Did You Think I’ve Been Gone?

Hello, once again.   Today is “Thanksgiving Day” in America.  I am deeply grateful to my readers who, over the years have “found” me, helped me find a deeper connection to them, and encouraged me with thoughtful responses to my posts.

During 2010 I had a page entitled:  God-In-Action-is-You-Living-Your-Life.  I had just become an Independent New Thought Minister and wanted to have a spiritual location for people unable to find a less restrictive church home.  Shortly thereafter I started a blog-talk radio show, and it lasted for three years until I had too much on my weekly plate to devote to speaking about new age spirituality — which is actually the ancient spiritually evolving through the millenniums.

Then I moved into sacred activism in my Tahlequah, OK and Tulsa, OK communities.  At the time, my husband John Thomas Martin, also a minister, and I began to volunteer on various projects until I formed two of my own, which he beautifully supported.  I don’t feel my ego needs to tell you just how great a service we supplied to our communities, so I won’t share the long list of our joint contributions.  However,  I am grateful that while living there, we helped to move the dial on citizen involvement in each community.

I also wrote a book that took me 6 years to research and write:  The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st century.  I self published and that was such a headache that I’ve determined that I won’t do that again!

The thing I want to share today is that I am more focused on my mystic perceptions, and the spiritual refining of my inter-dimensional and inner-dimensional (universal) points of view.   As I am am aging, I am experiencing a thinning of the proverbial vail.  Now it seems that all of my senses are working together as a team.  This means I’m in acceleration mode.  It also means that I am letting go of so many “old stories”, that are no longer valid in this new frequency.

This has allowed me to access much higher frequency transmission than when I first began, and this will also be your journey should you choose to accept the challenge of moving forward.  It is my best hope that you and I will become helpers to those in our personal “sphere of influence.  We all need the benefit of people traveling together who feel the need to “serve” humanity.

May we be that for each other.

“We truly can change the world, if we just change our minds.”  Rev. Cassandra L. Thomas-Martin