Update on Volcano

Deadly lava, and additional tears in the earth are rising. Hawaiians now have 22 vents and lava bombs are another dangerous aspect to this volcano.  This feels to me like a major birthing of the chain of islands in Hawaii.

As you know I am someone who seeks to see the bigger energy picture about everything.  I see this cycle as ultimately positive, but painful, as in the birth process.  We are birthing our planet. Sadly homes are burning, people are getting hurt, and the immediate tourist future for the Hawaiian islands is impacted.

Dear hearts, prayers are lovely but think about what you can do to help cancel some of the bad karma of The United States.  Action is called for here.  Everything coming out of our current administration is tearing down the security of democracy.  Like a volcano, there is insecurity for everyone who isn’t rich, and powerful.  The safety net established by other presidents is being shredded.  Each week there is another loss of something we citizens need to survive in this world.

If there was ever a time to become a sacred activist, it is now.  I recommend you look at the wheel of co-creation from Barbara Marx Hubbard’s work and look at the 12 social sectors.  Where does your heart resonate the most?  Ask what you can do.  Then do it.

Start small if you are not experienced.  The “blue wave” as Democrats are calling it is swelling across our nation in elections.  That’s a good thing, but we may need a three party system.  Bernie Sanders is an Independent.  We saw what happened when he mobilized citizens.  He unleashed the dreams sensible people have cherished as the American Dream and the time is now to push back against this government.

The volcano is a natural event.  We have to wait until its cycle is done.  But “We the People” are a force that is powerful and if we energize, and socialize together, we can cocreate another American Dream.

I hope you think about this and share your thoughts with your friends.  Coalitions are created by the need for social change.  Thank you.

From my heart to yours, Namaste.  Rev. Cassandra