“Oneness” up close and personal…

Those of us who believe that the universe is a resonant field of energy know that we are more susceptible to the ups and downs, more affected by another’s feelings,  and whenever we take the time to go deeper into our own emotions sometimes we don’t  know if we are reacting to our own emotional landscape or to someone else close to us. Emotions are complicated.

Once we understand and begin to live in the bigger picture of “Oneness” we also begin to notice that these energy fields are consciously interacting with our personal thought forms.  Have you taken classes on the subject of manifestation?  How many of us have realized that when the painful lessons come we should be grateful?  Because we are interconnected, our first response is to help each other when life is complicated, but I would like to say that instead of pushing against the problem try acceptance, working through the emotional pain, and forgiveness for those who participated, if necessary, help us to be stronger than before; individually and collectively.

I applaud myself whenever I have something devastating happen in my life because I’ve learned to better understand how the universe plays to our emotions about life and relationships. I know that I am going to come out of it whole because it is not in my mind that I can fail.  I may have to let go of something, or someone I wanted, but loss is not always the wrong choice.  Holding on can ruin our lives and extend the emotional lesson that hurts.  I’ve been there.  I’ve tried to avoid my emotions. That didn’t work.  I tried staying busy helping others.  That exhausted me.  Then I gained a few pounds while I regrouped in front of the television.  That really didn’t help.

In Oneness we are all here to change one especially big issue:  we are still stuck in our patterns of denial.  We are not small.  We are not victims. We are not incapable of creating solutions to very big problems. Now consider that thought and look forward 5 years.  Our goal is to work with our passions in order to stay focused on any goal we are passionate about and for which we see a need for change.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  I believe that it was Fr. Tieldhard Pierre de Chardin who originally said this.  I could be wrong about that, however, it would make sense because he believed in a resonant energy field around the earth that he and his co-pioneers named the “noosphere”  It is like a thinking layer for our planet to manifest what is needed according to the current reality of life.  Our thoughts support this field — so if you are a positive person you empower the global resonant field toward the good.  Negative?  Your thoughts weaken the energy flow.  Everything is energy and energy is affected by all types of energy.

My favorite concept is my belief in personal relationships with all living things, I want to help the living be healthy, free of species-arrogance (all living things are equal).  We know that the environment is not healthy for any of us. I want to see justice done to those who have poisoned our planet.  Many of us suffer deeply because we are so sure we have no control over the corporations who are responsible.  We look at those who have tried and failed.  As you may guess, this is because we have been born and raised in a cultural hierarchy that supports big business. We have been taught that it is necessary for us to have jobs and products that we need.  This “less-than enough” is one of the lies we humans believe that deeply wounds us.  It is a terrible lie. Choose to let that go.

Find your group of like-minded people.  Dedicate yourself to something that will make you feel worthy of your success.  People have been suppressed all around the world and it is time that we show them by example that we are going to change the systems that have caused the problems in this world.  What can make you feel better than success?  When you create relationships within a group that is actively working with the positive potential for the creation of a healthier environment or government, for instance, you learn so much about yourself.  Sometimes that means a squabble or two among group members, but those who stay are those who were always meant to be the change-makers.  Change-makers are inspired individuals who take action in order to create a new form of reality that is better than the previous one.

Does that sound like a description of you?  I believe that now is the time for all dysfunctional systems to change.  Do you?  Let’s help each other.  Sometimes it takes a little push.  However, one day you will be sitting with your friends around a table, laughing and eating very satisfying food together.  You will be celebrating a phase of your victory.  The truth is that there will always be more phases to your victory, but it is going to feel very, very good, so enjoy it.

As you succeed you become the models for others to succeed.  There really is no need for us to fail.  We are creating a “power with” society in the 21st century.  The energy cannot stop because this new world is our destiny.  It’s been a long time coming.