Co-Creators Resources: Changing the Dialogue

I have reviewed several websites, Facebook sites, and Groups on Google looking for my own match when it comes to evoking social change and the manifestation of good works.  First, I had to be clear about what I thought was not working in order to find the group I thought might help me move from thought into action for social healing.  You have your opinions and I have mine, but can we communicate and find the third voice, that space in the center between us that is “we”?  What type of circle style have you joined in the past?  I know from experience that if you feel safe to speak your truth that means the circle is healthy.

Is your circle setting a goal to change something in the social systems that we live within?  This is an activism circle; you have a goal that you believe is for the good of the whole and the members have all agreed to cocreate plans, and actions to get the attention of those in charge who have the power to influence the systems from the inside out.

Coming of age in the 60s I thought it was my right to protest and march against the establishment.  Sometimes I hoped it would turn into a party on the streets because I felt unfulfilled.  After joining NOW  I didn’t see change fast enough for my dreams and I got discouraged again.  Now, as an elder it is my time to push back against those who are causing pain and suffering in my world.  Yes, I claim it.  This world is mine. It is yours if you take action, too.

So why are so many social systems broken? Our systems are broken because humanity is broken, and if we can do one thing to shift the suffering into harmony it is this; learn how to work in tandem with each other. Join a group.  Do it with telephone conferences if you are not ready to do it face to face.  Listen and learn.  There will be ups and downs but if you stay with it you will find that fine line of respect that exists within healthy circles.

It used to be that without experience in the public issues arena we didn’t know how to talk to each other, to agree with or disagree during conversations without rancor.  Thankfully everyone seems to have a blog these days.  However, I recently read a post in a group where a member asked for help during a difficult time and she received no answer back.  Worse,  she was shamed and blamed when she spoke up and pushed back.  Finally, things settled down but she was scarred by the experience.

Communication is at the center of our lives.  We are getting better, and yet, it takes determination to have deep dialogue with others, even in groups of like-minded individuals.  Thankfully, I see positive responses from people who come into a conversation grounded in their respect for one another and the good of the whole due to the passion those who answer the call have for the cause.

And that, beloved’s, is why we will be known in the future as the “We” generation.  We are the ones willing to use dialogue and action to right what is wrong in our world.   There are always three aspects to any conversation as I mentioned earlier: there is you, me and the 3rd person is “we”.

Lastly, I want to speak to sustainable change. Those who have not known healthy relationships in their lifetime will likely become the majority who create pain for others. Greed, loneliness, and prejudice are just three of the reasons our emotional boundaries have been globally compromised.  People tend to behave badly when they are unhappy.  They can also be taught that class equals entitlement, meaning they intend to continue the unhealthy patterns from past generations: more is better, and such.

I recently listened to a short Ram Dass recording and I was amazed at the concepts he spoke about.  He was talking about a healthy warrior who held no rancor against those who were out of alignment with the needs of the whole, and so this warrior was able to be more effective in the world.  I can’t yet say that I don’t resent some of our legislators who have ruined democracy for me.  I am going to do my best to take the personal out of the equation. I am going to show up at events, and conference calls that help me to move into that sacred space of non-judgment so that I can become a better minister, a better person, and a stronger woman for sacred activism.

We are all at a point in our lives that we are called to pay attention to what is good in the world and support it.  The same goes for what is finally ready to morph itself into a constructive alternative.  You are the agent of change.  It starts with you.  Let your words convey to others that you are ready to become a Sacred Activist.  Thank you.