Progress with Optimism

Progress with Optimism

Optimism is a political act, says Alex Steffen; cynicism is obedience.  Think about that for a moment and ask yourself what it will take to empower optimism into your world view. Most of us would not associate the concept of optimism with political action but there are  more people who are involved in creating social change in our country than I’ve seen in my lifetime.  That’s why I found his article fascinating. 

Alex is a futurist with many books: Carbon Zero, Heroic Future; and The Nearly Now.  You can also check out a few new website recommendations here:

By the way, are you tired of petitions that ask for donations after you’ve signed for a worthy cause?  Yeah, me too. I’ve begun going to their website and asking them to include an opt out button.  Simply by signing we are adding value to their website.  If you are like me you are on a fixed income.  I can no longer make generous donations to causes that touch my heart, mind and soul.  What we citizens can do is powerful and it should count equally with dollars.  Try letting them know what you think about opting out of a donation.  Little steps like this get you into the habit of civic involvement.  Easy, right?  How many more petitions will you sign once they change policy?  Those petitions flood the offices of those who need to know of an objection we have to a policy they are enacting.  When the good of the whole is engaged, optimism expands.

When optimism expands, we rewrite the story of the World Soul.

My last article spoke about a new story, and I mentioned the World Soul.  This isn’t my personal realization so much as the collective informing many of us that a new story is necessary and we are currently writing our future.  The term World Soul would never have manifested in the 4th century, for instance.  Humanity was not ready to move past the limitation of beliefs long held regarding the hierarchy of man under the power of a Deity. 

In the 21st century we are scientifically proving that consciousness isn’t a brain exercise.  It exists at the subatomic level.  We understand now that oneness is not just an idea, but a reality because all of us are affected by the global domino effect. The interplay of  consciousness and the created is so dynamic while the old story keeps us in a paradigm of suffering, which is no longer necessary.  Really.  If we consciously choose to write a better story together we can make it real.

We can choose to believe that “things will never change”, in fact our leaders hope we will continue to believe this because in the past it has allowed them to control our resistance to suffering.  

According to Alex Steffen, political cynicism is obedience to this power-over cycle. I am sure of one thing, however, and it is this: people are waking up, planning resistance against authorities who are privileged because we are paying the bulk of the debt they are creating.  Actually, it is our grandchildren who will still be paying off the debt of today. We must stop the current behavior that creates waste and financial indebtedness.

It is time for us to make progress if we want to live to see a time in the future where governance (as an example) is compassionate instead of greedily demanding more from those who have less. And that, dear hearts, is the beginning of the story of why there is a World Soul. 

Left to our individual devices, many of us would not suddenly become optimistic about the future.  There are to many examples that the opposite is true but that does not mean that we cannot create an environment of social change and have a positive impact on the world, overall.  Yes, setbacks happen when a civilization begins to break the bonds of their masters.  Now is the time to empower “the people”, and put restrictions upon those in government who don’t follow the rules, who have created a corrupt system, and encourages career politicians, something that looks nothing like the Statesman envisioned by our founding fathers. 

My personal disgust goes to the lobbyists,  in my opinion they are the single biggest scourge in our political system.  I would love to outlaw them.  Would you join a group that could write law that could accomplish this feat?

That’s optimism in action.

The system of lobbying is what is dangerous, and I know that many good things have resulted because someone lobbied a positive change in society.  The system is broken.  We must start again.  Instead of lobbyists paying for what they want via campaign contributions, let’s make that  illegal.  Now we’ve killed two birds with one stone:

1.) politicians cannot associate with lobbyists and

2.) there are no longer unfair advantages for candidates who do not receive the same amount of financial support).

Are you shaking your head at my naivety? I know any politician who read this story would say, “oh yeah? and who would vote for such a change to our system?” 

That’s the beauty of democracy.  The Supreme Court can undo Citizens vs United if the case is rewritten and goes through the system until it reaches SCOTUS.  This means politicians don’t get to vote on the issue.

The use of the Electoral System is not written in indelible ink.  Do you know that quite a few states already have laws on the book that allow them to choose not to participate in the electoral college system?  States can bypass congress in this regard.  Citizens could begin to push back for popular vote only.

You might be surprised at how much power is given to the state governments.  Of course there is corruption there, too, but let’s just consider that creative problem solving can begin to balance the uneven scales of justice when our best minds sit down together.  By that, I mean you and your fellow citizens.   As America goes, so will other countries around the world who are currently at the mercy of dictators and corrupt government.  We are all one people when you strip away the cultural differences.

Dear Hearts, the World Soul is the composite of the consciousness of its people. 

How many of you have felt the energy shifting but not yet seen anything manifested that has made you happy to be alive?  Hang out with my friends and you’ll realize that there is a quickening happening in America. Visit the websites I’ve been sharing this year.  People are visiting these sites and it’s like a second revolution only there won’t be guns.  Part of this quickening is a resolution to bring balance back into daily life and the elimination of power-over politics which has been corrupted and is causing tremendous financial suffering in our country.  

You are the World Soul.  I am the World Soul.  We are not helpless.  We can be optimistic instead of pessimistic if we choose to look forward with eyes that see a future of well-being for all the people of the world.

Thank you, beloveds for joining my table today.  Your seat is always here.  Bring a guest next time.  There’s  plenty of soul food to go around.


Don’t be afraid of the storms…

Don’t be afraid of the storms…

There are a few social media outlets that I use to send out short messages in between writing what I used to call “Sunday Services” on my old webpage “God-in-action” and now call articles on my book website.  As an ordained independent new thought minister I always hope that the way I present information speaks to your heart more than your head per se.  Some recent examples of facebook posts using this technique are: “Those who cheat to win lose more than they gain & are afraid of those who are competent.” This was inspired by another Trump round of tweets that denied several reports from credible sources. Or ‘I watch news because I can stay informed.  Sometimes it’s painful but I am a Sacred Activist.  My heart keeps me strong.”  This was in response to my admiration for good reporters who verify and get at least two sources when they write a news article. My favorite cable news is still The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. And my last example is “The songs you sing from your heart are the ones that will heal so many who cannot yet sing.”  This is my attempt to reassure you that you have something of importance to share with us for the good of the whole.  If you follow me I hope that something I am inspired to share speaks to you when you most need it.  I know I need inspiration on tough days and we can help each other just by knowing we are in the world together.

It really feels like the storms (metaphorical and literal) circling our planet have the power to destroy us.  We’ve seen flooding, snowstorms so late in the season, and incredible wind storms that make it seem like the world is preparing to exit one cycle and begin another which means that destruction would be the natural event to fertilize rebirth. This cycle is repeated in the life of every growing thing, and in us as we are born, live and die. I want to live the rest of my life being the best person and minister that I can be. I would like to die happy and fulfilled. This means that I must clean up my human tendency to be fearful, reactive and insensitive to the deeper story of mankind that is unfolding now.  You’ve seen the children marching to affect legislation about guns and policy change that will affect public safety positively. Adults have been marching and overall, it seems to be a bigger movement for social change than when we marched to end the Vietnam War and Women’s Rights.  Of course, the Equal Women’s Rights story has been undermined since the 1960s and we still don’t have equal pay, but my point is that there is a lot of dissatisfaction with governance in the world and people are no longer silent.  They are rallying.  We can’t believe that the government is rolling back protection laws for our environment, and taking public park lands and monuments away from citizens so that oil and gas corporations can come in and ruin those national treasures just for the money.  Every way we turn we see abuse by privileged lawmakers.  These types of stories are contributing to the actions we must take if we want to protect the good of the whole.  All of the nations of the world need each other in order to experience the NEW STORY OF OUR WORLD SOUL.

Have you noticed that there is a lot of talk about what science calls the “quantum field, or resonant energy field” and spiritualists have always called the Akasha?  This field has been called by many names and the qualities of this invisible field of energy within which everything exists have been made legitimate by science.  Authors like Brian Swimme, Ervin Laszlo, Rupert Sheldrake and Barbara Marx Hubbard have been speaking to what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin named the noosephere for decades.  Some considered it to be like a thinking layer for the earth, in other words, a field of consciousness.  This in turn asks the question of faith, is God the conscious creator or is it something we have not yet discovered.  Can earth be affected by the thoughts and perhaps the emotions of humanity?  Using short hand, the majority of professionals are proving that everything consciously interacts with everything else. Keep in mind that I am writing a short-cut version of how we have gotten to the place where we can talk about the World Soul.

Ancients, alchemists, and those who came before our quantum scientists had differing points of view.  In my book I use the Oneness Theory, which fits within the universal field of energy we’ve been discussing, and I love something Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote.  He was part of the Transcendental Movement of his time, and this is how he saw the truth of existence.

“We live in succession, in division, in parts, in particles.  Meantime within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty, to which every part and particle is related, the eternal ONE.  And this deep power in which we exist and whose beatitude is all accessible to us, is not only self-sufficing and perfect in every hour, but the act of seeing and the thing seen, the seer and the spectacle, the subject and the object are one.  We see the world piece by piece, as the sun, the moon, the animal, the tree; but as the whole, of which these are shining parts, is the soul.”

(Ch.14, page 109; The “Multiple You” Universe)

You and I live within an incredibly diverse field of energy and we are affecting life in ways that are small and large.  Whole societies who stand against “power-over” systems, allow social systems to be reformed. That is our choice.  I know that mine is to be a voice in that change.  That is why I do this type of work.  I hope you will think about what we’ve shared today and look into your future, your heart open to listen.  We are all part of writing a new story, and we can think of it as a new World Soul that we share in a field of Oneness, or you can think of it in your own unique way, each of us is being called to contribute to what will eventually be our tomorrow.

May your contribution be aligned with loving good will and kindness.  We do not have to live in a world that only knows war.  It’s possible, I believe, for the next several generations to tell the new story of Peace on Earth.

Thank you, dear hearts, for coming to my table and claiming your chair.  Together we can cocreate a new vision for society.  Shall we get started?

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Sacred Activists, Come on In

Sacred Activists, Come on In

Even when so much is happening around us and in our own lives, there are times we are best served by getting out of our way.  An example of this is when we think we have a plan, we are working the plan and something outside of our control gets in the way of our deadline.  This recently happened to me.

I’m a fan of the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC because she verifies her news sources and is thorough about the information she reports.  If she does misspeak or makes a mistake on air she mentions it on-air to identify the misinformation.  Good habit to have.

When you are a sacred activist and you want to come from a place of compassion and not anger or indignation it isn’t as easy because by its very definition activism is a  process of change you are initiating because something is very, very wrong in the world.  Add to this the fact that mining information you can use to accomplish your goal is never easy, even in this age of computers, and you can get a bit snarky if someone sneaks up on you while you are clenching your teeth in frustration.  Change that you to I.  I can get snarky if I’m not getting my way.  How about you?

I have found a few more groups that I would like to bring to your attention, and it was while I was trying to prepare for this article that I snarked.  So, let me get this part done and then I’ll tell you what had me in such a dither.

  1. The National Center for Victims of Crime
  2. World Transformation Movement
  5. (mostly issues of women)
  6. Freedom From Religion Foundation (separation of church and state issues), recommended because of a TV commercial by Ron Reagan, a declared atheist (and I don’t hold that against him.)
  7. Citizen’s Climate Lobby
  8. Move to Amend
  9. Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF)
  10. Election Defense Alliance
  11. Why Tuesdays?
  12. Verified Voting Foundation
  13. Campaign: Clean Money, Clean Elections

I like the number 13 so I think I’ll stop there.

Now back to my blowout.  Do you remember the Flint, Michigan tragedy? Citizens knew there was something wrong with the water they were drinking, but the truth was devastating when uncovered, and when it was discovered who had their hands in the mismanagement of citizen water, any solution they could have had did not come quickly.  The problem is only half fixed (new pipes and back to the original water source), only a few of those in the chain of command have lost their jobs, and at the end of this month the governor has declared that citizens will no longer get bottled water delivered to Flint.  The lead is still poisoning the most vulnerable among those exposed over the timeframe involved.

Flint, Michigan represents a shameful example of  what is wrong in poorer communities across our country. Babies and elders given the polluted water to drink, in fact everyone who drank the water will never recover from the damage done to their health.  What has really upset my equilibrium in this example of social injustice is that the mayor and the governor had a verbal agreement about how long Flint would receive government aid in several different forms.  One of those continued to be cases and cases of bottled water for everyone who needed it, and now the governor has informed the Mayor that the water brigade will end this month.  He is looking at the dollars and cents of the Flint water issue while the Mayor is looking at the whole picture of what her city needs to once again function as a supportive community.

As a side-bar, my relatives spent years growing their families in Flint.  They are white.  And, they got out before the water system was corrupted.  I suspect that at the very deep core of this tragedy is that the people most affected are people of color while the government leaders are mostly white and based upon their history in this matter, not compassionate or willing to own their part in the tragedy of lives forever damaged and unfulfilled because of the lead that is in their brains.  So, thank you Rachel.  It was on her show that I got this update.  And now I am going to try to find out what is happening in the halls of congress to help speed up the healing of Flint, Michigan.

If anyone cares to join me let’s flood the congressional mailroom with protest letters, and keep the phone lines busy with our calls to the Michigan leaders.  When I press Publish on this latest piece I am going to go online and find out who to contact.  I may not live in Flint, Michigan but so many of us did when terrorists killed the publishers/writers in France who had criticized the Koran and Prophet Mohammed, ” Je souis, Charlie Hebdo”, now it becomes ” Je souis Flint!”  I am Flint.  My dad, who loved the French language and country would be proud.  I hope my spelling is accurate.  Long ago I lost my French dictionary.

Blessings of loving good will and kindness to all of you activists, and to the people who are still living in Flint, Michigan.

When we finally know “we can”…

When we finally know “we can”…

we can actually do something about the pain and suffering in the world caused by governmental abuse of the rights of its citizens. 

In that moment we become sacred activists.  I use this term, coined by Andrew Harvey, because first I am a spiritual woman who is passionate about facilitating constructive change, and then I am the woman who is doing the actions necessary to usher in a different way of thinking.  There are millions of us around the globe who are doing this, and more are enlisting their heart’s native intelligence in order to guide them every day.

I recently wrote down a list of all of the things that I saw practiced over the year that I objected to for some reason, and I am going to share them because each point needs the attention of sacred activists.  Let’s see how many of the ones I wrote down you would agree with.  And please,  I invite you to write me with your list if you do not see something of your interest on this one. 

Although I am not yet able to offer a comprehensive and professional activist list, there are organizations that are warehouses for activism and a click of the button gets you to the site where your passion and your interest intersect. I’m working on that, too.

If you look back through the articles on this site you will find about a dozen organizations listed.  So I  now going be try to help you in a slightly different way. The list below starts with action that will allow us to undo some of the most egregious government actions if we choose to engage the action back to the source, usually our government.  So let’s get started:

  • Repeal the Patriot Act and its adaptations. The only danger we are in is that caused by our inept party system, and President. Our rights to privacy supersede their right to know what we are doing with our time.

  • Abolish the Electoral College.  It once served its purpose but we now have enough people living in the United States to insure adequate representation.

  • Abolish the Death Penalty.  Surely we can put prisoners to better use in our society. 

  • Prison details for recidivism inmates can work in construction, (building homes for homeless, and many more humanitarian projects is character building and satisfying to those who do the job well.  

  • Reform the prison system as incarceration fosters recidivism and allows gang mentality to thrive.  Systems that contain “them” and ” us” cannot foster the healing of ancient enemies. What works is making people feel good about themselves.

  • Never build another nuclear plant. Switch permanently to other non hazardous systems.  Use water dams where they exist. Give citizens and corporations, or small businesses a healthy tax credit for going solar. 

  • Superfund sights require legislation to take the money out of the corporations by injunction because they have never kept their promise to clean them up safe enough for children to live in these old chemical cesspools.

  • Use the Flint water system crisis as a template for new law.  Hold accountable in a jury trial those who participated as a message to others who would allow our children and citizens to be permanently disabled by lead poisoning.

  • The First People’s lands and water supplies have been poisoned and endangered.  We have broken treaties with them time and time again.  Cynide has polluted the Navajo water tables, for instance, and the recent pipeline protests were right about the danger to the water tables of whole regions. Proof  through historic accidents exist. They will happen without a doubt.

  • Preserve Dodd-Frank Wall Street reforms. They have been weakened since first created.

  • Reform campaign finance laws: overturn Citizen’s United

  • Change health care for all politicians and those who work in the political arena to be equal to the healthplans available to the citizens of this country.

  • Institute a 40% corporate tax for 5 years to make up for the loopholes the rest of us who pay taxes didn’t get and then make them pay 30%, and make the law ironclad.

    These are a few of the changes that will send messages to those in power.  You may not realize how much power you have in your hands. When you put your ballot in the system, you are either agreeing with the status quo or you are choosing a different party, or person who is more aligned with your values.  I have pages and pages of changes that I could recommend, but I know that you already know what is good for the whole, instead of the 1%.

    Blessings to each of you.  Think of yourself as a change maker.  Know that you and others may have the perfect solution to an ancient problem.  We are coming together for the good of the whole and to abolish power-over government/social systems.