With the advent of the 21st century I began to sense a change in the way the Unified Field and I are connected, in fact we are all connected naturally as part of our evoultionary destiny in this dimension.

To simplify, what science calls the Unified Field is itself a type of “Consciousness”; because of it there is a collective opportunity for humanity to evolve with shared intention — you get to fill in the blank about what your intention may be — and the Unified Field organizes your intention to combine with that of others who are interested in identical or at least similar intentions.

So if you have thought you can’t affect the changes necessary in the world to foster prosperity, peace, justice and/or a return to balance around the world — you would be wrong. Simply because we have not been taught that we are, at the core: energy beings, and that energy is mutable, informable, and changeable, does not mean that this statement isn’t true.

I invite you to consider that the Unified Field has the ability to drive evolutionary and revolutionary change in its most powerfully manifested expression. We each inform (with our thoughts) the Unified Field about what “Humanity” wants to cocreate with it. It cocreates the strongest impulse it receives from us.

When we see change in the world, it has begun as a thought — one that has gained momentum in the Unified Field because other’s share that thought, or some version of that thought. “Life” wants to create for itself, this impulse is built into our consciousness.

I now consider the organizing capacity of the Unified Field to be equal in scope to what we have traditionally called the power of God. And, for millenium we have prayed to our Gods of many names for help to change what we are experiencing personally when we approach that threshold of feeling helpless.

We should never be embarrassed because we feel helpless. Who in the world does not recognize the state of emotional instability that is the currency of our people. In this country, our leaders are modeling negative messages that harken back to suppression of a citizen’s right to vote with ease, for instance.

Around the world financial institutions are artificially driving the cost of everything higher and higher. Greed is a dominant driver in the financial markets and instruments we have that were intended to help us retire and live a better quality of life. Government has rescinded benefits for it’s peoples around the world.

Our world view right now is polluted with non-human messaging driven by business and greed. But, because they are headed by humans, those thought-forms and “instructions”, if you will, for the Unified Field are then accepted as humanity’s will to create a new world story. The Unified Field does what it does — it begins to draw energy together that supports this message.

If one message is stronger in intention than another, the strongest will prevail. Think about your own life. What you put the most energy into is what you usually manifest. Of course, a large percentage of humans also believe in Karma, and that it plays quite a lot in what we manifest. Do you? Can Karma and Personal Choice be a child of the Unified Field? As you evolve, your relationship to everything evolves.

I’ve come to realize that our dual-messaging is what influences what comes into being in each lifetime. Now, a mathematician would have a better way of explaining this as a theory, but history has shown us patterns of what happens because a “majority” defines the socially driven occurrences of each decade. This is a side-thought for you to consider.

The reason I am writing this post is because I have added a new directive to the way I want to express my relationship with humanity. I am consciously co-creating a new world story as I release my older beliefs and attachments, my personal “old story”, and envisioning what can be brought into manifestation in the world tomorrow. I invite you to do the same.

Therefore, I’m considering changing the name of this website, or adding a sub-text to it. As you can imagine, this is incredibly exciting. Both as a minister and as a modern-day philosopher. Keep in mind that we all have “titles” we self-assign and that they change as we change. They are simply mile-markers. Those of you who have been with me since 2010 have witnessed my own metamorphisis. We are all morphing into the Quantum Human that I described in my book; and that has many other “names” given by others who are on a similar or more accelerated path as I hope I am. You are too, the only question is: are you aware of who you are becoming in the present moment?

Just a thought for you to ponder if you are called.

As always, I send you Universal Love, that is all-encompassing, Holy and Co-Creative. May you find your passions, act upon them, refine them with your experiencial reactions while on this journey, and may this cause you to expand your point of view to that of who you were always meant to be — a quantum human living in the 21st century.

Peace you you and yours, and to “the collective humanity” who are bravely living each day as it comes but long to dream a new dream. Namaste’