No Violence for 2018. Can we do it?

This is a provocative title and common sense says that the world cannot end violence in one year. There is another way to look at this title.  We can reduce our violent acts every day until it becomes an established pattern.  When we act nonviolently, we cocreate the energy to expand nonviolence around the world.

My friends know that I see the universe as one big energy field that is actually conscious. That’s because I feel the presence of a modern God that is this conscious energy field. I’m not alone in this crazy thought.

Before me Fr. Pierre Tielhard de Chardin contemplated the “noosphere”, the thinking energy field around earth.  This field is so powerfully conscious because we are all telling it what to create by our thoughts, words and deeds. Another philosopher who was on this similar wavelength was  Baruch Spinoza. He held a pantheistic worldview. Pantheism speaks to the belief that god is in everything at its core.  Oh, the word pantheist was coined in 1705 by J. Toland so this is not a new concept, dear hearts.

William James introduced us to trans-personal streams of consciousness. These thoughts also influence the great Unified Field of Consciousness.  When people speak of Oneness, they are talking about our relationships within this content.  I believe that all conscious thoughts inform this field.  We create our reality.  It’s a good thing if we are aware that we do it. If we are unaware?  Uh-Oh.  So on to my point about affecting violence around the world.

There are already many organizations and spiritual or religious denominations who practice nonviolence and/or loving kindness.  The Quakers stand for nonviolence, many Buddhist teachers address the reality of  loving kindness and nonviolence, many young Christians work to save the earth’s resources, Indigenous peoples around the world are aware that they are one with their surroundings.  Wonderful way-showers such as Buckminster Fuller, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ervin Laszlo, and Bruce Lipton are all speaking of how we can cocreate in this world. Think about it for yourself and ask if you are meant to be a cocreator for a better world.

What is it do you think that has encouraged so many people, professionals and laypeople, to think that they can help change the world from the one we live in today?  I agree with Barbara Marx Hubbard that mankind is in an accelerated evolutionary cycle. I believe it is humanity’s destiny to have a big leap in consciousness during the 21st century!  I wrote about this in my book because if we reach critical mass it may take another big bang to reset humanity’s existence.  Just saying…it’s time to look deeply into our hearts and do what we can to change all of the social systems that are corrupt and  broken.

I have two things left to say:

  1. Be aware of your environment and don’t kill anything that shares your space such as flies, gnats, snails, hornets, bees, chiggers, and ants.  Start by reminding yourself that all living things are part of God, especially think this when you are annoyed by the grasshoppers or we suddenly have a plague of locusts overhead!
  2.  Gently retrain yourself, emotionally speaking,  to react slowly to anyone or thing that causes you to feel angry, inferior, or afraid. This gives you more time to consider why this experience has shown up for you.  There is always a reason, a lesson, an opportunity for us to let go of our defenses.  These defenses are what stimulate violence.

If you like this little article share it with friends.  Make a pledge to be a nonviolent person, or do something in your group that brings this question up for conversation.  Can we become a nonviolent society.  The answer is yes.  It will take time but not as much as you may think.

We must also address the issues of our governments and get them with the program. That is another story. There is nothing that cannot be achieved by humans who have collectively joined together with a purpose.

May you sleep easy tonight knowing that we really can make a difference in this world.  Maybe we won’t have peace in 2018 but at least we have the tools to become more thoughtful and loving humans.


Words as a river that nourish our soul

Have you ever heard someone speak in a language they were not born into?  I ask because there are many languages that are so lyrical and stunningly moving that it takes your breath away for a moment. English and German, for instance, sound matter of fact when spoken. Spanish and French are more lyrical.  I noticed this recently while watching a subtitled documentary about Ismael Diadie’ Haidara’s effort to protect an ancient library written by the elders of his family over a 500 year span.

Usually I avoid subtitles because I read much slower now than when I used to go to the foreign film theaters regularly.  While watching this documentary about one man’s effort to protect the diaries of  his family,  I heard his Soul speaking to me sincerely.  Ismael and his fathers fathers saw themselves living in increasingly violent eras.  They decided to hide the ancient library their family cherished to keep it safe because each time a new people or religion came through their land, they would destroy the historical records and plunder the riches.  In 2012 an ally of Al Qaeda raided to close for the safety of the ancient library and Ismael began to plot his plan to save them all.

It was a moving story, and I was able to witness the elegance of this quiet man as he struggled to keep his vow to his ancestors.  Ismael is a  Jew who is descended paternally from Roderique the Goth, a Christian who ruled Spain at the time the Arabs settled there.  Others of this family line married with leaders in the region of  Songhai making him a mix of Spanish, Arab and African lineages.  Perhaps this explains to us why he is so determined to share the library, to preserve it. (*)

The religious traditions of his ancestors are now uneasy with one another’s societies and the history recorded in the 12,000+ manuscripts tell of a different time when there was peace in the region.  His story is a glimpse of living history and a voice that calms my heart like sitting next to a river’s bank.  We can cocreate a future world of peace. If it existed once, it can exist again because there is a pattern, an energetic pattern of people  coexisting together even when war is on the horizon.  Let us honor one another and, especially our differences, if they do no harm.

Now we get to your voice, your song, your belief, and your family.  Share with your friends your ethnic diversity, and your religious, spiritual or agnostic approach to living in this world.  Find the likenesses and energize them.  Find a way to harmonize with others in your community, perhaps with a beneficial project.  Be the voice of the river whose waters have traveled around the world. If you are guided as was Mahmud Ka’ti, the famous Timbuktu chronicler and Ismael’s relative whose ancient library was the subject of the documentary; look into your heart.  There you will find your song.  It is going to be a beautiful way to unlock your heart in order for you to see yourself in others and them in you.


(*) Tombouctou Manuscript Project is supported by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung and the University of Cape Town




Our Coceative Self Rises in this Century, Part 4

It has never been more true that “We”not “Me” will survive and thrive in the 21st century.  

Quantum physics is now proving that energy is the basic builder of the universe.  In my book I took care to use samples of how they managed to turn on the prophetic light to expose a collective and modern version of God.  Of course, hard science is still resisting but that is to be expected.  I think of it as the old King being deposed and witnessing it is never pleasant.  Nor do you want to get in the way of the losing opponent. However, we have a new opportunity to regard the Universal Field of Resonant Energy, that which is the source of all creation.

Who then is the Creator?  All conscious species create their reality to some degree. Humans have a capacity to create sophisticated systems, whereas bees create honey and teach us about collective living, each bee with a purpose to serve the greater whole.  You can probably name 5 more creator examples with ease because the evidence is here and we are seeing it with new eyes; those of conscious cocreators.  If you are paying attention you understand that society is in the process of sacred cocreation, and as in the example of the Kings,  it feels safer to get out-of-the-way.  I hope you resist that temptation though.

In my life I find that the traditional God is too small a fit for the 21st century, and the modern version of God is such a stretch for us to accept that it is also difficult to feel comfortable with what our senses, eyes, and spiritual intuition want to reveal.  Add to that the need for us to become Sacred Activists in order to break down and rebuild the social systems that humans created during the formation of the global countries  and we can understand why it is easier to stay in place even when we suffer.  The “We” will survive only if we thoughtfully come together to cocreate a shared power in the world, and let go of the power over model of our current and past leaders.

If you are reading this you are likely to be working with others, or attempting to get others to join you in such a way as to bless us all eventually.  It is going to take time, so please do not rush your efforts.  It is also a matter of ego adjustment.  Just saying.  I have never been in a group where egos didn’t butt heads — sorry for the pun. As your group is expanding its vision it will be rough at times, so stay focused on the goal.

James O’Dea kindly allowed me to use excerpts from his book  ” The Conscious Activist” in a book I am writing for sacred activists who like to use affirmations to refresh themselves when they get into an emotional slump.  Any type of activism is going to bring temporary burnout.  It will also bring tremendous satisfaction when you see the results of your effort.  So let’s continue with this spiritual share. (*)

All of us could use the experience of working with a group of people in which equal power is guaranteed.  The collective field will rise in strength when two or more people share the same desires to create something together.  And the process of cocreating with your group will give you insight to the tremendous effort it takes to manifest a creation during these difficult days.  I don’t use the word difficult lightly.  Let me show you a possible ‘to do’ list and contemplate for a moment how much energy it will take to manifest constructive change.  You do not have be to afraid to get involved because there are hundreds of thousands of us who long for change in the world.  We can nudge The Field to cocreate change and as it builds momentum, we will realize just how much we have changed personally.  Sacred Activism is a win-win my friends.

What This World Needs Now Is Love:

  1.  Take personal relationships out from under government jurisdiction.  Change the laws on the books if they discriminate in any way against a person’s right to choose how they will identify themselves to others in our collective community. Heterosexuality is only one type of relationship.  We must allow the evolution of relationships to occur for our future, enlightened society.
  2. Protect humans from all abuse by other humans. This alone could take another 1,000 years to succeed so we must begin if we haven’t already.  There are subcategories galore in this arena.  How many ways can you think of that we hurt other humans?  Until we have absolute sanctity for each human to be safe from discrimination, murder, unlawful imprisonment, sexual torture such as genital mutilation, and other very serious acts that currently occur wherever there is not equality of person-hood, we must begin to disavow evils perpetrated by individuals and groups that want to keep their power over others.
  3. Reform is necessary in all government agencies.  You know this.  I know this.  They know this, but they want to keep the corruption in place in order to have supremacy over those who have less power.  I don’t know if Power is the result of corruption, or if it should be said the other way around.  Certainly there is abuse in both social systems.  Sadly, it is women and children who suffer under these types of social norms.  Perhaps that is an area that you would like to see changed?

In my first book I mentioned abuse of power and gave several examples: religious domination, and corporations having power as a ‘person’ are only two of many that you can create systemic change within and we will all benefit;  you will find more in the chapter named Mistakes are New Horizons.

I do hope that you will go to my site and see if you get a resonant “yes” to get a copy for yourself.  I share how my conscious self expanded and brought me to the stage where Sacred Activism became one of my top passions.  Click on this link if you would like to know more about me and the subject of conscious evolution.



(*) James O’Dea is at

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