The clock is ticking down…

but not in the way you may think.  I am here to tell you that citizens must protest and begin a challenge to existing law (Constitutional) that keeps politicians from shutting down the government’s budget as a political maneuver to force the other party to give them what they want.

For those of you who love the co-creator’s wheel, Government is a hot topic since our President was elected.  We all have an opinion about where we find ourselves and our children under this administration.  And still I say that we cannot let this type of political hostage remain legal.  There are ways to bring the whole system into balance again.

What if those of us who were passionate about government were to brainstorm ways that we could begin to push back?  For instance, any college teaching Constitutional Law might be talked into using their students on an extra credit basis to research a legal challenge regarding the way Congress uses the Budget’s renewal as a legal tactic to get what their party wants, and what they believe the President will approve.

The issue with DACA, and the deadline for those raised in our country, who know no other homeland, and yet our government is threatening eviction, so all of these precious people’s future is on the line tonight.  Our cocreator groups are people who are compassionate, live within the model of loving good will for all living things, and we are passionate about finding a way to use our gifts and skillsets to change the broken systems.

And, we are not the only ones who are sacred activists.  Many of us have joined several groups because we are complex individuals and we nurture ourselves by participating within groups of like-mind. We are a force that is waiting to move into action.  Not only is this possible it is desperately needed that we work within our passion and personal purposes to do the work we were born to accomplish.  This is the time we have been waiting for, my beloved sisters and brothers.

Let’s use another example, the environment is tortured.  Not only that, I read about the amounts of radioactive material that is allowed by the government, and trust me when I tell you that you should enter your zip code and find out where your local water sources stand.  Go to  Check it out, I think you will like the website.

In order for us to become the best at what we want to accomplish we have to learn from those who are already in the field that we have an interest in, and then we can rally around the goals we have as change-makers.

I am currently working on a list of resources for us to review.  And, I encourage you to get in touch with me if you find other resources for us that I can post.  We do not want to keep our resources to ourselves, obviously, and we already know that the time to plan in now.

Lastly, let’s not forget that we need to renew our energy and stay focused on remaining calm while we do this work of the ages.  I have a few website/facebook pages for you tonight.  All of these groups are online.  You will recognize many of them.

  •  Google+ Group:  Spiritual Consciousness

  •   Google+ Group: The Wisdom

  •  Soul Self

  • Good of the Whole on Facebook.  We all know this fabulous site.

  •  Milagro World Center on Facebook.  Ditto.  Our sister and brother are the cocreators of this beautiful resource.

  •  The Source of Synergy on Facebook

  •  Humanity’s Team, yeah team!

  •  Evolutionary Leaders In Service to Conscious Evolution on Facebook – sound familiar?

  •  Check out their sustainable human videos.

We are going to change the world.  Count on it.  Women took to the street the day after Mr. Trump was sworn in.  It was the biggest march and protest  in our country’s history Rachel Maddow said on the news tonight.  I trust her word.

Trust yourselves.  Step into your new role.  The one that will make you feel as if you were born to fulfill a special purpose.  You were.

Thank you for your Presence.  Thank you for your willingness to expand your consciousness.