Another story about our “Culture of Cruelty”

As we all know, the Trumpian zero-tolerance border crossing, due to his fears of an  “invasion” of central American’s has alerted us all to what was tagged as the “Culture of Cruelty” months ago.  I wrote about the horrific separation of children from parents and to this date we still have camps of children and teens who are being held illegally, never reunited with their parents due to the inept and careless record keeping policies of the DHS.  This week another news story broke about a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who traveled with her father through a remote New Mexico desert region to reach a small crossing border that is not sanctioned.  They traveled with a large group of others who were seeking asylum from Guatemala’s gangs and their murderous habits.

The Customs and Border Patrol arrested her and her father and took them into custody.  The girl is reported to have been without water and food for several days before being taken into custody. It is unconscionable to me that these people are not given water while they are processed. Within 90 minutes her body gave out and she started her downward spiral toward her death.  It started with seizures and escalated into heart failure. She was then flown to El Paso’s Providence Children’s Hospital CBP told the Post.  She died within 90 minutes of arriving at CBP according to some sources, while other news agencies and the Dept. of Homeland Security claim she was in their care for “hours” before her little body hit rock bottom, that place of no recovery.

There are several problems with this story besides the time frame from arrest and her death.  She was not offered food or water when she would have obviously had signs of severe dehydration, again I reference the culture of cruelty and inhuman care of these refugees.  She began to convulse early in her stay with the Border Patrol and by the time they got her to medical help it was simply to late for her 7-year-old body to cope.  Once she dies there is a mandatory rule that the DHS be notified within 24 hours of the incident and given a full report.  This did not happen.  It was over 24 hours when the news broke according to CNN.

The CPBs Office of Professional Responsibility has launched an investigation to “ensure all appropriate policies were followed”.  Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) said he was “devastated by reports that a seven-year-old girl who was taken into Customs and Border Patrol custody died first because of lack of food and dehydration and lastly because of a septic system and cardiac arrest,”  reported CNN. 

Since this whole shocking story shows a streak of uncaring treatment for all those who are arrested and put in CPBs care, we must not forget to condemn the horrific policy of zero-tolerance.  This policy is just another display of Trump’s regime throwing the poor and desperate people to the curb; and denying them sanctuary, which is allowable by our laws. Do we really want Trump and his inhumane policy changes to destroy our reputation around the world? 

More importantly, can we citizens live with the direction this government is taking when it comes to the centuries old, and time-honored request for sanctuary regardless of the burdens this places upon our government officials?  I say no.  Humanitarian care  is the hallmark of our historical story.   We do not need to re-write that story with a caveat of cruelty such as Trump has encouraged throughout his administration.  Better it be Trump who goes instead of our policy of accepting people into our country who are running from murder, rape, and other horrific cruelties.

I hope you will speak up loudly against this continuing story of deprivation for those who need our help most!  If we don’t help stop this type of cruelty we are sadly condoning it.  I know in my heart that my readers are compassionate and caring people who will rally to the cry for justice in this matter: eliminate zero-tolerance-policy.

I am going to be meditating Saturday morning (tomorrow) to come back to center after this shockingly cruel death of a child, whose father was crazy to bring her into harm’s way, and who should be punished along with the perpetuators on our side of the border. Let us hope this unamed child is the last to die on our side of the border.