Sacred Activists, Come on In

Sacred Activists, Come on In

Even when so much is happening around us and in our own lives, there are times we are best served by getting out of our way.  An example of this is when we think we have a plan, we are working the plan and something outside of our control gets in the way of our deadline.  This recently happened to me.

I’m a fan of the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC because she verifies her news sources and is thorough about the information she reports.  If she does misspeak or makes a mistake on air she mentions it on-air to identify the misinformation.  Good habit to have.

When you are a sacred activist and you want to come from a place of compassion and not anger or indignation it isn’t as easy because by its very definition activism is a  process of change you are initiating because something is very, very wrong in the world.  Add to this the fact that mining information you can use to accomplish your goal is never easy, even in this age of computers, and you can get a bit snarky if someone sneaks up on you while you are clenching your teeth in frustration.  Change that you to I.  I can get snarky if I’m not getting my way.  How about you?

I have found a few more groups that I would like to bring to your attention, and it was while I was trying to prepare for this article that I snarked.  So, let me get this part done and then I’ll tell you what had me in such a dither.

  1. The National Center for Victims of Crime
  2. World Transformation Movement
  5. (mostly issues of women)
  6. Freedom From Religion Foundation (separation of church and state issues), recommended because of a TV commercial by Ron Reagan, a declared atheist (and I don’t hold that against him.)
  7. Citizen’s Climate Lobby
  8. Move to Amend
  9. Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF)
  10. Election Defense Alliance
  11. Why Tuesdays?
  12. Verified Voting Foundation
  13. Campaign: Clean Money, Clean Elections

I like the number 13 so I think I’ll stop there.

Now back to my blowout.  Do you remember the Flint, Michigan tragedy? Citizens knew there was something wrong with the water they were drinking, but the truth was devastating when uncovered, and when it was discovered who had their hands in the mismanagement of citizen water, any solution they could have had did not come quickly.  The problem is only half fixed (new pipes and back to the original water source), only a few of those in the chain of command have lost their jobs, and at the end of this month the governor has declared that citizens will no longer get bottled water delivered to Flint.  The lead is still poisoning the most vulnerable among those exposed over the timeframe involved.

Flint, Michigan represents a shameful example of  what is wrong in poorer communities across our country. Babies and elders given the polluted water to drink, in fact everyone who drank the water will never recover from the damage done to their health.  What has really upset my equilibrium in this example of social injustice is that the mayor and the governor had a verbal agreement about how long Flint would receive government aid in several different forms.  One of those continued to be cases and cases of bottled water for everyone who needed it, and now the governor has informed the Mayor that the water brigade will end this month.  He is looking at the dollars and cents of the Flint water issue while the Mayor is looking at the whole picture of what her city needs to once again function as a supportive community.

As a side-bar, my relatives spent years growing their families in Flint.  They are white.  And, they got out before the water system was corrupted.  I suspect that at the very deep core of this tragedy is that the people most affected are people of color while the government leaders are mostly white and based upon their history in this matter, not compassionate or willing to own their part in the tragedy of lives forever damaged and unfulfilled because of the lead that is in their brains.  So, thank you Rachel.  It was on her show that I got this update.  And now I am going to try to find out what is happening in the halls of congress to help speed up the healing of Flint, Michigan.

If anyone cares to join me let’s flood the congressional mailroom with protest letters, and keep the phone lines busy with our calls to the Michigan leaders.  When I press Publish on this latest piece I am going to go online and find out who to contact.  I may not live in Flint, Michigan but so many of us did when terrorists killed the publishers/writers in France who had criticized the Koran and Prophet Mohammed, ” Je souis, Charlie Hebdo”, now it becomes ” Je souis Flint!”  I am Flint.  My dad, who loved the French language and country would be proud.  I hope my spelling is accurate.  Long ago I lost my French dictionary.

Blessings of loving good will and kindness to all of you activists, and to the people who are still living in Flint, Michigan.