Social change takes place when we move from thought to action in ways small and large

I am so grateful today.  Let me tell you why.  I am privileged to be part of  The Milagro World Center Community.  Here is what co-founder Nina Patrick says about their community:

We are a deeply connected community space For Co-Creative Visionary Leaders~Stewards of an Emerging, New World~ Messengers of an Evolving Culture.  Each weekly call is a strong thread in the fabric of our growing community.  Join Us! 

We are on Facebook and I encourage my readers to go to this page: The Milagro World Center Community.

Sign  up to join our weekly calls and I believe you will not regret it.  We are a warm and welcoming diverse group of people of all ages and histories who share the spiritual belief that we all have a purpose in our lives, and we seek to become the best people that we can be and thereby live a life that is a blessing to all.

This group is an inspiration to me every week, and as I grow stronger in my commitment to them, theirs in turn grows toward me.  We are currently discussing how each of us might want to consider supporting people and projects  in the world who are serving toward the good of the whole.  

Our country is experiencing a push-pull of emotions since the onset of our new president’s term.  It has been my honor to provide my readers with the names of social action groups and their contact pages with the belief that each of us has a moment when we simply must speak up, or write a letter, or protest with others regarding an intolerable policy, such as the zero tolerance immigration policy which has been an abomination of causal suffering for parents and children alike.

Toward my goal, today I want to offer you another few websites for groups I have stumbled upon, almost literally.  I search the web for communities who are devoted to the healing of our broken social systems, as defined initially by Barbara Marx Hubbard, but not limited to her wise council.  I personally am devoted to co-creating with others actions which push back against unfair government policy and legislation across the land. 

I am very clear that “we the people” can create enough pressure on our congressmen and congresswomen to push them off their complacency and write law toward the goal of reform.  Over the past several decades corruption has all but stifled creative problem solving.  We need fresh voices, and committed people to rethink and envision a healthier government that can work for everyone!


Thank you, my friends and followers.  Your heart and civic mindset separates you from those who are contributing to the problem instead of becoming a valued part of the solution.  May peace be upon you and your  social service be rewarded.