Peace After the Storm

Hello, everyone, on this incredible Sunday after the storms have passed. Many are alive on the Eastern seaboard in the states worst hit by Hurricane Florence. The people there will need help to glue their shattered lives back together again, as in homes wrecked, goods and autos lost.

But there is so much more to this story, and that is the story of those who consistently reach out to help in ways small and big simply because they are neighbors in the neighborhood or neighboring state rescue units. This is our country at its best. Don’t forget this during the coming days as the clean-up continues. Don’t listen to those who boldly claim accountability for the work of others. We, the People are the ones who come to the aid of countrymen. We, the Life Savers are the ones who risk life and limb for those who are terrified and so close to death without their special training and skills.

Today, I give thanks to anyone who reached out a hand to help other Americans, regardless of cultural differences or where they were originally born. We are one when it comes to our skin and bones, no one different in the eyes of the Holy. May Peace be upon you and yours and ours and theirs, for in truth, peace is the ultimate rescue unit in the land. Rev. Cassandra