America, the new 3rd world country

I would not call myself a history buff.  I can’t claim that I understand Political Science. I can, however, smell a stinky fish when it is turning bad.  Trump is a stinky fish.  I don’t worry about the future under this president because I do not see him lasting very long.  He is deeply offensive to people who do not deserve to be harassed, in other words, anyone who does not agree with him. What I do have concerns about is the wreckage of our governmental systems by the time he is ousted.

I belong to groups that encourage us all to co-create a new plan for social systems that can repair the damage done decades back.  These groups are not dangerous to society.  These groups are seeking to repair the despotism of the last 100 years and slowly bring us back to a governmental system based upon equality, and respect.  We understand that we are in an evolutionary cycle and that our social systems are broken, thus needing tender and loving care, not to mention respect for laws that encourage societal growth under favorable partnerships instead of what we have now: corporatism.

Our government is run like a corporation.  The most recent tax bill is proof of that statement.  You who read sites like mine are the beloved readers who will be able to join groups and begin to restructure the potential for our country and this in turn will help the world because we will have changed a destructive paradigm.

One of the pioneers of evolution co-creation is Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Her work is dynamic, she has been an activist and visionary since the first atom bomb was dropped.  This wheel shows you the many sectors of social systems that will require adjustments in order for us to successfully co-create a balanced world in which suffering is no longer as heartbreaking as it is now.  If you look on every continent you will see the tell-tale signs of corruption to the degree that it can no longer be disguised as constructive benefits for the people.

I remember that the Republican Party created a plan, a long-range plan, that would manipulate the  political, moral, and financial results they wanted for the ultra conservatives.  Just so, we as their opposition will have to form a plan that can rescue us from harm.  Our country is facing  third world status for its citizens, and there is great suffering that will result if we do not counter the plans made by organizations that feed suffering instead of personal empowerment and well-being.  If the recent general election cycle is any indication, the majority of people preferred Clinton because she clearly stood for healing the social systems that take advantage of people who do not have enough security to protect themselves.  Of course Sanders was also a great light toward a renewal of people power in our country and fairness instead of  punishment if you were in the socially vulnerable category of  living.

So to the point of this particular opportunity for you to explore where you may help us save society from a dismal future, I encourage you to look closely at the social sections in Barbara’s wheel of co-creation.  What excites your passion?  For me it is political change even though I am a spiritual person and love being a minister.  Will you kindly do some research on whatever area your heart responds to from this wheel’s example of areas needing constructive change?  Humanity is currently experiencing a social jump toward a new age.  We are becoming what I call in my book, the Quantum Human, and Barbara calls the Homo Universalis.  Call it what you will, we are all on a cosmic train ride and where we get off the train will be where we have put most of our energy.

If we remain apathetic, that will be hell.  Join this beautiful movement to recognize that we can fix what is broken when we come together in compassion and respect for our species.

Thank you, beloveds, for reading my small efforts to poke you.  You are the answer.

In loving good will I thank you for waking up.  Rev. Cassandra