Creating a Regenerative Culture

I just learned about the terms Regenerative Capitalism, and Regenerative Society.  I had to go to my dictionary because I wanted to understand exactly what the author of an article I was reading was alluding to, so here is the meaning of the word “regenerative”.

  • a being renewed, reformed,  reconstituted,  or restructured
  • a spiritual rebirth
  • a renewal or replacement of a body part as in the natural world when a lizard’s tail grows back because part of it is missing
  • A reformed system of capitalism fits in with what many of us believe must happen in order to provide a less precarious foundation that can bring us all to ruin when the new system is abused as we have seen several times during my lifetime.
  • 1973-74: stock market crash
  • 2002: stock market downturn during a recession
  • 2010 Flash Crash in May when the Dow dropped nearly 1000 points before a partial recovery
  • 2015 was the stock market sell-off of the dot-com bubble.

So a short critique about Regenerative Capitalism is the opposite of a worldwide economy, never supportive of human values as opposed to regenerative capitalism that supports the people and our planet ‘ala the suggestions by Paul Hawken and Amory Lovins.

Now I got all this information from a short article in KOSMOS quarterly (Winter 2015) and Wikipedia (Sept. 28, 18).   I know I am not an expert, but my heart resonates to this constructive restructuring of economics in our country at least.  The old Power-Over system vs the Power-With System described by Riane Eisler that can be found on Caring  Power-with is always empowering and that is part of the regenerative culture.

Everyday economics place us at the mercy of social and ecological collapse, not to mention what would happen if climate change reduced our coastlines to useless land and infrastructure due to rising sea levels already happening along our coastlines, but not yet severe enough to cause panic.  Said panic would drop the stock market instantly so it is obvious to me that we must reform our existing economic system.

Call it what you will, we are trusting those who have already proven that they are not trustworthy and only seek to enrich themselves.  Job one, so that every citizen is safe when (not if) we have another severe loss in the markets can be created from the mindset of Regenerative Capitalism, and I for one think that we should send out a call on the “People’s Express” for such experts to gather in a symposium as soon as humanly possible.  Why wait for the inevitable when we can be proactive.  Isn’t that part of the creed of Regenerative Capitalism?

I hope you find this little article interesting, even provocative because I am sending out the call for those who are excited about the potential changes we can make based upon a new economic model.  The old must be thrown out with the baby’s bathwater.  The baby must be allowed to grow up in a safer economic environment.

From my heart to yours… Rev. Cassandra Thomas Martin, independent New Thought Minister