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I want to tell you how I get my information, as full disclosure is important.  I am not experienced enough to bring you the highlights of what is going on behind the political scenes, but Rachel Maddow on MSNBC does each weekday evening and I pay attention to her because she is highly educated, and has been doing news for quite a long time.  In addition, she provides information that gives her audience what only she can give, background information, proof if there is a doubt, and she apologizes if she gets something wrong.  I like that.  She’s human, but she’s also professional.  At 15 I wanted to be a writer for a national newspaper.  Maybe I’m fan crushing on her.  Don’t care.  Here is what she shared with us Tuesday evening.

What Congress can do to get us out of the mess our president has made in the past two weeks:

  1.  Did anyone know that the Cyber Security Chief had been fired on Trump’s watch?  This was done one month before the beginning of the mid-term election cycle began.  Isn’t that odd?  Here we are having been hacked by Russia starting when Trump was still on the campaign trail; Russia’s 12 spies, all trained cyber hackers, have recently been indicted by our Justice Department, and this week another one was arrested for conspiracy (see #11).  But isn’t it curious that Trump wanted the Cyber Security Chief gone and that the position hasn’t been filled since?  Congress should consider investigating this series of events and follow the timeline to our recent legal tangles with Russia.
  2. Nobody knows exactly what was said during that two-hour meeting between Trump and Putin but there was an American interpreter there.  Shouldn’t Congress at least call her in to see what she may remember?  Related to this, this week a supposed agreement between Trump and Putin regarding a campaign evidence for/against Syria was broadcast in Russia by Putin.  No one here, except Trump had a clue that this had been discussed.  As usual, our president was off-the-cuff and fast to shoot his own foot when asked by the press about this new development.  Shouldn’t Congress demand to know what the President and Putin discussed during an Executive Session?
  3. In March of this year we have proof that Russian cyber teams were sniffing around our energy sectors, which could disable us if they were to penetrate any of the existing systems that are lifelines to the citizens of this country; not to mention the danger inherent in hacking any of our nuclear plants live systems.  Surely that deserves an investigation by Congress.  They know the full scope of the hacking probe and they do nothing to ensure a breach cannot occur?
  4. You may remember that Pres. Trump agreed to cease joint military exercise’s with Korea after visiting Leader Kim, but did you know that Vladimir Putin has been pushing for that same thing?  Another example of Trump acting in conjunction with the wishes of the Russian dictator, Putin is  the next issue, #5.
  5. While on the NATO, and England trip and without consultation with anyone else in his government, Trump announced in front of cameras and news crews that he thinks Russia should be allowed back into NATO, creating the conference of G8 again.  He did not consult with his security team about this. Of course, Putin has been lobbying for this with Trump each time they communicate, and who knows how many times they have and the world just hasn’t heard of their tight relationship?   Surely Congress should have members take a meeting with the president and warn him of talking off the cuff anymore.  But have they?  Not that we know about.  
  6. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner had a meeting with a sanctioned bank out of Russia, which is illegal and yet Congress has not taken steps to bring Jared in to have him disclose why he took such a drastic, and known illegal step.
  7. On Tuesday a Democrat Senator asked to suspend the current business at hand and focus on calling an Executive Session regarding evidence that has been mentioned in one of the filings from the Justice Dept. in order to clarify what this evidence might be.  But the Democrat was denied.
  8. Recently a congressman asked for and received incriminating information that could be used against his opponent, information that had been hacked by the Russians.  This stolen information was given to the unnamed Congressman.  Shouldn’t Congress begin an investigation into finding out who this man or woman is?  What was done is against the law.
  9. Election security for the upcoming Nov. 2018 mid-terms needs to be enhanced and money needs to be made available to every state so that we have a chance of no interference in our next cycle of elections.  Congress hasn’t agreed to discuss this subject yet.  I’m not sure if it’s on the docket, but it is worth a call to make sure that it get’s on the docket in time to protect our elections.
  10.  Trump’s brand new team at the White House began on day one to strategize how to get sanctions lifted from Russia.  Day One!  And over the year+ he’s been in office Trump has shown deferential treatment for all things Putin.  Surely that is something that should be discussed in Congress?
  11.  But this last one is the kicker for me:  Just this week the Treasury Department has made a new rule regarding the donors to the NRA.  They use to have to report each donor and the amount, but after coming back from Helsinki and after the Justice Department filed a new subpoena against a Russian female spy who was working on behalf of the NRA and taking orders from her handler, in Russia; guess who could now use the NRA to funnel illegal money into America during election cycles to support the candidates Putin believes may be positioned to help Russia’s agenda take place?

Here is a short lead into your phone call that may help you to feel comfortable calling your Senator or Representative.

Hello.  Senator/Representative ___________ serves my area and I would like to know his position on  (choose from one of the above or your own area of concern). Please connect me to the staffer who is most familiar with the Senator/Representative’s position on this subject.

Big Thank You to Bob of Bob/Noel who shared with us his best way to get the attention of his legislators.  HUGS to you both!