be contentious, insulting to women, and far from the Old Republican values they knew under  President Reagan, for instance.

Nancy Pelosi read a sentence from Regan’s last speech in which he was speaking about immigration.  He was clearly in favor of allowing people to come into the country.  Reagan felt that if they were unwelcome it would be bad for the country.  Educated people from all over the world come to our country.  They seek opportunity, something which our country would normally be able to offer them.

Mr. Trump has made clear his position on the “invasion” of the South Americans seeking asylum in our country.  His nasty comments; continued code language of racist bigotry; and his refusal to end the cruel border treatment of children has turned women voters off big time!  Now he threatens to have the border military shoot anyone who throws a rock in defiance!

I don’t believe we have ever had such a brute of a president before.  Thankfully the White House walks back most of his off the cuff claims but it is still unnerving to have such a man in the highest office of the land.

The Republican leadership will woe the day they did little to nothing to stop this man from escalating the tensions between “the other” and our citizens; making it mandatory that we begin an open dialogue to diffuse these tensions.  For me, there are no “others” to fear.  Everyone is equal in my worldview and deserves respect for who they are, another human being seeking to better the lives of those in their family.

This new influx of immigrants reminds me of my own people who, according to my DNA test, came from England, Wales, Scandinavia, North Africa and my beloved 1% from the  “First People” who mingled with the newcomers to their shores.  They did not chase us off when perhaps they should have!  What we did to the Indian population across this country is equally shameful compared to the way Mr. Trump address all who are not white and rich.

I ask you to make your positions known to your legislators, state and national regarding the inhumane treatment we have seen over the past many months, and let them know if you did not vote for Republicans because of their failure to stop the horror that resulted in trauma for the children and their parents.  That alone is a reason to seek compassionate governance in this country.

I know that “compassionate governance” is possible.  It is a mindset change that is imperative so that the ordinary people such as you and me get fair treatment, and pay fewer taxes when the rich who have gotten tremendous tax breaks from the current political regime do not pay their share.  There is a terrible imbalance of power in our country.

Compassionate governance will begin to change the existing social systems through the revoking of laws that serve the minority and not the majority. Nancy Pelosi made this point in the interview on MSNBC.  Her party intends to right the wrongs that have been perpetuated by the party of Lincoln and will make our country morally great again.

A new term: Femmocracy

Hello, dear readers, welcome back!  Today I want to focus on the mid-term election cycle and ask you to vote, without fail. I bring to you a new idea and a new word.  Femmocracy is the combination of the words feminine and democracy.  The whole phrase for this new idea is that femmocracy would usher in compassionate governance, something that I think is dearly needed in these modern times.

As a woman, I feel that I must find the women in Congress who will support the type of compassionate governance I imagine is possible in a Congress more evenly divided between the sexes. I have had a vision of how compassionate governance can be ushered into existence and it will take at least 50 Democratic women to replace Republican men, divided between the House and the Senate to make any kind of impact.  Even that won’t be an instant check and balance, but it is a start.

During the coming election cycles, we have to increase women politicians steadily so that we begin to reach a middle ground. Remember, there are 100 Senators and 435 Representatives in the U.S. Congress.

We need to have women of character who show us all a fearless role-model so that more women run for office in the future.  Women are the majority in the census of the United States and yet our current Congress only has 84 women (5%) in the House, and 23 serving in the Senate (4%). When the House or Senate is voting on any issue at all, it takes a certain percentage of votes to carry the win.  Even a vote up (yes) or down (no) has to have a certain percentage of their membership to agree before a bill becomes law.  In the case of the House of Representatives that number is 218 (a simple majority), and in the Senate, it is 51 if the Vice President is not present to break a tie of 50-50.

You can see the obvious problem here.  There is no fair representation of women in America.  Our issues are not the issues of Congress which is why so many bills have passed taking away support systems for women in our country.  Reduced are the supplements of income for those who cannot raise a family on what they earn.  Schools are not adequately financed.  War is overfunded.  Women are unable to get healthcare and “the pill” to keep from having unwanted pregnancies.

There are so many areas in the lives of women that are no longer funded or are deeply cut in funding. Then there is the issue of a woman’s right to choose an abortion.  The Republicans, backed by the evangelical coalitions have steadily superseded women’s rights by whittling down the necessary providers for women to freely choose to have a baby or not.  Clinics have been closed, doctors have been eliminated by these actions and women sometimes have to drive hundreds of miles in their state to get the help they need.  Is that fair?

Freedom is what our country was founded upon, and any sensible and compassionate person will stay out of another’s business when it comes to how women manage their bodies.  So even if you, my dear reader, disagree with this blog post, I ask you to consider life without true choice.  We should never be managed by another person or entity.  Think about that during this election cycle.  Is America a freedom loving country or not?

We need more women to run for local, state and national office.  I hope you know someone that you can urge to do just that if you are not interested.    And I hope that you will consider what a more compassionate government would look like to the citizens of this country who rely on “the good of the whole” to live a healthy and productive life.