Toning the Frequencies of Cocreation

Today is Valentine’s Day and we are Singing Our Songs of Love to all of creation.  You may not know about frequency healing modalities or even care to know yet we are all affected by the sounds around us that are “noise” vs “healthy”.  A child laughs.  The trash truck rumbles down the street.  A group of kids play basketball.  A shot rings out. 

When thought of like this, we enter a new perception of the power sound has on our senses. Therefore our bodies benefit when we use tone as a wash of calm like the music I am playing as I write this to you. It feels like a meditation and yet my mind is alert.  My shoulders have dropped slightly, relaxing, while my fingers type.  This is just the outward sign of how music can be a healing tool; and today especially, is dedicated to deeper experiences of tone and harmonics as a healing agent.

Johnathan Goldman is known as the expert on the use of toning for better health and meditation. I have a few of his cd’s because I love the benefit I receive from a time-out with an intention to decompress.  There are events occurring today around the world and I am sorry that I didn’t write about this yesterday, but hopefully you learned about an event. I believe we are led to what blesses us every day of our lives.  Of course we don’t have happy days 365 days of the year,  nonetheless if we shift our perception just a little, we can begin to see the signs of a greater good that accompanies those unhappy days.  What are we letting go of?  How are we empowering ourselves by speaking up?  How good does it feel when we can look in the mirror and love ourselves just the way we are?  Even a good stretch without pain is a benefit that we can work toward.

We can offer that same feeling of empowerment to our planet, and all living things, when we take the time to sing our prayers out loud, or play inspirational music while we meditate to start or close our day.  If your vibrations are changed for the better, you do affect the whole system which also experiences a shift in vibration. This means that waves of energy move toward or away from the core according to the quality of the energy manifested by each of us on the planet. Think about that.  When the engine was designed it changed the world.  When people become aware of the energy they produce in their own lives, positive and negative, the whole world will benefit as each of us, one by one owns our personal enlightenment.

No one wants to make the same mistake over and over.  There are tools, physical and invisible that can help us shift our own reality into becoming part of “the good of the whole” zone.  The more time we spend in we-thinking instead of the usual me-thinking we make progress. Are you willing to change your patterns?  This change will happen little by little, but with practice you grow more powerful because your intention reflects the positive energy you are creating and that energy in turn creates a circle so powerful that more and more of us join the song of cocreation.  This is when things really start to accellerate.  We are close.  Ver close, in fact.

Have you been consciously in tune with the universe and seen it out-picture a miracle in your life?  You know it when it happens. Right now you probably have a hit and miss relationship with this concept, but develop your skill-set and suddenly you create miracles and blessings for others at a steady pace. We are talking about energy and how it enhances the quality of all living things.  Energy does not have a limit but we can limit it by choice.  It keeps going, but we can slow it down.  And, it changes its form when certain conditions are met.  It resembles a chameleon in that respect, a reptile that changes color through chemistry.  You are a self enclosed energy system.

Your energy system informs the whole resonant field of where it goes next.  When the majority of us consciously use our mind and emotions to change what is not working for the whole, then the whole will break down and allow something new to manifest.  That, dear hearts, is the basic pattern of our universe.  When enough of us say “no more” to suffering, pollution, and extinction those things will change. Each of us is a powerhouse.  Please don’t forget that.

As of today you have been informed. There is no turning back. You can say no or you can say GO!  I’ll see you on the flip side, in the paradise we create for all living things because love is the strongest of our many emotions.  Love is the highest frequency we can perceive through our senses.  In the world of frequency there are  still higher levels that we are meant to use by the time we all awaken to the master plan of creation.  Our planet is vibrating at a higher frequency (energetic tonal rate) than in past decades.  People have been waking up and working toward the goal they have set for themselves, to be free from pain and suffering, and we also benefit because of their work.

In the future others will acknowledge that we did the heavy lifting at the turn of the century.  We are the ones who are conscious now.  Those who still sleep will awaken when their time comes to finish the shift toward wholeness, towards oneness.  In the meantime thank you.  Thank you for thinking about the New World and what it means to know who you truly are: a human who is transfiguring into his or her Divinity.

Blessings of Music, Tonal Healing and Song to each of you.