Our Sacred Song

I have always been comfortable singing my prayers.  This isn’t something I learned in church as a child, it is just my way of moving deeply into the resonant field of creation; to sing words of love and compassion and to listen deeply to thoughts that return to me on the gentle breath of Spirit.  The calmness that surrounds me during these moments nurture me deeply, and I come away feeling that life is better than when I took myself into the resonant field.  And, I believe, this is as it should be when we contemplate our lives: the calmness descends upon us like a blessing and we have clarity about the next step we would be wise to take.

Those of you who have followed me over the years know that I am ever vigilant regarding my role as an independent new thought minister, a sacred activist, and a friend of humanity.  I won’t write anything that I am not willing to stand up for or stand against as in political policies that harm the citizens of our country.  Right now we have a President in office that could care less that shutting down the government means that many federal employees are not receiving their living wages.  He wants his wall, no matter the cost.  If his actions were put into music the sound would be grating, his song would cause us all to feel instant anxiety and fear because his song is mean-spirited and it comes from the part of his personality that is the “bully”.  

We, the People need a better song, one composed by citizens because it is we who suffer the most when leaders engage in power plays to gain a goal, such as a wall on our southern border that is overly expensive and not effective unless it is armed 24 hours a day.  I would never want my government to take shots at people trying to come into our country seeking asylum.  It is the system of immigration that is broken, not the noble practice of asylum.

Last week I saw a post that listed changes for Congress that would begin the scale back of financial abuses that affect our citizens, heaped upon us by the rich and powerful.  We could begin using the money denied to Congressional members when these suggestions are in place for constructive change in our country.  See what you think.

  1. A term limit of 8 years that includes no tenure, and no pension.  Additionally, Congresspersons can purchase their own retirement security plan. 
  2. The Congressional Social Security fund is immediately rolled into the Social Security system.  Citizens do not have access to the abundance given life long legislators and this isn’t fair. Past Congresspersons will have an immediate adjustment to their social security to reflect the rules used for the common citizen.
  3. Congress cannot vote themselves new pay raises, nor special appropriations that give them funding for materials that are normally supplied by the government for them to do their job.  (i.e.  A huge and expensive dining table, flights on government transport for personal enjoyment, or plane tickets for traveling that include mostly personal business).  We are weeding out the tendency to cheat the system by enforcing this guideline.  Lawmakers do not need fancy offices that look like they come off a movie set.
  4. Congressmen and women lose their current health system and have to settle for the same health system voted in for citizens.  Additionally, universal health insurance for citizens must be passed within 1 year, and have a graduating cost of participation so that all of our citizens receive health care when they need it, based upon what they can afford.  Congress can continue to utilize the benefits of the gym and pool (if there is one – I don’t know-ha!)
  5. Congresspeople abide by all the same laws they impose upon the citizens of this great country.  No exceptions.
  6. All previous contracts with the men and women in Congress are null and void effective immediately.  The beginning of strict accountability begins in 2019 and no one is above the law, nor are they better than those whose taxes pay their salaries.
  7. Everyone who is unemployed is to be retrained at the government’s expense. The government will insist that bids to do infrastructure work will include a higher percentage of new trainees than professionals in order to bring the cost of each project down to a more reasonable amount.  And, a guarantee of performance and construction shall be given each new public work for at least a 10 year guarantee of efficiency.

This song affords citizens the chance to be treated fairly and bring our taxes down.

Let’s face it, everyone, we are in serious trouble the way the government is spending money on what used to be called pork legislation.  Get a copy of the latest “Pig Book” to see what I mean.

Peace to one and all.  I’ll be back when I have something more to add to the list.  Believe me, I have many, many ideas on how we can change the political scene into something that is honorable and serves our great nation.