The Quiet Pause is Powerful

For the past several months I have been focused upon research for a new radio show I call Femmocracy: Compassionate Governance.  Those who have followed me for years know that I had a metaphysical radio show on blog talk radio for a few years.  It was named after my book, The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st century.

In addition to that I had a ministerial website called “” and I had that for five years.  I stepped into my service to the world with baby steps after I was ordained as an Independent New Thought Minister in 2010.  You see, I had moved to Tulsa, OK and been unable to find a metaphysical church in the area the first couple of years. Unity didn’t count as metaphysical in my practice, so I didn’t contact them. 

I didn’t know that there actually was a metaphysical church in Broken Arrow, OK, just a hop, skip and jump through the connecting roads.  When I found them I was content simply to be part of the group.  By the time 2010 rolled around I was ready to dive in deeper and make myself known to any potential seekers who, like me, didn’t yet know that Oklahoma was user-friendly to the metaphysical community.  I had a lovely following of people who wanted to learn more about the broad spectrum of “reality” for any meta-physician who practices what she or he speaks to on the subject of how to create your best life!

I share all of this because it is pertinent to the “next step” in my service to those who will find me again.  I know a few things about manifestation.  There can be no doubt is usually the first stumbling block for people who dream of a new future but never seem to get there.  The way I had found myself moving toward a new radio show was directly proportional to the failures of the current administration in north America.  By the time the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process became public I felt just as traumatized as all of my sisters in this country who have experienced sexual abuse, date rape, incest, and other “sanctioned” crimes against women. 

Perhaps this statement is too strong for what unfolded over the mid-terms, but when you have been a victim it is too easy to go back there if you see suspicions of sexual abuse in the highest offices of our land.  I respectfully remind you of all the congress men who have since left office under clouds of impropriety, or left without a reasonable cause made known.  This fact made the mid-terms even more important for those with a platform that respected a woman when she told her story.  The law has changed since my experiences and a woman no longer has to have a witness willing to back her up in the courtroom.  Still, there was a furor that resulted from the Justice Kavanagh confirmation process; but hey, let’s not forget that we gained a new hashtag statement that I endorse: #BelieveWomen

Last week I was sitting quietly, in a reflective mood when I was God-Smacked.  I am using that term correctly.  I know the difference between Gob-smacked and God-Smacked, dear hearts.  As if there was a great karmic pause in the wheel of my life spinning, I sensed and then heard my Divine Self speak.  The words are not as important as the message and the message was so powerful that I felt a flood of energy, a grand release of my intention to start another radio show based upon the subject of women in the political arena. 

I realized that even though I had very strong feelings about the necessity to help co-create compassionate governance by bringing more women into local, state and national politics; the stark truth is that I do not have any experience in this field. My journey will be all uphill, and I’m not a glutton for punishment. Except for voting, I had zero experience campaigning for or against any candidates in my entire lifetime.

Shocking.  I have a proven track record of accomplishing my goals.  As you read in the beginning of this blog, I’ve already accomplished levels of success based upon my expertise, meaning all things metaphysical, or sacred-science as I prefer to think of the unified field in action.  My book has page after page of advise to position yourself well in order to live your best life.  Whatever was I thinking when I imagined myself hosting a political action platform?  Silly me.

Obviously, I was day dreaming as opposed to co-creating a practical plan for a future show.  So why was it that my Divine Self aligned me with the new challenge in the first place. What’s up with that?

I am simply grateful that SHE saved me from making a huge financial commitment again.  Why I had to walk through illusion before coming to clarity may take me time to figure out, but I am sure about one thing.  I am never embarrassed to admit that I have missed the mark, made a mistake, or overestimated my capabilities because I understand how important course correction can be in one’s journey. I’ve done it often enough, you see.

I am currently experiencing a course correction, and that is all.  My passion remains powerful in the surety that our government is failing its citizens.  I can even see a handful of course-corrections that must come before real improvement can be brought to center stage.  But my place of strength is, and has always been, as a minister and a lifelong mystic who has devoted her life to a sacred journey that includes constructive “evolutionary co-creation of a new model for the social sectors in the 12 over 1 wheel of change”.  I am a part of the solution.  I am good with that.  

When you experience a course correction, do not fret about it.  Instead recognize it for the thing that it is:  a great opportunity to step into a truer role with others along our collective journey.  We are now in the we-consciousness mode of being.  We are co-creating a world that recognizes how important “compassionate governance” is, so that real success for one and all is achievable.  Our message is powerful: the days of unethical politics, corrupt finance and those social structures that favor the power-over model of governance are numbered.

Women will bring the first waves of reform to the political arena that have not been seen in 100 years.  Count on it.  The mid-term election cycle has changed the house of the people for the better.  Look to the future.  There is more constructive social change  on the horizon.  We are 18 years into the 21st century and time is on our side!

Thank you, Dear Hearts, for reading this update on my short lived plan to be a radical radio host campaigning for compassionate governance and more women in the political arena.  Bless you, one and all for finding me.  I hope you will keep posted to this page because I have a new announcement coming out the beginning of 2019.  You’ll never guess…