This is Zero Hour

Political Gender Parade

Dear hearts, don’t let the title of this post alarm you.  It is taken from a group of millennials who are organizing a march about the serious environmental issues we face on July 21st in Washington, D.C. You can find out more on their webpage:

Because World Water Day was last month and there has been progress in cleaning up the ocean trash, I wanted to stick with the theme of sacred activism for this post.  You can go to to catch up on what makes this group special.

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be an activist, especially a sacred activist.  Although the two are closely related the latter comes from within us when we know that everything is sacred: the environment, human rights, and spiritual freedoms for example.

The Global Community of Visionary Co-Creative Leaders is a group that I belong to and want to recommend to anyone who wants to hear two moderators who are skilled and able to empower the group members. There is a weekly call that is free. I encourage you to go to the website at:  I want to address your potential today so that you can think about your role in this world, and your responsibility to the people in it. Everything in life is give and take isn’t it. Yes, it is cause and effect.

Conscious leadership is a powerful tool to have in your life. Now, I can hear some of you turning  off, thinking “I don’t want to be a leader, I’m much happier contributing when and where I choose.” So I have a surprise for you.  You are already influencing people, and that is one of the most important things a leader does.

If you have been curious enough to go to some of the websites I’ve been posting for your convenience, you may have found a group that you can passionately respond to; and passion is another trait of leadership.  Some of us participate because we know the value of building relationships and we are happier when we have a community of like-minded souls.  Community of like-minded people is very important for anyone’s mental health. People usually think of churches first, don’t they.

As a minister I know that my role in leadership is to care for your tender heart as you wade into the waters of sacred activism.  Does that sound strange to you?  It probably does to other ministers, too.  So then, let me explain why I feel passionately about this shift in consciousness.

When I was a member of the Unitarian Universalist church in Tahlequah, OK, we had a social justice group and I headed the meetings at our church.  I taught them how to engage in study-circle groups, how to come to consensus about a project and how to steward the group toward completion of our task. I loved doing it because I was teaching them by example to respect the needs of the other people in service to a cause.

I see miracles happen when people empower themselves.  I hope that you will find your miracle.  We know there is suffering in the world.  We know that there are groups that are working toward a better future for all of us.  Won’t you consider joining us?  Try the Visionary Co-Creative Leader’s call first and then I hope you will get back to me and let me know how you felt about the call. There is a place at the bottom of each post for comments.

Let’s sit at the same table and share a meal of loving good will.  There is always a chair for you at this table.  And I am here posting information that I hope will go to your heart and help you take the first step, if you haven’t already, to becoming a sacred activist.

I send you loving good will, and peace to you and yours.  Rev. Cassandra