The Gordian Knot in 2018

Feb 3, 2016 – The term “Gordian knot,” commonly used to describe a complex or unsolvable problem, can be traced back to a legendary chapter in the life of Alexander the Great… The saying “cutting the Gordian knot” is now commonly used to describe a creative or decisive solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem.

Today we live with complex issues, and as Sacred Activists and people who are coming together in communities dedicated to solving societal problems some days it feels like we are tangled up in an impossible situation.  The question is “how do we change something for the “good of the whole” when the opposition faction has created a power-over the people of the world?

There are many wonderful organizations forming around the world that afford us opportunities to brainstorm solutions, and to work in both the physical and the etheric realms for constructive change.  Recently I visited We, the World and saw that they have 11 Campaigns For Change.  They are: Theme of Unity, Interdependence, Environment, Economic Justice, Health, Children and Youth, Women, Human Rights, Freedom, Disarmament, and Peace.

I liked the way they broke down what their organization wanted to support.  I compared their ideas to those of beloved Barbara Max Hubbard’s Wheel of Cocreation,  in which 12 sectors exist in which dynamic change could create a better world for us all:  Justice, Health, Spirituality, Infrastructure, Environment, Media, Governance, Relations, Arts, Economics, Science and Education.

For a couple of years I have been working on my 2nd book:  365 Days of Affirmations for Sacred Activists.  As you can imagine, the outline created by others working for social change has been instrumental in how I chose to approach my project.  Oh yeah, I took a year off because the emotional toll of staying in the painful dysfunction of these sectors was too much to bear.  But I am back at work now.  The emotional toll, however, is part of what ultimately inspires us to create change.  And that is what the Gordian Knot is to me.

Alexander the Great simply cut through the knot, cheating the intellectual challenge, but we, as individuals who seek to cocreate a better society for humanity cannot cheat, we have to arrive at creatively solved problems, or at least steps that will take us toward our destination.  Toward that end it occurred to me that I could research groups that might help my readers connect with people of like-mind.  I’ve begun that process already, so today I want to add a few groups to my list of organizations who are working within the emerging evolutionary impulse.

I was listening to a Jean Houston telecom and she was sharing her thoughts on the “entelechy”, which she calls the soul’s code.  Entelechy is a philosophical realization of  that which makes actual what is otherwise potential, to make the description short and sweet.  As I listened I wondered what I could accomplish if I allowed myself to be in loveships instead  of relationships.  Love is an entelechy’s language. This then would serve the impulse of love within us all.  And hopefully, we would be able to make actual what is currently potential in the social systems of the world by approaching systems change with the love from our soul’s coding.

Relationships imply commonality, but may not be as closely connected as a loveship experience with another or others in a group.  The soul’s code then supplies opportunities for us to find each other, to gravitate to groups where we will find one another, very likely those of us who are able to work well together and are willing to create applications in the world that others can build upon as change becomes reality.

So with that thought I offer you a few more websites that I have either visited before, or that looked interesting and in alignment with our collective desire to heal that which is broken in the world. (excellent research site)  (Humane Society)

Black Lives

The Jean Houston Foundation

Anodea Judith, Facebook

World Poverty Project (WFP.ORG)

Fellowship for Intentional Communities (

Evolutionary Collective, founded by Patricia Albere  (the Hub) based upon Barbara Marx Hubbard’s work

With an open heart I thank you for reading these posts and I encourage you to check out any of the organizations I reference for your attention.  Again let me say that I would welcome any organizations you know of that should be brought to the attention of other Sacred Activists.  We are all in this together and, in fact, that is the only way we are going to be able to untie the Gordian Knot.

Rev. Cassandra Martin