Co-creators Unite!

It will take time on the clock and months making years to produce enough creative systems-change to bring our society into balance but it is also true that there are groups around the world who have already begun to imagine a better world, and benefits for the empowerment and safety of people.  Right now we see a corrupt Congress that lies to us, giving small benefits and takes them back while the rich get permanent advantage in law and liberty.

Let’s look at how we can change that picture into “heaven on earth”, the original plan for all living things.  We don’t have to make this a heavy lift story if we know that we are finally  in a position to know that quantum physics and sacred science are the same.  We can work consciously to create a new type of reality, and it gets easier to co-create as we practice.  So who is  co-creating with me you ask?

You are a multidimensional conscious being.  There are many aspects to your reality that reveal themselves to you once you begin to practice serving humanity during the long haul toward planting and nurturing this garden of heaven on earth that I’ve mentioned.  Every day I have a moment in which I feel such gratitude for the opportunity to be an advocate instead of a victim.  I feel the bigger version, and see the bigger vision of where we are going.  The changes have already begun, some for the worse, and some for better but we are here to accomplish what a government and laws cannot.  We are here to bring peace to the world.

You may think that this is too big a challenge.  Remember you are not alone.  You have YOU PLUS  and others of like mind who are ready to activate their purpose, the one they were born to access at this place and time.  When I say we are all YOU PLUS I mean that we acknowledge the multidimensionality of who we are.

  • You have a body and personality with which to do your service
  • You have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind, and a connection to a Collective Mind that is like the Earth’s thinking brain – often called the noosphere
  • You have an alternate version of yourself at a higher frequency that has been spoken of in the majority of  spiritual texts.  It has been called the soul, for instance
  • Then you have a Universal Self who is the mover and shaker that works in the higher frequencies which you access most often when you are We-thinking vs Me-thinking

Your God Connection is consciously willing to create, and it is from this energy level that we are able to co-create miracles and change the water into wine or grow an amazing garden from land that has been scorched by nuclear fusion. As we integrate our multiple you’s we begin to create new realities for ourselves.  We can see that there isn’t any reward or punishment for our actions, instead we use our free will more fully for the wholeness of society.  This is a natural process and you don’t have to think about it as much as we used to have to think of the consequences of our actions when we were attracted to “sin”.  This is simply because we are now acting from the highest impulses of our being.

Each of us has our own idea of how this system works and we will now be right simply because we all have one thing in common.  Luckily for us it appears that this is a time of great change, evolutionary not revolutionary, although I must say I sometimes feel more like I am in revolt at what is being done in our country.  Just know that you are in the process of adjusting your old skill-set so that the new one will be more powerful and whatever you put your attention upon will be affected to more of a degree than before.

Here’s a new way of envisioning who you really are:  we have all graduated and are doing internship.  We are asked now to apply what we have realized at the super-conscience level of mind, that place/space where we-thinking is dominant because we have realized that we don’t need individual gratification as much as collective participation in global social systems-change.

Okay. You have an idea now of your greatness, Beloveds.  Go deep into your heart and find those things that hurt you the most.  These are usually linked to your highest purpose and you are here to bring relief to humanity in these areas.

Utilize the computer to find groups who are devoted to similar change in the world.  Take the first step.  If that step is met with an invitation to join or participate with the group, you have your first assignment.

I have personally discovered that I am interested in working on several different issues so I try not to burn out and take one at a time until I feel that I have done my part for the whole.  I always know when it is time to leave one project and prepare for another.  I ask myself what else do I have to do in this world but help to bring relief to the whole?  The answer always shows up.

PLUS YOU is reading this because you are serving humanity during this evolutionary opportunity to heal the great wounds created by humans who came in to show us just how degenerative we can be if we are selfish, greedy, uncompromising, or lazy, deceitful, and manipulator by nature.  I mean your false nature, beloved.  Your real nature is Divine.

In loving good will I ask that you consider this request to serve because it will make you feel so good about yourself, even when it takes more than one time to reach success.  Sacred Activism is one way to serve but there are so many ways to inspire the individuals who are affected by your effort.  Think it over.  When you act from Love, Love returns to you.

Rev. Cassandra