When we are deeply flawed

…like the current U.S. President; and we do not see our government (meaning Congress) stand against his stupidity and his continued, willful alienation of our allies; it is hard to practice forgiveness for him and his cronies.  My heart tells me that Trump’s past is catching up to him and that he is crazy scared.   I  do believe that he will eventually be held accountable, but in the meantime life for those of us without a golden parachute is scary, too.

My life has been such that I cannot believe I am still alive, and for that I thank my guardian angels because I have put myself in harm’s way with thoughtless abandon.  During the early 1990s I began practicing forgiveness of those who had pushed me against a wall so that I had nowhere to run.  Slowly my shadow began to clear. I loved the St. Germain Foundation teachings begun in the 1920s and that is where I started to do my personal healing.  I began to see the patterns that distorted my view of myself and the world.  When I began to forgive myself I realized that forgiveness is just one step forward.

Now, it is doubtful that someone like Trump would think about forgiveness as positive. When, not if, he is held accountable for his corrupt business practices he will likely feel that it is unfair that he is singled out.  Trump has become a victim to his darker nature, that part of him that secretly enjoys being able to humiliate others because he feels better about himself when he lashes out at others.  He may even be paranoid. 

Certainly, he is a flawed human being. Sadly, there are few in our Congress who are willing to make him accountable for the stupidity of his choices on the global stage. Tragically, he is going to take so many of us down with him.  Think about it.  It’s the people who suffer under poor and dishonest leadership.

Why should we forgive him, you might ask?  It is simple.  We become complicit in his destruction if we do not and that will have the energy to pull the United States of America into another depression; or we will feel abused and our hearts will harden against those who make us feel like victims even when we are not.  We don’t have to understand why this point in time is what it is.  Simply know that we are and we have to choose, individually, how we are going to cope.

As much as I dislike everything I have seen this man be a party to I am going to forgive him for his personality flaws, and his lack of vision, and his unwillingness to accept that he cannot act like a King in America.  King’s don’t necessarily confer with their attendants before making a decision.  That is what eventually led to the demise of this antiquated system. King Trump will never be real, just a fantasy in his mind. However much he loves the thought, some day he is going to be knocked off his throne.   Those who supported him for whatever reason will also fall from grace.

His story isn’t  necessarily one of judgement so much as a cautionary tale. Judgement, too, poisons those who engage it.  I believe that Trump can’t help himself anymore.  His life has been a lie, the lies are catching up to him and still he persists in believing that he is great at everything he touches.  He is delusional, but like a working drunk, he is still able (barely) to rally his loyal sycophants and pretend that he is working toward the good of the whole.

Dear Hearts,

The collective energy of resistance comes through our forgiveness of his personal flaws, though they be many. Consider that if we put a positive energy into the office of the president, as an example, it may help drive him out of office.  We do not have to attack him as he does to others.  We can empower his office with positive attributes like:  honesty, partnership, power-with instead of over people, expose corruption, release evil intention…you see where I am going.

Let’s turn this situation around and bless us all in the process.  Namaste.