One World in Dialogue

I love the concept of one world engaging in dialogue as a means to cocreate and inform everyone, to bear witness as they say, regarding healing the pain we as the human race have allowed to be inflicted upon others around the world.

On June 1st you can participate in the Global Dialogue Lab.  There are two options, zoom in or call in.  I’m going to call at 10 am central time; and if you go to their webpage you’ll be given the information you need to decide if you want to join in the conversation. Just click here before the event:

This post is not a paid advertisement for them.

I often share websites that speak to issues I personally resonate with, such as Colin Tipping’s 5-stage process to heal relationships called Radical Forgiveness.  I liked his process so much that I used it as a template during a Sunday Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Center of Light.  Radical has been around for a while and it can be applied personally, or as a 5-step process to explore healing the people who’ve been caught in the net of terrorism and suffered at the oppressor’s hands.  What I love about Colin’s work is that he speaks of the power of restitution, wherein the ones who have done the atrocious acts return and take responsibility to care for the family’s who have been affected by their violence.  The whole community experiences relief from the burden of their hatred for the “enemy”.  The title of one of his worksheets is: “Making Room for the Miracle”.

And so beloved readers and fellow sacred activists, may peace be upon you and yours.  May you be patient with one another when it is a challenge. And may you forgive those who have hurt your feelings.  Remember that everyone we know helps us learn to improve our relationships. We will never heal the people of the nations of our planet if we don’t seriously engage in constructive dialogue.  I hope you take advantage of tomorrow’s event.

Three more events will take place on: June 7th, June 21st, and June 24th.  Check it out.

Rev. Cassandra Martin