A new term: Femmocracy

Hello, dear readers, welcome back!  Today I want to focus on the mid-term election cycle and ask you to vote, without fail. I bring to you a new idea and a new word.  Femmocracy is the combination of the words feminine and democracy.  The whole phrase for this new idea is that femmocracy would usher in compassionate governance, something that I think is dearly needed in these modern times.

As a woman, I feel that I must find the women in Congress who will support the type of compassionate governance I imagine is possible in a Congress more evenly divided between the sexes. I have had a vision of how compassionate governance can be ushered into existence and it will take at least 50 Democratic women to replace Republican men, divided between the House and the Senate to make any kind of impact.  Even that won’t be an instant check and balance, but it is a start.

During the coming election cycles, we have to increase women politicians steadily so that we begin to reach a middle ground. Remember, there are 100 Senators and 435 Representatives in the U.S. Congress.

We need to have women of character who show us all a fearless role-model so that more women run for office in the future.  Women are the majority in the census of the United States and yet our current Congress only has 84 women (5%) in the House, and 23 serving in the Senate (4%). When the House or Senate is voting on any issue at all, it takes a certain percentage of votes to carry the win.  Even a vote up (yes) or down (no) has to have a certain percentage of their membership to agree before a bill becomes law.  In the case of the House of Representatives that number is 218 (a simple majority), and in the Senate, it is 51 if the Vice President is not present to break a tie of 50-50.

You can see the obvious problem here.  There is no fair representation of women in America.  Our issues are not the issues of Congress which is why so many bills have passed taking away support systems for women in our country.  Reduced are the supplements of income for those who cannot raise a family on what they earn.  Schools are not adequately financed.  War is overfunded.  Women are unable to get healthcare and “the pill” to keep from having unwanted pregnancies.

There are so many areas in the lives of women that are no longer funded or are deeply cut in funding. Then there is the issue of a woman’s right to choose an abortion.  The Republicans, backed by the evangelical coalitions have steadily superseded women’s rights by whittling down the necessary providers for women to freely choose to have a baby or not.  Clinics have been closed, doctors have been eliminated by these actions and women sometimes have to drive hundreds of miles in their state to get the help they need.  Is that fair?

Freedom is what our country was founded upon, and any sensible and compassionate person will stay out of another’s business when it comes to how women manage their bodies.  So even if you, my dear reader, disagree with this blog post, I ask you to consider life without true choice.  We should never be managed by another person or entity.  Think about that during this election cycle.  Is America a freedom loving country or not?

We need more women to run for local, state and national office.  I hope you know someone that you can urge to do just that if you are not interested.    And I hope that you will consider what a more compassionate government would look like to the citizens of this country who rely on “the good of the whole” to live a healthy and productive life.


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