When You Wish Upon a Star

I am reminded of the many times I have waited during the silent night, to witness the magnificence of our sky in action as it transverses its orbit.   Our sky is a little piece of heaven that rotates around our planet, a teacher to us of majesty and mindfulness.  In those rare moments when you are thrilled with a shooting star, or the planets are in a special type of alignment by design, we feel safe because the  repetitive patterns assure us that what has been will circle around again.

Regardless of what the times may look like, we are simply seeing the decay of the old.  The real truth is that we are creating opportunities for humanity to respect all people, and for governments to stop the power-over model and realize the shared power of equity for all. Never forget that like stars in the sky people are the power on earth, and all else falls away as illusion until we are finally able to hear the songs of the heavens being sung exquisitely by those who have become enlightened before us.  Meanwhile, they prompt us to lay on our backs and look up into the sky.  As we fall into the peace of the darkness and begin to feel the connection to everything we know, we know the real truth of our present reality. We are One Whole.

We are the healers, the change makers, the stable archetypes that will guide us ever forward.  Within our deep and quiet moments we are cocreating a new reality.  Watch for the shooting star!  It might be your own brilliant idea for social change.  Its light will guide you home.

The blood red blue moon on January 30th inspired this article. Peace. Rev. Cassandra

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    • Thank you Rachelle. I have a passion about serving in any way that I can. Since I love to write I let the words flow from my heart and try to make sure my research is correct. Gratitude to you. Cassanra

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