Consciousness as a blessing to those in need

Fires, Earthquakes, Storms, Wind and Water…

I know that it is difficult to look at the losses our friends are now having to live with as they try to cope with their future outlook because of the fires in California, and others trying to deal with earthquake damage across the sea, while still others  are recovering from hurricane damages in our own hemisphere.

Our first response when looking at the news photos of natural disasters is to feel a lessening of our own energy and we wonder, “what if that was me and mine?”  After the rationalization of the disaster some of us begin to practice what we have been taught to do when we feel that we are helpless to move into personal action, but want to send out love and blessings for human security against the destruction.  People pray, imagine healing light surrounding the situation, or do ceremony for the survivors.  Of course there are many ways we cope according to our own spiritual or psychological process. I am not writing about that today.

I want you to draw a line in your mind.  Below the line is suffering.  Above the line is a conscious love for life, all life.  Just think of this line of conscious energy. Above is love and below is the current suffering.  Now that you have that in place consider this: everything that is taking place is, at its most basic reality, conscious. If you want to affect anything in this world you could actually consider it from this point of view.

We think that we have to wait until the fires burn out, for instance. The opposite is true. If we consciously cover the fires in a blanket of thought that knows itself to be part of the solution to the devastating change  something incredible happens:  the future begins to change from what it would have been to what it can now become as you, the architect, pours energy like water into the fire zone.

I would use my energy to calm the people and give them hope instead of actually working toward the thought that I can stop what nature has decreed. I do believe, however, that thousands or thousands of thousands of people could consciously change the direction of the wind in future days as we learn to consider ourselves as part of the everything that happens in this world.  I think this because I do not limit my reality.  And it is okay with me if you think I’m out of mind because my belief is not affected by yours.  The truth of reality is in the numbers.  The more people who blanket the world with love help to limit that out-picturing of suffering.

So there you have my thought for the day.  I wanted to wait until the worst was over to address this concept because I also wanted to ask each of you to plant trees this year as never before.  The ground is now prepared for positive change in those habitats.  Earth knows that trees and grasses need good rich earth.  I suspect that the overpopulation of people on the land has also contributed to the problem of imbalance in nature.  There is no one answer.

Consider this line of love over pain and use it often as a blanket to calm the raging energy and you will get really good at working with nature.  I have been doing this for years.  As a woman with some First People blood I have been singing to nature, and working with storms.  For the most part I am successful at my weather work, asking that those whose time has come are brought “Home” in beauty.  When the rain starts I begin to ask for a soft woman’s rain for instance, but accept whatever is needed by the earth to cleanse or prepare the land for a healthier reality.  Oh, I have a snake song too when I am out in the grasslands.  It has worked.  I’ve never yet been surprised by a snake.

As part of the whole energy reality in this world we have the opportunity to be one with it and work towards calming the raging pain that is a howl to our Mother Earth that there is imbalance.  I know this is old school, but people have overpopulated areas that are sensitive and can turn into dangerous traps because they felt the need to have privacy, or beauty all around them.  They just forgot that the land will always protect itself by recycling the landscape.

Well my beloved’s, I hope that your shock at the magnitude of the fire and hurricanes this year is a lesson to make you stronger and to encourage you to take a more active role in energy work.  We consider ourselves so small, when The Mother knows we are capable of working in tandem.  I am not saying we won’t continue to have horrific natural events.  The world is to out of balance for me to say that, but I can say that we can help manage the suffering during these events by using our consciousness as co-creators.   We are that.  Use it.  Name it.  Be it.

In loving good will and love to all of you who are following me.  If you like the content please share.  And so it is that  I finish this Service at 10 am Sunday, December 17, 2017.