When the door opens

… an evolutionary love story

Arnold Glasow tells us that “An idea not coupled with action will never get bigger than the brain cell it occupies” and I have proof that this is true. Every time I have had a good idea and that feeling in my heart had said, “wouldn’t this be great?”; if I did not take it from thought into action within a few weeks the potentiality would be lost. As a writer, if I didn’t start outlining my project right away my interest would evaporate. The more time that passed from thought to action diluted the power of the project I had in mind.

I have moderated public issues forums, and study groups over the years.  I have seen for myself that people have difficulty visualizing a plan of action and starting to cocreate that plan together, not because they aren’t invested in the outcome, but because there is always a turf struggle when one person believes that the group must rigidly follow the core plan with no flexibility to allow for even more inspiration to show up during the conversations.  We also want to make room for respect, kindness and loving good will while we are cocreating the new plan.  This sounds easy to do, and yet as a moderator I have seen people challenge the Visionary, and it isn’t easy to sit respectfully while they tell him or her why the group’s intentions are not going to work.

When someone monopolizes the conversation it is clear to the rest of the group that cocreating  is not going to happen until we can redefine our goals, each share their purpose and desire for the project, and share time building democratic co-leadership.  It is important that everyone feel the value of their work toward the completion of the project.  Only then can we get to the nuts and bolts of who is going to do what, and we can all move forward together.

This step is when we fall in love.

At each step of our planning phase, we start with sacred space and quietly enter the noosphere,  the resonant heart field or the conscious field of the miraculous, as two very special people recently shared with our group on a phone call. When there is a sense of the sacred in the hearts and minds of the participants, it allows for unlimited potential to hold the vision we are sharing.  And this is the glue that holds the social project together and increases our likelihood of success.

Sometimes I have noticed that during discussions a very subtle shift occurs.  The project loses some of its potency.  The conversation is still moving in the right direction but some of us may be feeling worn out, and our agreements to perform a certain task may feel more like a punishment instead of an honor.  Let’s face it, when people come together as change makers, and social systems change at that,  they are not talking about how to fund a local event which is hard enough.  No, they are talking about systemic change with really big issues on the table.  At this stage of planning it is easy to lose focus.  We need to remind ourselves that we have a shared purpose, one that is vital to the lives of so many others, and that each of us can be a cheerleader at any given time when the energy starts to feel sluggish.

I want to remind you of what Jean Baptiste Girard said,  “By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life.”  We cannot break down the communication cycle any clearer than this.  We as cocreators are creating new potential in our lives when we are involved in a Visionary Project.  The process changes everyone in the circle. How much you are changed will always depend upon your own reasoning.  Some of us really struggle with communication.  That was me for about five years when I lived in Tulsa, OK  I spoke to slowly for someone in a group that I hosted monthly.  I couldn’t understand her antagonism toward me, but I had to let it go. Years later I realized that my lesson during that time was about confidence.  I trusted that I knew what I was saying was the truth, but I was afraid that others would disagree with me  so I chose my words carefully in order not to offend.  Being careful translated into speaking more slowly, making my point clearly so there was no room for misunderstanding.  Who wouldn’t get annoyed with that?

Now when I move into sacred space and my voice drops in register, I know that I am speaking from my highest place of being.  The words come slowly sometimes, but the power of the message is a blessing for all who are at the table. It is not true for me that my Divine Self delivers information quickly and precisely; oh that it would.  When I am channeling a message from my Universal Self, it still has to move through me and I am getting older so I’m not as quick on my feet or in my mind.  Not to say that I am not capable.  I am.  I’m just clear that what I bring to a group will be delivered in love and thoughtful communication.  I will happily shake the hands of their Universal Selves and agree that we all have what we need to bring this new form into reality, spontaneously allowing ourselves to be the architects of systems change.

At this final stage, we create something beautiful, meaningful and all inclusive because that is where the change is needed most.  Everyone must be invited to the community table.  And so it will be.