Talking is good, but deep listening is better!

I know that the most important relationships I have had and will have all shared one thing in common.  We got to know each other well because we spent time together talking; and we went deep once we knew we could trust one another.  I remember an exercise in grade-school that was designed to teach us a powerful lesson, and it did.  You have likely heard of the whisper-circle.  It is called by many names and the game starts with the teacher whispering something in a student’s ear.  That student whispers in the next student’s ear what she heard her teacher say.  This whispered message gets passed along to the lst student in the circle and he or she speaks the secret out loud.  It never fails that the whole room breaks into laughter because the teacher looks very surprised.  Then she tells us all what it was she said.  You have already guessed that the end result is nothing like the one the teacher started.

Being childless I don’t know if they still do this lesson in class to impress upon the students that it is important to listen very carefully in order to get the message right.  Nor do I know if teachers teach their students speech etiquette, but I can guess that it is not on the modern curriculum.  There are still vicious rumors that are circulated about children on the internet and worse.  You’ve heard these stories, and I truly hope you have not had a child who has committed suicide because they felt their life was ruined forever.  Children and teens are still developing important segments of their brains and therefore are not able to use discernment with reliability.  The problem is that we learn most of what we are going to need socially in highschool and college. Once we enter the workforce competition gets more demanding and we are so rushed to finish deadlines that our listening skills can become skewed.

There is one great way to stay in the center of all the good you want to create when you realize, like Buckminster Fuller did, that creating small things for the world to have a better life satisfies us more than working for conglomerates that are more interested in using the world to further their bottom line.  He wasn’t born knowing the importance of managing money, he learned by making mistakes, but his intention to move ahead and take the world with him in a more peaceful, and eco-friendly way was part of his ultimate message, and gift,  to us.  He heard the whisper correctly the first time and, with no distortions.  Google him if you don’t know his works already.  You will be amazed by the quality of his life.

This short little reminder is to encourage you to find groups to join and to listen deeply when you find those that align with your vision of your future.  As a minister and an author who also loves photography and gardening I have plenty of places that I can look into to find people who have similar interests.   Most online groups are easy to find.  The only point I want to stress here is that it is better for your mental health if you choose groups that are not spewing hate-speech, or claiming to be superior to the rest of us for some reason believed only by them.

Living in a world run-mad by politicians and poisoned by conglomerates seeking the dollar instead of the preservation of our natural resources is stressful to your mind, heart and body.  For me, I want to be part of the solutions to the problems of my generation.  I believe it is my job to help restructure social sectors that have become corrupt because my generation was more interested in being left alone by those who didn’t live the same type of life style.  We turned our back on what was happening because it as too painful to see the failures resulting after wars that were supposed to protect us from big bombs and chemical warfare.

I have found several groups that I love and I want to share them with you.  Most can be found on Facebook, but I want to give you the links so you can just click it and listen in to one of the calls.  We listen deeply to one another.  We are respectful of one another.  We seek to find people who want to support projects we believe in, or to support theirs because it is a great new vision for the healing of our planet.  There are thousands of Bucky Fuller’s in the world.  The geodesic domes he designed way before people thought of living gently on the land are a mainstay in architectural design for having a smaller carbon footprint.

Here are my faves:

Global Communion of Pioneering Souls:  email is

“Global Community of Co-Creative Visionary Leaders”, and another call entitled “Calling in the Field of the Miraculous”:  both run by the Milagro World Center, co founded by Nina Patrick and Joseph F. Rosado.  The center is located in Panama.  Email:  Nina is based in the U.S.

Global Heart Resonance, “Call to Wholeness”, Shelly Darling is found online at Good of the   These calls take place on Mondays.  – This organization is currently offering free classes to help you decide if you want to be an activist for indigenous peoples, and more.  Worth the visit.

Lastly, I ask you to share this website when you can:

As people with good hearts begin to recreate the web, each of us has a role.  I am a Sacred Activist, and a communicator for those whose voices have been stolen from them.  I believe that government should be guided by compassionate leaders who want to serve the good of the whole.

Let us all share who we are and where we are.  We have awakened to the calling of the future.  If you think there is a way you would benefit from joining any of these groups, please do visit them.