Your acts of loving purpose create the space for others to cocreate

When we take a few measured steps to adjust current reality that momentum helps us to gain an advantage toward our collective goals.

Purpose is power. People working in the resonant field de Chardin called the noosphere collectively inform the future events, desires, and purpose of people who are Sacred Activists seeking to bring about constructive change in the social sector of government.

Today I want to give you a few ideas that will permanently change the existing power-over imbalance all of us struggle against in order to make a living and prepare for retirement.

  1. Congressional practice must be changed to remove the corruption of big money influence, we all know that, but how do we make this a reality? We must go back to Citizens v Federal Election Commission (No. 08-205)  as the mother model. Another lawsuit must be prepared and go through the system until it gets to the Supreme Court.  This one sues Congressional Members en masse for failure to perform their lawful business because they are bankrolled by big money and are not worried about the needs of the people they serve.  Investigators should be able to trace the money trail that proves this claim.
  2.  The practice of growing a slush fund used by leaders to convince members to vote the party line must be eliminated. A bribe is a bribe is a bribe. Law must be written to take all monetary influence out of politics.  This habitual behaviour has been acceptable to all of our politicians.  They must know it is not acceptable to us.  Vote the merits of any bill before the Congressional Body.
  3. Most of us were angry that the work days were limited in Congress, a trick used to avoid legislation debate and threaten the financial closure of government when the budget needed approval.  The Republicans were especially good at taking long breaks which they claimed were needed for their own reelection purposes or to tend to the workload in their districts.
  4. Here’s my favorite:  during the election cycle if a candidate lies and it can be proven that he or she lied, or slandered their opponents they will face a very hefty fee.  We must work to bring the truth back to politics.  We must work to tell our politicians that we don’t want to hear more lies every election cycle.
  5.  Let’s look at England’s model for election cycles.  We don’t need to put as much money or time into the election cycles of our government.  Take away the need for candidates to lobby for and accept big money in return for future favors.
  6. We simply cannot allow bills to be written by special interest groups.  This is an obvious problem and one that is widely known of and yet it continues because Congresspeople say they aren’t expert enough to write the bills themselves.  There are other cures to this problem.  Citizens can send a message that those who have been sitting members of Congress must now use a neutral source and provide proof of this before any future bill can be entered in the docket.
  7. Perhaps I am most furious that much of our public parkland is going to shrink because oil and gas companies lobbied and won the right to drill and frack for profit.   So this brings me to my last suggestion of an area that citizens can push back against politicians.  No more influence peddling.  Period.  It has to stop.  Who is taking care of the interests of those who live where disasters occurred because legislation didn’t vote for the safety and concern of the citizens living in these areas.

Just recently the Canada pipeline project leaked or broke, and the aquifer is endangered.  The Native Peoples warned politicians it would happen.  Let’s see a law suit against our government because of carelessness and causation effects that may endanger the health of the people in the region.

I don’t know if it is possible to sue the government.  If it isn’t yet a law that citizens can bring just cases against the government it should be created.  Maybe that is number one on our list of  things to do to protect the people of our country from greedy corporations who currently have our politicians in their pockets.

Well, it’s a thought.  I’m sure you have many thoughts yourself.  The truth of my reality is that I am not willing to think smaller than I used to because I trusted the system to eventually work for me.  It doesn’t.  It won’t until we start chipping away at the behemoths.  I’ve got my little pick ax in my tool box.  I encourage you to get one too and think about your purpose in the face of all the corruption we see in America.  Then put your thoughts out in the world and see who is in agreement with you.

If you are already associated with a group that you want me to list here, please send me the contact information and I will check each group out.  I’m willing to act as a clearing house to bring people to your attention in hope and in purpose to bring about change in the social sectors of life.

We are one when we act as one heart, one spirit and utilize the noosphere with our positive purpose for life ever after.  In Oneness, Rev. Cassandra