Elemental Hell

This is the story of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, as reported by Heidi Chang, 4/28/18 in an article for the L.A. Times.  For those of you who do not understand the devastation nor the reality of climate change, pay attention. The National Weather Service reported that nearly 50 inches of rain fell in 24 hours.  Now fast forward to the recent volcanic Kilauea eruptions emitting dangerous fumes, from 15 new fissures that stretch over just short of three miles.  Earthquakes continue, as you would expect from any powerful eruption of a boiling cauldron of lava.   And, although it is true that people who live near volcanoes know the risks, it is still terrifying when two such powerful weather conditions occur so close together.

Scientists warned citizens that the rain deluge was something new, an extreme rainfall that would normally come when the atmosphere gets warmer. This is a description of climate change, the warming of the earth and the reaction of elements to this new reality.   Man made disasters are one thing, natural disasters are another.  Hurricanes, Cyclones, Tornadoes, Rain, Flooding, and Volcanos cannot be stopped.  Man cannot control weather or undo the damages to the environment, and losses of life that have occurred because when we were first warned about the potential of climate change, we as a people did not push back against those who were doing the worst damage and refusing to believe in the future of doom.

So, enough about natural and not-so-natural weather related disasters.  Now let’s look at what is happening during the current White House regime take-over.  I was reading an article and something caught my eye that alarmed me.  The news was that Trump was going to decrease the size of our national monuments and parks and make way for oil and gas drilling on lands that, in some cases, were sacred to our First Peoples, and would interfere with the public’s enjoyment of nature’s splendor as Teddy Roosevelt originally intended when he dedicated several parks to the people.

We know that Yellowstone National Park is overdue to explode.  The caldera’s that are part of the old volcano are active again in that land is rising from the pressure of the volcano gathering strength.  We’ve seen reports over the past decade that speak to what looks like a future eruption because scientists have been carefully recording all of the preceding signs of an eruption.   A potential future for anyone living in the northwestern United States, and into the central states as well is frightening.  The same fear plagues those who live near the San Andreas fault lines, and other fault lines throughout our country.  We do live in a hostile world, but unlike those who could legislate limits to the chemical agents, drilling, and carbon emissions to gain us more time to eliminate the problems that build the likely hood of catastrophes around the world, they do nothing good at all.

Lastly, the ice melts are already raising ocean levels and our brothers and sisters in island communities are going to need to be rescued sooner than later.  Imagine if Bear’s Ear Monument was a temporary sanctuary instead of  land ruined by the mining, and drilling process?  Other parks could also help our neighbors survive as sanctuaries in a worse-case scenario.  Our legislators are short thinking.  And did I mention they were greedy?  Are you watching the news about Trump’s son speaking to foreign heads of state regarding bank loans to save Trump’s real estate problems?  I won’t go further because there is still more legal discovery to be accomplished and Special Investigator Mr.Mueller III hasn’t closed his investigation yet.   My point here is that we cannot trust our leaders to do what is good for the whole of our nation and its people.  That means we must begin to take action that will guide us forward if we want to survive and create a world built upon love and compassion.

It has always been my hope that governance could become compassionate.  I am a Sacred Activist for that very reason.

Now I want to tell you about EarthJustice.org

Earth Justice is a nonprofit environmental law organization and they just won the case against the Canadian/American sludge pipeline by proving that several legal issues made the case unjustifiable, or some other such legalese.  The Indigenous Peoples do not have to worry about their aquifer being damaged beyond repair.  That’s one for the good guys.

I hope that you will look around  your state and see if there are obvious problems like Superfund sites (chemicals in water flows, and nuclear poisoned earth, or illegal dumping when the companies are supposed to, or are court ordered to restore these sites to safety levels again.  I am only one small person and I need you to bring to the forefront the neglect of our government to insist and punish companies and corporations who have not care about your safety in the past and will likely continue to break eco laws.  When you find such a Superfund, please contact Earth Justice and see if they are working on a solution.  If not, ask them to consider suing the businesses involved.  We must all remain vigilant and not assume that we do not have options to help make something right that has gone terribly wrong in our country.

Thank you, dear hearts, for reading this article.  And thank you for whatever action you will take to keep our legal system engaged in restoring land, water, and air safe for our children and their children.

Rev. Cassandra Martin, independent New Thought minister