Sacred Science is the New Reality

The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton debuted around 2005 through Hay House Publishing.  The subtitle of his book was “Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles”; and it was just that for me.  His epilogue to The Biology of Belief  was entitled “Spirit and Science” in which he says of his “aha” moment that  “For me the conclusions were so unambiguous that I instantly went from nonbeliever to believer [in what I would call sacred science].”  Dr. Bruce is a great resource to better understand your cellular body, and how your thoughts and beliefs influence your cellular structure — for the better or worse depending upon your mindset.

Now fast forward with me where years later I saw Dr. Joe Dispenza speak on several YouTube videos.  I was enthralled with the way in which he married science to spirituality.  Joe has spoken of our ability to re-wire the way we think and feel that has told us the story of our failures for years and years.

Ultimately, he teased me with his scientific proof that, in fact as proven by his many  neuroscience experiments, humans are able to consciously meta-morph old thought patterns and behaviors into a new and healthier reality.  Still, I had not been able to make any permanent changes in my old habits — those that no longer served me.

Bet I’m not the only one, right?

“The cells that fire together wire together” Dispenza says.  This is a profound statement that can change your life.  Really.  It has changed mine.   His latest book is Becoming Supernatural.  His breakdown of  the newest science is easily explained and makes the reading comprehensible.

We no longer have to repeat defeat in our personal mental patterns.  With persistence we can rewire our brain to reflect conscious re-programming.  Dr. Joe explains that when you tame your negative chatter (i.e. the critic) you can overcome your old patterns (default mode network in the brain) and you can embrace the quantum mode; which means that every time you overcome an old habit you love yourself more.  When joy enters into your world on a constant wave of potentiality – voila!  Isn’t this called conscious co-creation?

Go to YouTube and look at videos for Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton.  It will give you lots of food for thought.  And, it will inspire you to become the you of your dreams.  I know. I have steadily been re-wiring and re-firing my cells for months!

You can also buy tickets to hear them talk — worth every dollar by the way — or you can save the money by watching these videos and then buy a ticket to your favorite vacation spot instead!

Bon Voyage, beloveds.