When we finally know “we can”…

When we finally know “we can”…

we can actually do something about the pain and suffering in the world caused by governmental abuse of the rights of its citizens. 

In that moment we become sacred activists.  I use this term, coined by Andrew Harvey, because first I am a spiritual woman who is passionate about facilitating constructive change, and then I am the woman who is doing the actions necessary to usher in a different way of thinking.  There are millions of us around the globe who are doing this, and more are enlisting their heart’s native intelligence in order to guide them every day.

I recently wrote down a list of all of the things that I saw practiced over the year that I objected to for some reason, and I am going to share them because each point needs the attention of sacred activists.  Let’s see how many of the ones I wrote down you would agree with.  And please,  I invite you to write me with your list if you do not see something of your interest on this one. 

Although I am not yet able to offer a comprehensive and professional activist list, there are organizations that are warehouses for activism and a click of the button gets you to the site where your passion and your interest intersect. I’m working on that, too.

If you look back through the articles on this site you will find about a dozen organizations listed.  So I  now going be try to help you in a slightly different way. The list below starts with action that will allow us to undo some of the most egregious government actions if we choose to engage the action back to the source, usually our government.  So let’s get started:

  • Repeal the Patriot Act and its adaptations. The only danger we are in is that caused by our inept party system, and President. Our rights to privacy supersede their right to know what we are doing with our time.

  • Abolish the Electoral College.  It once served its purpose but we now have enough people living in the United States to insure adequate representation.

  • Abolish the Death Penalty.  Surely we can put prisoners to better use in our society. 

  • Prison details for recidivism inmates can work in construction, (building homes for homeless, and many more humanitarian projects is character building and satisfying to those who do the job well.  

  • Reform the prison system as incarceration fosters recidivism and allows gang mentality to thrive.  Systems that contain “them” and ” us” cannot foster the healing of ancient enemies. What works is making people feel good about themselves.

  • Never build another nuclear plant. Switch permanently to other non hazardous systems.  Use water dams where they exist. Give citizens and corporations, or small businesses a healthy tax credit for going solar. 

  • Superfund sights require legislation to take the money out of the corporations by injunction because they have never kept their promise to clean them up safe enough for children to live in these old chemical cesspools.

  • Use the Flint water system crisis as a template for new law.  Hold accountable in a jury trial those who participated as a message to others who would allow our children and citizens to be permanently disabled by lead poisoning.

  • The First People’s lands and water supplies have been poisoned and endangered.  We have broken treaties with them time and time again.  Cynide has polluted the Navajo water tables, for instance, and the recent pipeline protests were right about the danger to the water tables of whole regions. Proof  through historic accidents exist. They will happen without a doubt.

  • Preserve Dodd-Frank Wall Street reforms. They have been weakened since first created.

  • Reform campaign finance laws: overturn Citizen’s United

  • Change health care for all politicians and those who work in the political arena to be equal to the healthplans available to the citizens of this country.

  • Institute a 40% corporate tax for 5 years to make up for the loopholes the rest of us who pay taxes didn’t get and then make them pay 30%, and make the law ironclad.

    These are a few of the changes that will send messages to those in power.  You may not realize how much power you have in your hands. When you put your ballot in the system, you are either agreeing with the status quo or you are choosing a different party, or person who is more aligned with your values.  I have pages and pages of changes that I could recommend, but I know that you already know what is good for the whole, instead of the 1%.

    Blessings to each of you.  Think of yourself as a change maker.  Know that you and others may have the perfect solution to an ancient problem.  We are coming together for the good of the whole and to abolish power-over government/social systems.