Progress with Optimism

Progress with Optimism

Optimism is a political act, says Alex Steffen; cynicism is obedience.  Think about that for a moment and ask yourself what it will take to empower optimism into your world view. Most of us would not associate the concept of optimism with political action but there are  more people who are involved in creating social change in our country than I’ve seen in my lifetime.  That’s why I found his article fascinating. 

Alex is a futurist with many books: Carbon Zero, Heroic Future; and The Nearly Now.  You can also check out a few new website recommendations here:

By the way, are you tired of petitions that ask for donations after you’ve signed for a worthy cause?  Yeah, me too. I’ve begun going to their website and asking them to include an opt out button.  Simply by signing we are adding value to their website.  If you are like me you are on a fixed income.  I can no longer make generous donations to causes that touch my heart, mind and soul.  What we citizens can do is powerful and it should count equally with dollars.  Try letting them know what you think about opting out of a donation.  Little steps like this get you into the habit of civic involvement.  Easy, right?  How many more petitions will you sign once they change policy?  Those petitions flood the offices of those who need to know of an objection we have to a policy they are enacting.  When the good of the whole is engaged, optimism expands.

When optimism expands, we rewrite the story of the World Soul.

My last article spoke about a new story, and I mentioned the World Soul.  This isn’t my personal realization so much as the collective informing many of us that a new story is necessary and we are currently writing our future.  The term World Soul would never have manifested in the 4th century, for instance.  Humanity was not ready to move past the limitation of beliefs long held regarding the hierarchy of man under the power of a Deity. 

In the 21st century we are scientifically proving that consciousness isn’t a brain exercise.  It exists at the subatomic level.  We understand now that oneness is not just an idea, but a reality because all of us are affected by the global domino effect. The interplay of  consciousness and the created is so dynamic while the old story keeps us in a paradigm of suffering, which is no longer necessary.  Really.  If we consciously choose to write a better story together we can make it real.

We can choose to believe that “things will never change”, in fact our leaders hope we will continue to believe this because in the past it has allowed them to control our resistance to suffering.  

According to Alex Steffen, political cynicism is obedience to this power-over cycle. I am sure of one thing, however, and it is this: people are waking up, planning resistance against authorities who are privileged because we are paying the bulk of the debt they are creating.  Actually, it is our grandchildren who will still be paying off the debt of today. We must stop the current behavior that creates waste and financial indebtedness.

It is time for us to make progress if we want to live to see a time in the future where governance (as an example) is compassionate instead of greedily demanding more from those who have less. And that, dear hearts, is the beginning of the story of why there is a World Soul. 

Left to our individual devices, many of us would not suddenly become optimistic about the future.  There are to many examples that the opposite is true but that does not mean that we cannot create an environment of social change and have a positive impact on the world, overall.  Yes, setbacks happen when a civilization begins to break the bonds of their masters.  Now is the time to empower “the people”, and put restrictions upon those in government who don’t follow the rules, who have created a corrupt system, and encourages career politicians, something that looks nothing like the Statesman envisioned by our founding fathers. 

My personal disgust goes to the lobbyists,  in my opinion they are the single biggest scourge in our political system.  I would love to outlaw them.  Would you join a group that could write law that could accomplish this feat?

That’s optimism in action.

The system of lobbying is what is dangerous, and I know that many good things have resulted because someone lobbied a positive change in society.  The system is broken.  We must start again.  Instead of lobbyists paying for what they want via campaign contributions, let’s make that  illegal.  Now we’ve killed two birds with one stone:

1.) politicians cannot associate with lobbyists and

2.) there are no longer unfair advantages for candidates who do not receive the same amount of financial support).

Are you shaking your head at my naivety? I know any politician who read this story would say, “oh yeah? and who would vote for such a change to our system?” 

That’s the beauty of democracy.  The Supreme Court can undo Citizens vs United if the case is rewritten and goes through the system until it reaches SCOTUS.  This means politicians don’t get to vote on the issue.

The use of the Electoral System is not written in indelible ink.  Do you know that quite a few states already have laws on the book that allow them to choose not to participate in the electoral college system?  States can bypass congress in this regard.  Citizens could begin to push back for popular vote only.

You might be surprised at how much power is given to the state governments.  Of course there is corruption there, too, but let’s just consider that creative problem solving can begin to balance the uneven scales of justice when our best minds sit down together.  By that, I mean you and your fellow citizens.   As America goes, so will other countries around the world who are currently at the mercy of dictators and corrupt government.  We are all one people when you strip away the cultural differences.

Dear Hearts, the World Soul is the composite of the consciousness of its people. 

How many of you have felt the energy shifting but not yet seen anything manifested that has made you happy to be alive?  Hang out with my friends and you’ll realize that there is a quickening happening in America. Visit the websites I’ve been sharing this year.  People are visiting these sites and it’s like a second revolution only there won’t be guns.  Part of this quickening is a resolution to bring balance back into daily life and the elimination of power-over politics which has been corrupted and is causing tremendous financial suffering in our country.  

You are the World Soul.  I am the World Soul.  We are not helpless.  We can be optimistic instead of pessimistic if we choose to look forward with eyes that see a future of well-being for all the people of the world.

Thank you, beloveds for joining my table today.  Your seat is always here.  Bring a guest next time.  There’s  plenty of soul food to go around.