Femmocracy: Compassionate Governance, Part II

As I write this we have three days left before the results of the mid-term elections are known.  Today I saw Nancy Pelosi on the AM Joy show (MSNBC) and she was confident that the ground game will give to Democrats the majority in the House of Representatives.  This, at least, will mean that Dem’s can drive the direction of the House and complete meaningful legislation that was barred by the Republican party while they were in control of the majority.

What I found interesting in Nancy’s interview was that she took the lead and spoke from her heart, barely containing her excitement for the power of the ground game, meaning the voters, who appear to be women of both parties that are turning out to vote.

Some Republican women are voting Democratic.  I saw an interview with a group of friends who were sitting around the kitchen table making calls to get the vote out.  All of them had been Republicans but Trump has made it impossible to vote Republican for these women.  To a woman they found his rhetoric to be contentious, insulting to women, and far from the Old Republican values they knew under  President Reagan, for instance.

Nancy Pelosi read a sentence from Regan’s last speech in which he was speaking about immigration.  He was clearly in favor of allowing people to come into the country.  Reagan felt that if they were unwelcome it would be bad for the country.  Educated people from all over the world come to our country.  They seek opportunity, something which our country would normally be able to offer them.

Mr. Trump has made clear his position on the “invasion” of the South Americans seeking asylum in our country.  His nasty comments; continued code language of racist bigotry; and his refusal to end the cruel border treatment of children has turned women voters off big time!  Now he threatens to have the border military shoot anyone who throws a rock in defiance!

I don’t believe we have ever had such a brute of a president before.  Thankfully the White House walks back most of his off the cuff claims but it is still unnerving to have such a man in the highest office of the land.

The Republican leadership will woe the day they did little to nothing to stop this man from escalating the tensions between “the other” and our citizens; making it mandatory that we begin an open dialogue to diffuse these tensions.  For me, there are no “others” to fear.  Everyone is equal in my worldview and deserves respect for who they are, another human being seeking to better the lives of those in their family.

This new influx of immigrants reminds me of my own people who, according to my DNA test, came from England, Wales, Scandinavia, North Africa and my beloved 1% from the  “First People” who mingled with the newcomers to their shores.  They did not chase us off when perhaps they should have!  What we did to the Indian population across this country is equally shameful compared to the way Mr. Trump address all who are not white and rich.

I ask you to make your positions known to your legislators, state and national regarding the inhumane treatment we have seen over the past many months, and let them know if you did not vote for Republicans because of their failure to stop the horror that resulted in trauma for the children and their parents.  That alone is a reason to seek compassionate governance in this country.

I know that “compassionate governance” is possible.  It is a mindset change that is imperative so that the ordinary people such as you and me get fair treatment, and pay fewer taxes when the rich who have gotten tremendous tax breaks from the current political regime do not pay their share.  There is a terrible imbalance of power in our country.

Compassionate governance will begin to change the existing social systems through the revoking of laws that serve the minority and not the majority. Nancy Pelosi made this point in the interview on MSNBC.  Her party intends to right the wrongs that have been perpetuated by the party of Lincoln and will make our country morally great again.