Dreaming and the Quantum Field

A dear friend called me recently because she has a copy of my book and wanted to discuss how our dreams may be synced into what science calls the unified energy field.

The first thing we discussed was the newest information about the brain’s traits that give us an energetic picture of what goes on when we think or dream. Not being a scientist I’m going to borrow from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s videos because he is an entertaining lecturer.

Below is a shorty that you might like, speaking to how we can all affect change in our life by consciously working the steps to creating a new reality.

Sacred Science tells us that the Presence of a Creative God in the Universe is our choice to believe or not. However, it also tells us that everything that we are, that we see, that we touch, that we become conscious of, first exists within the unified energy field that is itself a form of consciousness which science does not yet completely understand. We are linked to that energy field automatically.

Simplify that thought like this: before you were conceived physically, you had to be conceived energetically. Your future form experience in physical form had to become real as an energy frequency and then as a consciously directed blueprint of “you”; first in the unified field and then co-created by your parents as they thought about adding a baby to their lives.

Spooky stuff, huh? The brain is an amazing organ and organizer. I think it must move easily between dimensions as it conceptualizes what we consider to be reality. Your brain and the unified field are like kissing cousins, very close but not intimate. One feeds off the other so that co-creation can be accomplished.

You may prefer to think of these two as your physical brain and your Energetic Self whose goal is to co-create your future between them, depending upon your need to experience the sum total of your life lessons during each lifetime. The Energetic Self is also known of as the Soul in esoteric writings.

Depending on what you believe about creation, you can co-create your reality based upon how much time you put into “imagining” your “future you”. This is quantum physics at work naturally without a lot of muss and fuss. Hmmmmm, what is muss again? So much for stream of consciousness writing!

So now let’s say that you are asleep and you are dreaming. Did you know that the brain does not differentiate between what you “do” when awake vs what you “think you are doing” while you are dreaming? Fun thought. And, it illustrates a great point about quantum physics: At the sub-atomic level there is no such thing as time (meaning a clock type of time), there is only space and no-space (which is thought to be dark matter).

Imagine that the brain dreams up many, many wonderful adventures for you to be influenced by when you recall them. In fact, the brain is driven to the act of dreaming itself into new experiences because of its connection to the unified field of energy – or quantum field as it is also called. Sorry to make such a big deal out of this idea but it is pivotal to the point I’m making.

If you want to understand the powerful side effects of dreaming let me tell you that even though dreaming originates in the subconscious aspect of your mind, your brain considers these dreams to be just as real as your memories of past behaviors and experiences. And this explains why we can consciously rewire our memories, change the old patterns that were self-destructive, and navigate successfully through our life — happier and with less stress. Dr. Joe’s short video speaks to how this can be accomplished.

For today I’m going to leave our travel through the worlds of pure energy vs manifested form and wrap my thoughts up by saying that chemically speaking, your brain manages both memories and dreams as if they are the same. Do you want to constructively dream yourself into a new experience? First you have to un-create, or rewire the old patterns of thought you have held to so tightly. All things are possible when you begin to work within the quantum energy field from a conscious, present moment point of view.

Good luck, dear hearts. I’m sending you loving good will to accomplish your dreams and your co-creation within this beautiful energy field in which we all exist!