Heaven on Earth

On April 7, 2012, I made a note to myself in a magazine that I was reading.  I wrote:

By manifesting our God Nature on earth we co-create heaven on earth. 

This was not one of my odd-ball thoughts because at the time I was writing a ministerial website called God-In-Action and I frequently spoke about the modern interpretation of co-creating a new heaven on earth.  I also had a radio show that was devoted to sacred science and was named after my new book,  The “Multiple You” Universe: sacred science for the 21st century.  Because I didn’t work at the time I was able to fulfill my dreams to write about spiritual issues that I felt passionately about.

When just recently on a community call one of the women I cherish said that she could sum up her idea of Keepership in a simple phrase, I really listened.  She said, and I only paraphrase, “I believe that we are here to wake up and create a new heaven on earth”.    Earlier during another call with the same group, and before my friend had awakened us to her Keepership we were asked by our Moderator to ask everyone we met during the following week the same question:  What is your Keepership?

However, this assumes that everyone knows what you are talking about.  Until I had met the people in this community, I had never heard the word Keepership.  Yet, when asked, I knew instantly what my passion in life has been about so I thought, “oh, this is what they mean.”  That is when I publicly volunteered that my Keepership would be “Compassionate Governance”;  in other words, I saw a need for restructuring our government social sector to lean in toward “we the people” instead of away from us, as is the current direction.  And, might I add, a direction that makes anyone other than a 1-percenter have to have a support system of social programs to help them and their children stay afloat.

So now I would describe Keepership as this:  What, in your most enlightened moments of contemplation, do you dream of for yourself? What would you do if you were living your best life?  This question will oftentimes bring you to your true passion.  Many people have keeperships based upon an evocative emotion.  Many people are keepers of social systems, as defined by Barbara Marx Hubbard, such as mine.  Others of us know that we are willing to identify our keepership, but it has not yet really shown up in a big-time way.   For God’s sake, we want the trumpets to blow and a rousing cheer from the peanut gallery.  Are you old enough to even know what a peanut gallery is?  These among us wisely wait for theirs to show up, and when it does it is usually in a flash of intuition.  You do know that I was only kidding about the trumpets and cheering, right?

As a writer, although not a professional writer at age 15, I wrote poetry and I really loved Bob Dylan’s music because it was stanza after stanza of a call to wake up and get in line to protest the 1970s Vietnam war.  My brain had not yet fully grasped the subtleties of why a war was something countries did to each other. I’m not sure I know even now, at 69 years of age.

You see, I believe in working through problems, not acting in the manner of our latest president whose name I won’t speak until he’s gone! My Heaven on earth today would be a complete change of leadership in this country because it is the system that is broken and we need to get rid of those who have corrupted it over the past few decades.  Death takes care of the oldest of those who rigged the system in politics, but we need more people Like Kucinich, who yearly floats a bill to establish a Department of Peace, or at least he used to.

What if the people of this country were less complacent, and also less ready to jump the gun and attack anyone whose opinion isn’t their own.  I guess that is why I am ready to start a business based upon the social model of a conversation salon.  I live in central Texas.  It won’t be easy to find people who want to show up a few times a month to add their ideas to those of a liberal, but maybe I can hide that for a while.  Who am I kidding?  I open my mouth and within ten minutes you know I’m firmly entrenched on the left of the political divide.

And yet… I have a dream.  It is built upon the concept of heaven on earth, but may not be as literal.  I’ve been doing public issues forums, and events to get people to register to vote since 2001.  I’m ready to train my facilitators, who I hope will be in it for at least a few years because good conversations are important to any society.  The salons developed in Europe during the Age of Enlightenment.  I think we can learn from their desire to have civil discourse and to create a new environment where all are safe to speak their own truth.

Here are the “rules” of public guided conversations:

  1. Speak once and wait until everyone at your table gets to speak before you speak again.  We don’t want anyone to monopolize “airtime”.
  2. There is a 3-minute time limit and you should take notes if you need reminders of what you want to say in response to another’s point of view.
  3. If you do not want to speak, just say “pass”.  You can always get back in line with a raised hand and your facilitator will bring you in during the next pause.
  4. Facilitators help us keep conversations on track so do, please, be respectful to them
  5. Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.  This is not the place for a debate, it is public deliberation about important subjects.
  6. Always speak for yourself, not for others.  The people at your table are all individuals and we ask everyone to speak from your personal experience.
  7. If you are offended by someone’s comments, say so and say why.  It is never okay to stereotype, or use vulgar language when addressing each other.
  8. You can disagree with the point of view expressed but do not personalize it.  Confrontation is never acceptable.

Please contact me if you are interested in coming to Copperas Cove, TX or Killeen, TX or Temple, TX during the month of October prior to Mid-Term elections.  I have a room with 150 seat capacity and it would be great to kick off the launch in Copperas Cove with friendly faces, or friends of friends.  You get the idea.  Oh, I need facilitators that I can train.  That part only takes a couple of hours.

What have I gotten myself into?  Heaven on Earth.