Say yes, yes yes!

I AM coming to the conclusion that all of us are witnesses to what have been called evolutionary drivers by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Simply said these drivers are crises, both global and local, that make us step up to create solutions to change the situations and conditions which made these crises in the first place.  As I watch the news, I like cable MSNBC and Rachel Maddow, I may still have a moment of pause and slip in a downward direction but I am coming to peace that it is necessary for all of humanity to see each crisis as it arises in order for us to cocreate solutions that bless humankind. We, as a society, have to change because it is obvious to the masses that the current suffering is unbearable for long.

When I heard the voices of the children separated from their parents that had been smuggled out of the detention building it made me sad. I felt the reactive change coming a few days into the zero tolerance border policy because I believed that other Americans were not going to let our government continue such inhumane policy, the collective and emotional reaction to that tape did its job and with one voice we began to shame the politicians and the president who had approved such a barbaric tactic as a means to discourage people from seeking asylum.  This episode in our history will be known as an evolutionary driver in that it spoke to our hearts that something was very, very wrong with our government and we had to say so out loud, so as not to be silenced.  Even Trump, who usually doubles down on everything he says and does had to reverse his position because of the volume of our outcry. 

Asylum is an ancient practice, a compassionate practice, and I am grateful for all of the spiritual practitioners who come to the aid of  those in need, even if there are consequences like going against company policy to expose corporate corruption. I am sure you can think back over the years and find many examples of how reporters were given information that the public needed to know in order to stop the pollution of chemical dumping, or leaked papers from within the government because plans were surfacing to undermine our democracy. 

Watergate comes to my mind because I studied it in a news writer’s class at Los Angeles City Collage, and we are currently in a cycle of investigation that may produce another such crisis with Trump at the center.  Time will tell. And time never runs out so keep your mind open and take whatever action you feel is called for when and if such an evolutionary driver occurs again, so soon after this last one.  What they are telling us is that our government is broken.  What we need to tell our government is that we will stand against those who think they are above the law.

It seems to me that time is accelerating at the same time it is moving us toward radical change.  I am using the word radical change as Colin Tipping did in his book, Radical Forgiveness.  He helped his readers understand that when anything happened that truly upset you, or caused you to blame another human being for your set of circumstances that you have a choice to make.  You can try forgiveness, but if you have been traumatized, forgiveness is slow to come because at some level you still feel victimized.  Or you can use radical forgiveness and understand that you are not a victim.  Your Soul and the Soul of the “other” are cocreating an opportunity for one or both of you to have a deep healing experience.  I don’t know about you but I wanted to break my self-destructive patterns, those from childhood through my life to the present have all been looked at but some of them have not yet been healed fully.  

For instance: It was hard for me to acknowledge that my husband and I could no longer be together because we had given each other everything we had spiritually agreed to partner in the other.  It wasn’t the “other” woman who broke us apart.  We had simply gotten as close to our shared healing as we were going to in this lifetime.  I used to think I still loved him but I now know that I still loved the dream we had cocreated when we first got together.  C’est la vie.  So is life.  Now I have an open heart to share with another partner and I am more comfortable showing that person who I am.

And one more thing, I love myself more now than ever before in my life.  I’m a radical thinker, and I am willing to do my share to help humanity rebirth itself; I’m full of ideas for creative systems change and I am looking for the right group to be a member.  I am a sacred activist, an independent New Thought Minister, and an elder sister to my family.

So now I have one more thing to ask:  who are  you?  Can you say yes to whatever shows up for you to do in order to help cocreate a better society?  Can you say yes to those who need your strength when they need to be lifted up in spirit?  You are probably saying yes to yourself as you read this last sentence because this blog post only reaches those who are ready to say yes, yes, yes!

Bless you, one and all.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.