Oneness Communities

Here are a two links to organizations that are involved in spreading information about the conscious evolution, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution: and The Shift Network: .    And here is a link to a gentleman who is a dynamic, spiritual activist -Andrew Harvey.  He has written many books about his  personal voyage into understanding Jesus as a revolutionary, and spiritual activist, from within the teachings of esoteric Christianity.  Visit his website at Institute for Sacred Activism.  And if you are interested in subtle activism, utilizing the quantum field co-creatively, here are two suggestions for you. You will find them both offering opportunities to participate from home, and join people of like mind who use thought and/or meditation to influence the subtle realms of reality.  Go to these links,  the Global Coherence Initiative, and the Gaiafield Project.

It is my hope that those who visit my website are inspired to participate in expanding personal consciousness.  It is easier when you can find new thought leaders in the global community who are also available and participating in events in your area.  This community is growing rapidly, year by year.

If you have a favorite website that aligns with themes written here, please send me the information and I will check the website out.  You will know you have been accepted when you see your information on this page.

In the Light of Loving Good Will,

Rev. Cassandra