The Sign of the Wolf…

teaches us to live together, in a pack of like minded beings who are willing to cocreate a new and balanced order in the world. And when we  howl and dance on the full moon nights, singing to the stars from whence we came, our sacred nature shows us the way to new beginnings.

2018 is here.  It is 7 years since the conscious rebirth of earth entered a new evolutionary cycle according to Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Those who know her understand that she was born to serve the awakening of evolutionary expansion within our hearts and minds.  She gave us tools to listen deeply and feel the stirring of  homo universalis as we dreamed of better days and was to heal the broken social systems in our country, and around the world.

If you are reading this, you are part of the pack.  Something within you is stirring, and it isn’t meant to be a difficult birthing this time  The energy is on our side because unlike newborns we have opened our eyes and witnessed the pain and suffering of the family of man.  We have seen what does not work, we know who lies to us, proving whom to trust and disregard in the establishment.

We are making strong our new tools.  Those tools are going to break down doors that have kept the ones who needed help the most away from those who had the power to succor them back to health and well being.  These tools are not hewn with fire and hammered to sharp edges.  We are going to bring equality back to the table and sit down together as family.  We are going to welcome others to our fires as we lay on our backs looking up at the stars on a chilly night during the first month of this new year.  Everyone will be welcome because we have realized that there are no enemies, there are only people who don’t know how to love.

Think about that.  The enemy is wounded.  We must help them find the cure for their pain instead of raging against the past and letting them continue to suffer when they do not even know they are unhappy,  isolated and alone.  Their dream world cannot exist when enlightenment is on the horizon; and it is most definitely rising like the sun.

When I am online it is easy to find organizations that are forming to help individuals find their purpose and join with others who feel the same passion for change.  I am very interested in political and governmental change, for instance.  We need more women in  office, and to run for local and national positions of strength within the system.  You see, we will have to crack the old systems open from the inside out; like an egg, one of the symbols of womanhood.

Men and women both are feeling something rising within them.  Perhaps it is because we are appalled at what Mr. Trump is doing, and his “modus oporandi” is offensive to say the least.  As we witness the fools who believe we are not smart enough rise up against their tyranny, we take a different approach than they expect of us.  Our Crusade isn’t with weapons, or religion.  It begins with a calm peace and a sense of purpose. We dig deep into the center of our being, until we touch our sacred hearts. Once the light goes on it only gets brighter and we find our way to where we are meant to be in this society.

We want to join groups.  We want to work with others on new ideas that strengthen the potential to heal the broken systems in each of Barbara’s social segments.  My last post had a copy of the Wheel of Co-creation.   Have you had a chance to sit with it and see where your heart’s energy guides you?

My next post will offer you more resources so that you can figure out for yourself where you belong on the cycle of change.  My point is that if you do nothing, you will be so disappointed in yourself because now is the time to gain momentum, personally and collectively.

My first vision quest gifted me with the approach of a she-wolf.  She was the small brown and grey wolf of the eastern forests.  I was so happy to see wolf, an animal I have always admired.  She seemed troubled and paced the inside of my  large tent.  I followed her outside and she and I began to run.  I morphed into a wolf, I could feel my feet in the dirt and it felt good to breathe deeply and smell the scents I could not as a human.  We approached her den where she had 3 pups.  She was worried that the land was being ruined by humans and that her species would soon be gone for good.  I spoke to her from my heart and made a pact with her to do what I could to respect the balance between animal and man.  That is the real problem.  Humans (in general) do not think of life as a whole circle.  The loss of wolf takes from the land a precious essence that had originally made the Mother strong.

Now I have two things that I am passionate about. Okay, in truth there are many things about our world that cause me to suffer because the imbalance is painful to  me.  I am sure you understand.   The difference now is that I understand that the only way to win equality is to treat the opponents with respect even if they are doing something that I am morally against.  Compassion for their lack of understanding and lifestyles that are not filled with love but with things is one way to look at the opponent.

However, victory will come because we have changed for the better.  We have learned to use our better natures to cocreate better systems to replace the old.

I see the coalitions forming.  I see the people marching.  I see the research being done to find ways to close loopholes in laws that create suffering and loss of respect for the people of this great nation.  I see our victory.

What do you see?

In loving good will I thank you.  Starting with the turn of the century I felt that we had a 13 year cycle that had opened in which we could prepare a plan and begin to carry it out in order to succeed.  Think the long game.  Love your  opponent because they need love to heal what has created in them the capacity to cheat, steal and betray others.

We are now in the second 13 year cycle and I have seen the activation of people of like mind.  We are doing what we have always wanted to do; we are changing the world – first from within and then working on the outer vision of a world where there is enough for everyone