The Other Earth

    adventure astronomy constellation dawnPhoto by Pixabay on Pexels.comFor several years I spent time in a meditation practice that meant working with the elemental’s on an etheric version of earth.  Not one to shy away from granting requests from my Divine Helpers, I had agreed to help them to envision a “New Earth” that was pure again, healthy again, and available in another dimension.Yes, I know it sounds very, very strange for me to say that humans were needed to co-create a new version of our beloved Gaia but this was solely because humanity had allowed, and even enthusiastically participated in the breakdown of her natural and sacred resources to the point that in the very near future humans would actually begin to die off because of the poisoned environment, just like the species that have already gone extinct.For those readers who are familiar with “Kryon of Magnetic Service”, perhaps this request that I and many other humans received is not that far fetched an idea.  Quite a few humans say they have channeled assorted Ascended Masters.  Thousands of years ago people believed the Gods spoke to them.  You could go to a God’s  designated temple to ask a question of the concessionary, a priest or priestess.  There are likely excavated examples of this more personal relationship within our archaeological records.  I simply ask why communication with a God or Goddess would be that far of a stretch for those of us living in the 21st century? I invite you to believe me or not.  All I can say with certainty is that one day I was simply saying purification prayers for the elemental, mineral and organic kingdoms of earth and the next day I was helping to build a new earth in the 5th or 6th dimension (they never told me which dimension…) This “job” was mine and that of other spiritual people who were given the same assignment.  About 5 years later I received the message that I could stop and go forward, with blessings, to my next prayerful service for humankind.You see, I believe in giving something back in gratitude for the gift of my life.  This is a very powerful belief I have held since childhood, and I don’t know why or when I first had this thought.  It seems as if I have always sung my prayers;  and I have always believed in fairies and the magic kingdom (not to be confused with Mr. Disney’s version).  In my little world it has always been true that I am surrounded by many different worlds of existence, some not exactly “seen” so much as “sensed”.  Getting back on point, who can deny that our waters, air, earth and fire (as in atomic waste) elements are already polluted, and getting worse with every decade?  It is no wonder to me that I was called upon to push back against corporate Eco-destruction.  There were many days that I actually felt the presence of other “new earth co-creators”, rhetorically speaking, who also felt that our labors were needed.  I also admit that after a few months I quit questioning what I was doing because it felt so right to have this daily practice.  That said, I do not need anyone to validate this devotional duty as it was given freely when I was called to become a high-frequency nurse’s aide!I dare say that the majority of us who are sacred activists on this planet have also volunteered or been called to help hold the potential of a better world through service — perhaps you are working during your sleeping hours.  The thing that shocks me is that even though we have all worked to co-create a better planetary environment, today it looks as if we never did a thing.But, we would be wrong.  There is another earth that has been co-created through loving acts of service by humans and other-than-humans who did the sheer bulk of the terrain forming work.  This work has been a labor of love because the Ascension process requires love at it’s foundation.  From the place that I sit now, at sixty-nine years young I consider it to have been my privilege to be a member of the choir to help rebirth Gaia into another healthy planet capable of singing  its children into creation anew.  Yes, this is another assertion that I can make with an easy conscious.  Frequency is everything.  Why wouldn’t a Creator God want to sing creation into existence? I cannot help but believe that the Gods or God/ess in the singular know how to sing a creation story into existence.  When I was in elementary school one of the teacher’s  used to say, “Alright, children.  Let’s put our thinking caps on!”I now say to you:  “Alright, Beloveds, let’s put our far-seeing glasses on and tell each other what we see in the future!”I’m willing if you are.