The Contemplative Practice

Many of the distractions of daily life are pleasant, but for me the most meaningful is my contemplative time. On days that I don ‘t get to it, I am less connected to wholeness. This is simply because I am a singular part of a whole-system world. As are you.

Today I had time to think about how I evolved into who I am now. And it suddenly occurred to me that I chose the path that led me to this version of myself because it was lacking in my own upbringing. For instance, I would say I am spiritual, not religious. I am inclusive, not so afraid of those who do not look like me because in my childhood I lived in a different country. I was the foreigner there.

I am sure that if you think about how you grew up you will be able to see traits in yourself that either limited you, or made you more comfortable in strange settings. For instance, many of my boyfriends thought that I was a flirt. But truly, I just never met a stranger. I would talk to whomever looked interesting to me, male or female. That was a born instinct. Fear on the other hand, tends to isolate that person. So when they meet others who are fearful, they naturally gravitate to them. There is a spectrum of awareness that is limited in some humans, and expansive in others, but the majority of us are rather neutral.

If I had to describe who I think I am, many of my friends and acquaintances would not necessarily agree. My internal self-image is different apparently from what others see. This has been a theme in my life. Eventually, I began to incorporate the strength that others saw emanating from my words and actions, but this was a long, long process. I didn’t really come into myself until my early forties. How about you? Additionally, I was never called to Academic pursuits because I found life itself so stimulation. It may have been because of my matriarchal “gift”, that of being an extra-sensory woman, but education always came to me from my interaction with others, and especially other life forms.

You may not prefer country living, or growing a garden, or living in a more connected frame of reference to all that is around you, but you are still a highly developed human with a life path that reflects an environment that stimulates your creativity, your sense of connectedness to others, your satisfaction with how you finance your life, and other such activities. That is, if you allow this frame of reference to grow stronger. There are also many of us who trudge through life. In their point of view it may seem that opportunities are limited. That is likely because when they grew up, there were held back by situations that could not be overcome by the family, ethnicity, language barrier, etc.

My thought for today helped me realize that the path I cultivated in my own life was one that included adventure, nature, what some called heresy, fantasy or dreaming and I called exploration of my psyche, these actually tempered my ability to be compassionate. Being slightly on the fringe allowed me a freedom to simply observe, question, contemplate, or consider another’s point of view as different from my own, but still viable. I didn’t have to agree to be friends. And I think that is my point in this post. I am okay with your point of view as long as you don’t try to suppress mine.

In the current global mindset, we are at war with one another. This trend has been brewing in the hearts and minds of people who have felt more disenfranchised because they actually were; which is why Black Lives Matter was a wake-up call for many white-skinned people, of which I am one. Part of this trend is a lingering wound in the collective psyche of humanity. Oh yes, we are all affected by our ancestral and historic heritage. And the world has evolved so slowly over the past 100 years that many of the entrenched hatreds of today are still influencing the newer generations. How else can we account for White Supremacy? The natural tendency of human’s is to want to stay within their own ‘tribe’ yet when they do they do not evolve as efficently, I think, as those who learn to co-mingle.

One solution may be to invite interracial marriage as a normalcy. If we have more of a blending of cultures we may be able to appreciate others more easily. In my own DNA are traces of both Native American and African Continent genetic traits. Not surprising as genetic study is becoming more complex and categoric. Was this why I was able to cross an invisible racial comfort line zone? Race was never an issue for me but I was smart enough to know that is was for others. So I demonstrated kindness without knowing it, simply because I had less of a tendency to see “others” around me, so much as individuals around me. A minister friend of me once said, ‘Some day we will be less white and more tea colored, maybe then things will get better.’

I take time out to contemplate because it creates a richer tapestry for me to live in, and this makes me someone who is easily able to be a part of society that is different than I am. What would happen to you and your life if you took time out to really get to know how you came to be who you are without blaming the circumstances of your birth and looked at the path you have chosen to walk as a road-map to who you really are? You are a living example of what your belief structure is. And, my darlings, beliefs are not made of stone if you are feeling the impulse of creation to expand your personal evolutionary journey.

Meditation does not come easily, but contemplation takes very little effort and brings me tremendous insights into myself and the collective psyche of humanity. Once there, I can be more compassionate because it is easy to see who is still struggling in their very existence and I can take time out to focus on the situations which caused their unhappiness. That means I am able to participate in solution-driven discussions with others of like-mind.

Are you and I of like-mind? I would love to hear from you what you have learned about yourself. Keep me posted?