The Energetic Version of the Eucharist

We are all familiar with the basic principle of communication: we share information to inform one another. Our opinions are usually based upon either fact or instinct; unless we are deliberately using misinformation to muddy the clear waters. When we have an honest intention to share our opinions, we often discover new points of view. This explains why scientists were shocked when a “two way signaling” with a single quantum particle experiment changed quantum theory.  It turns out that a particle does not need a sender and receiver, the information first going one way, and then responding back to the source simultaneously.

This new fact, discovered by Flavio Del Santo at the University of Vienna and Borivoje Dakic’ at the Austrian Academy of Sciences has now proven a feature forbidden by the laws of classical physics. (Reported March 2018, Newsletter, Science X Newsletter Week 09).  And, this made me think.

Easter is approaching. Christians celebrate the risen Christ after his crucifixion, and see this miracle as a significant sign that good can overcome evil just as a beloved and sacred physical man could overcome his physical death. Ancient Hebrews would sacrifice and eat the “paschal lamb” in remembrance of the Passover close to the time this Christian miracle took place. The Easter full moon is called the paschal full moon for this reason. Each year Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs closest to the vernal equinox.

Now, you ask, why would I associate these two obviously different occurrences together? The reason the new news about the two-way particle astounds me is that it is a modern day miracle like the resurrection was in its time. Science has witnessed an impossible truth; according to the laws of classical physics just as the ancient Christians witnessed what they believed was an impossible act, the resurrection.

I hope this comparison does not offend anyone, because that is not my intention.  I hope to show my readers that miracles abound and we are unable to see them until we are wise enough to understand them.  With a pure heart and an open mind, we can witness miracles every day.

Peace in the Middle East is a miracle.  The end of nuclear proliferation is a miracle.  Medicine that is not toxic to the body is a miracle.  You get my point.  What if we are standing in the way of miracles because we do not believe miracles can happen in 2018?  Early man, simple man existed in a world of wonder.  The more advanced the ages became, the less our awareness could see and feel these wonders, the world full of potential.

Let me give you an example of something that we can perceive differently, which is more in alignment with sacred science.  Let’s take a second look at the Eucharist, given to Christians as the blood and body of Christ symbolically taken to celebrate his life, his mission, and his miracles.

Let’s turn the physical offering of communion into an energetic communion that fits into the 21st century where quantum physics is changing before our eyes, a science that was supposed to give us all of the answers to all of the questions about life has just revealed a miracle and we do not really know what it means.

Around the earth, it has been suggested, a resonant field of energy exists that is receptive to our thoughts and feelings.  When we are wholly aligned with the good of life, the message we send our planet is that all is good.  When diplomatic tensions exist between countries, the message is “caution required” if we are to survive.  When people are starving; there are refugees fleeing brutal regimes; and climate change is witnessed every day, we ask ourselves, how did we get in such a mess? What then?

Back to the Eucharist. What would that energetic Eucharist look like?  What message would be sent to our Earth Mother? What energy would we be supporting or destroying that is needed by the human race?

Let us all send out loving good will.  And as the energy returns, let us all bless it with gratitude for another day of living on this planet. This is a simple Eucharist, without politics or religious intonations.  It is energy speaking to energy.  It is the creation process at a micro-level that can gain power as it is steadily grown into a much larger demonstration of the good of the whole.

And so it is.  Peace to you and yours.  The Energetic Eucharist is available.  It is  clean, reusable energy with no garbage left behind to pollute land and water.

Rev. Cassandra Martin, Independent New Thought Minister